Fight Aging! Newsletter, April 13th 2020

This study is par for the course, looking at Japanese Olympic participants. Interestingly, it hints at the upper end of the dose-response curve for physical activity, in that a longer career as a professional athlete may be detrimental in comparison to lesser degrees of exercise and training. From this large, retrospective cohort study targeting 3546 Japanese Olympic athletes, we observed significant lower mortality among Olympians compared with the Japanese general population. The overall standardised mortality ratio (SMR) was 0.29. The results were consistent with previous studies conducted in other non-Asian countries, but the SMR was lower than in previous studies. A retrospective cohort study targeting 203 French Olympic rowers reported that the SMR for all causes of death was 0.58. Another retrospective cohort study targeting 2403 French Olympic athletes reported a SMR of 0.49 among women and 0.51 among men. A third retrospective cohort study of 233 Croatian male Olympic medalists reported a SMR of 0.73. In the analysis by total number of participation in the Olympic Games, significantly higher mortality was observed among those who participated in the Olympics more than twice compared with those who participated only once. The underlying reason for this may be that those who participated in Olympic Games many times may have had long careers as elite athletes. To be continuously successful, they could have been exposed to exercises with high intensity fo...
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Thousands of Covid-19 patients have been treated with blood plasma outside of rigorous clinical trials — hampering research that would have shown whether the therapy worked.
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This study compared stroke characteristics and poststroke care and disability between these groups.Stroke
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Could this newly developed triplex assay aid in the detection of SARS-CoV-2? How does its performance compare with that of singleplex assays?Emerging Infectious Diseases
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Many elective surgeries are being delayed in the setting of COVID-19. Is postmastectomy breast reconstruction a procedure that can be safely postponed?Plastic Reconstructive Surgery-Global Open (PRS Global Open)
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The start of the new school year is already proving that there is no one way to reopen schools during the Covid-19 pandemic and returning to classes does not mean anything close to returning to normal.
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Vaccines protecting against influenza, hepatitis B and rabies are less effective for obese people. As scientists develop a Covid-19 vaccine, experts say obesity could be an impediment, a sobering prospect for the US, where nearly half of all adults are obese.
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A third US company has released study results showing its coronavirus vaccine is safe and elicits an immune response.
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Stacey Nagy told CNN's Erin Burnett she wrote an obituary for her husband's coronavirus death where she blamed President Trump, Texas Gov. Abbott and those who do not wear masks because she felt a need to "put blame where it belonged."
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THE CORONAVIRUS that caused the global pandemic is believed to have originated from bats. Can pets get the illness? According to one woman, her pet pooch did.
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SUPPLEMENTS could be used to improve the health of your heart, as well as to protect against high blood pressure symptoms and signs. Add these cheap garlic capsules to your diet to lower your risk of heart problems, including heart attacks and heart disease.
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