Intramural Papers of the Month
<img width="100" src="" /><br /><p>National Toxicology Program (NTP) researchers and collaborators evaluated the usefulness of quantitative high-throughput approaches to assess the genotoxicity, or the ability to cause DNA damage, of compounds in the Tox21 library of 10,000 compounds. To do this, they assessed p53 activity in human colon cancer cells (HCT-116). p53 is a transcription factor that is activated in response to cellular stress, particularly DNA damage.</p> (read mor...
Source: Environmental Factor - NIEHS Newsletter - February 3, 2023 Category: Environmental Health Source Type: news

Neoadjuvant Oxaliplatin-Fluoropyrimidine Chemo Improves Colon Cancer Outcomes
WEDNESDAY, Feb. 1, 2023 -- Six weeks of preoperative oxaliplatin-fluoropyrimidine chemotherapy is safe and effective for operable colon cancer, without increasing perioperative morbidity, according to a study published online Jan. 19 in the Journal... (Source: - Pharma News)
Source: - Pharma News - February 1, 2023 Category: Pharmaceuticals Source Type: news

Deep Learning Model Aids Differentiation of Colon Cancer, Acute Diverticulitis
FRIDAY, Jan. 27, 2023 -- A three-dimensional (3-D) convolutional neural network (CNN) can be used as an artificial intelligence (AI) support system for differentiating colon carcinoma (CC) and acute diverticulitis (AD) on computed tomography (CT)... (Source: - Pharma News)
Source: - Pharma News - January 27, 2023 Category: Pharmaceuticals Source Type: news

Enkyboys' Randy Gonzalez told fans chemo was " not working " before his death
Randy Gonzalez, one half of the popular duo in the Enkyboys TikTok account, told fans his chemotherapy wasn't working just weeks before he died. Gonzalez passed away on Wednesday at age 35, a little more than a year after being diagnosed with colon cancer. The Enkyboys duo of Randy and his son…#randygonzalez #enkyboys #tiktok #gonzalez #brice #vivienacevedofonse #christopherperez #blackpanther #chadwickboseman #colorectal (Source: Reuters: Health)
Source: Reuters: Health - January 26, 2023 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Neoadjuvant Chemo Reduces Disease Recurrence in Operable Colon Cancer
(MedPage Today) -- Six weeks of neoadjuvant chemotherapy for patients with operable colon cancer is safe and results in downstaging, increased complete resection rates, and better disease control at 2 years, according to results from the randomized... (Source: MedPage Today Surgery)
Source: MedPage Today Surgery - January 24, 2023 Category: Surgery Source Type: news

Only Half of Folks With Stool Test Positive for Colon Cancer Get Follow-Up Colonoscopy
MONDAY, Jan. 23, 2023 -- Many people undergo a stool test to screen for colon cancer but a new study finds too few follow up with a colonoscopy when that test warns of a possible cancer. Not following up undermines the point of screening, said... (Source: - Daily MedNews)
Source: - Daily MedNews - January 23, 2023 Category: General Medicine Source Type: news

Is There Really No Safe Amount of Drinking?
The safest amount of alcohol to drink is none, according to new guidance from the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction. That’s a marked change from Canada’s previous national guidance on alcohol consumption, which advised women to have no more than 10 drinks per week and men no more than 15. By contrast, the new report says those who drink only one or two boozy beverages per week “will likely avoid” alcohol-related health consequences including chronic diseases, liver injury, and accidents—but the safest choice, it says, is not to drink at all. [time-brightcove not-tgx=”true...
Source: TIME: Health - January 19, 2023 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Jamie Ducharme Tags: Uncategorized Diet & Nutrition healthscienceclimate Source Type: news

Stop Spending Money to Avoid Uncomfortable Emotions
While money can’t buy lasting happiness, it can buy you a whole lot of pleasure. The problem is, pleasurable feelings only last till the newness wears off—when the final episode plays, or the bottle of wine runs dry, the happiness you might have briefly felt also disappears. Material items and bought experiences can make us feel good. But by only focusing on what makes us feel good, we bypass real, sustainable happiness and settle for fleeting pleasure that needs constant replenishing. That puts us into a vicious cycle of always trying to feed an insatiable need. And that is nowhere near happiness. [time-bright...
Source: TIME: Health - January 17, 2023 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Jenn Lim Tags: Uncategorized health Mental Health Source Type: news

Broadcaster Joan Bakewell opens up about colon cancer diagnosis, picked up during routine check
Baroness Bakewell, 89, is undergoing treatment and was operated on prior to Christmas after her cancer was detected during a routine examination. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - January 10, 2023 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Mucus-Eating Gut Bacteria May Promote Fever After Cancer Treatment
The expansion of mucus-degraders in the mouse gut—possibly due to poor nutrition—thins the colon’s mucus layer and may weaken defenses against blood-infecting microbes. (Source: The Scientist)
Source: The Scientist - January 5, 2023 Category: Science Tags: News & Opinion Source Type: news

Tiny implantable device designed by UCLA scientists helps kill cancer
Many solid tumors resist treatment in part by turning human biology against itself. Tumors surround themselves with extra white blood cells known as regulatory T cells, which call off the body ’s natural defenses against the disease.Strategies to treat cancer by deactivating these cells risk creating other serious problems. Since regulatory T cells play an important role in safeguarding healthy tissues, diminishing them throughout the body can lead to other immune cells mistakenly attacking these tissues and causing autoimmune conditions that damage the colon, liver, heart and other organs.Now, an interdisciplinary UCLA ...
Source: UCLA Newsroom: Health Sciences - January 4, 2023 Category: Universities & Medical Training Source Type: news

What Causes Bloating —and What to Do About It
Bloating is an uncomfortable feeling of fullness or pressure in the abdomen. Like an overinflated balloon, a bloated belly can feel packed with air, and in some cases may be visibly enlarged or distended. Bloating is a common issue. By some estimates, up to 30% of Americans experience it from time to time. In a majority of cases, the sensation is temporary and tolerable. It may not be pleasant, but on its own it’s usually not cause for serious concern. However, bloating can also be a symptom of an underlying gastrointestinal problem or disorder, including some issues that warrant a medical provider’s urgent att...
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Sports stars from Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo mourn soccer's Pel é
Soccer superstar Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better-known as Pelé, passed away on Thursday after a year-long battle with colon cancer and other medical issues. He was 82. The Brazilian scored a world record 1,281 goals in 1,363 appearances during a 21-year career. These included 77 goals in 92…#kingpele #kylianmbappé #twitter #worldcup #goat #santos #portugal #rip #ussoccer #marciaaoki (Source: Reuters: Health)
Source: Reuters: Health - December 30, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Pel é—Soccer’s First Global Icon And Brazilian Superstar—Dies At Age 82
Pelé—believed by many to be the greatest soccer player ever who paved the way for the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo—died Thursday at age 82 after a long battle with colon cancer, according to his family. “Inspiration and love marked the journey of King Pelé, who peacefully passed…#santosfc #cristianoronaldo #kingpelé #ripking #worldcup #lionelmessi #bilé #waldemardebrito #guinness #argentinian (Source: Reuters: Health)
Source: Reuters: Health - December 29, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Rep. Jamie Raskin has diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Here’s what to know.
The Maryland Democrat, who survived colon cancer in 2010, announced Dec. 28 that he has a serious but curable form of lymphoma. (Source: Washington Post: To Your Health)
Source: Washington Post: To Your Health - December 29, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Authors: Steve Thompson Source Type: news