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What is MedWorm?

MedWorm is a medical RSS feed provider as well as a search engine built on data collected from RSS feeds. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it is a technology used to simply publish and gather details of the very latest information on the internet. You can read more about RSS here.

MedWorm collects updates from thousands of authoritative data sources via RSS feeds. From the data collected, MedWorm provides new outgoing RSS feeds on various medical categories that you can subscribe to via any RSS reader of your choice.

The best way to get a feel for the information that MedWorm can provide is to have a browse through the various categories on the menu above. New categories are being added all the time and we are happy to receive requests for new ones if you can't find the category of your choice.

Who owns MedWorm ?

MedWorm was built and is owned by Jamila Hanan, a web developer based in the UK, also known for her activism for human rights and social justice. Here's a statement from Jamila:

"I had been using RSS in the technology sector for my own personal use for some time when I began to realise that it could be of great benefit to some members of my family who are doctors. Since medical professionals are constantly in need of the latest information on medical research and the best methods of treatment, and are also usually overworked with little time to spare, RSS seemed ideal since it could provide the very latest information that is both concise and highly relevant to a specific area of expertise.

I believe that as more physicians, health care workers and those in medical research start to make use of RSS, medicine will see huge leaps forward as the flow of the right information getting to the right people vastly improves. It can also be instrumental in providing patients with the additional information they are rightly hungry for when faced with illness. I am very excited about how MedWorm can contribute to this process. "

Why can't my server access MedWorm RSS feeds any more?

We are working on some changes that will change where the links in feeds direct to. Your server appears to be using MedWorm feeds to harvest data to put into your own system and MedWorm can't easily handle the load, so we are having to block those servers putting too much of a strain on MedWorm's limited resources. If MedWorm feeds are really important to your service then please get in touch via the form below to discuss - we are happy to serve you with data if you don't mind contributing to cover the costs of that. Thanks for your understanding.

Feedback and Enquiries

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