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Ownership and Principal Objective

MedWorm is currently owned by Jamila Hanan who is committed to ensuring that MedWorm data is kept secure, that privacy is protected, and that any statistical data collected from MedWorm is only utilized with the objective of either improving MedWorm functionality or the advancement of knowledge in the area of health, science and medicine.

Data Collected

When users browse MedWorm, the following statistical data may be collected:
Ip address, browser agent details, the url address navigated from and the page navigated to. Where possible an IP address is linked to a country, a state, and sometimes a town. In addition, where available, an IP address may be linked to a server name and owner, which may provide the name of the company to which the server belongs.

If a user logs on to MedWorm via a social media account, their display name, email address, profile link and user id is passed from their social media account to MedWorm. This functionality of logging on to gain access to search is to help stop MedWorm's performance being affected by robots and is also paving the way for future additional functionality that is planned.

A basic log of what is being read on MedWorm is saved, but MedWorm does not save user details on that log, out of respect for individual privacy regarding what people are reading in regards to health matters.

Email addresses are not shared with or sold to anyone and are not used for marketing purposes. Email addresses are only used to help you maintain your own account on MedWorm, and for communications with MedWorm regarding any important udpates that may affect your MedWorm account. You may also opt to have data sent to you via email some time in the future.


MedWorm makes use of 'sessions' when you log on to MedWorm via one of your social media accounts. Sessions create temporary cookies to stop you having to log back on each time you load a new page. Session cookies are usually automatically destroyed by your internet browser when you close your browser and are also deleted if you click on the 'Log Off' link on the MedWorm home page. If a user does not log off MedWorm and their browser does not automatically delete their session, the session variables will automatically expire after 30 minutes of inactivity on the MedWorm site.

In addition, MedWorm utilizes third party statistical tracking services: Google Analytics and Statcounter. These services may install cookies to enable the use of their software which provides statistical information regarding site usage.


Ads served on the MedWorm are served by Medica, Adprime Media, or by Google Ads who may also use cookies, please click on their links to read their privacy policies regarding their advertising.

Changes to Policy

Any changes to the way that data is handled by MedWorm, or new data collected, as MedWorm functionality develops and the site grows, will be posted here.

If you have any queries or objections to this privacy policy, please contact MedWorm via the enquiries form.