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any words all words exact phrase advanced Advanced search can include the following:
• OR operator: |
• NOT operators: - OR !
• phrase search: "breast cancer"
• AND is implied so listing two words without another operator will search for records where both words are present.
• use () to group words together:
eg.(cancer|cancers)(cervical|cervix)!("Squamous cell carcinoma"|SCC)
will return records where either the words 'cancer' or 'cancers' are present, plus the words 'cervical' or 'cervix', but not the phrase 'squamous cell carcinoma' or 'SCC'.
• order operator: word1 << word2 << word3
eg. chronic << (leukemia|leukaemia)
here the word 'chronic' must come somewhere before either the work 'leukemia' or 'leukaemia'.
• search on a specific field using any of the following: @item_headline @item_description @source @author @tags
eg1. @item_headline "kidney cancer" @item_description (trial|trials)
this searches for the phrase 'kidney cancer' in the title as well as either the word 'trial' or 'trials' in description.
eg2. @(item_headline,item_description,tags) heart
this searches for items where the word 'heart' exists in all of the headline, description and tags fields.
eg3. @source "Journal of the American College of Cardiology"
this searches for items where "Journal of the American College of Cardiology" is listed as the source.

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