Fight Aging! Newsletter, June 14th 2021

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Ecarin is a metalloproteinase found in snake venom (SVMP) with an important role in coagulation and control of hemostasis. It can specifically produce active-thrombin from prethrombin-2 and does not differentiate between normal and abnormal prothrombin. It is used in diagnostic tests and to evaluate the treatment process of many diseases. There are many drawbacks associated with separating these compounds from snake venom. Therefore, in this study, full-length recombinant Ecarin (r-Ecarin) was cloned, expressed, and purified in eukaryotic host cells. To determine the most effective form of the enzyme, r-Ecarin was compared...
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CONCLUSION: In our sample, percentages of variation in PLR and PD were found to be directly representative of TBI patients’ fentanyl blood concentration. Considering information about blood drug concentration is generally not available at bedside, PLR could be used as a proxy to assess analgesia requirements before a nociceptive procedure in critically ill sedated TBI patients who are vulnerable to stress.
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CONCLUSION: Unmet needs identified by SSs and CGs were used to extend NTCM specific to the stroke population and to develop the Recommendations and Exemplars for Stroke Specific Comprehensive Transitional Care Delivery (see Supplementary Digital Content, available at Researchers and practitioners can use the findings to develop and deliver more comprehensive TC to SSs and CGs.
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CONCLUSION: According to the results, the proportion of patients with high medication adherence was low. Patients' concerns about the possible side effects of their prescribed medications and beliefs about the overuse of medications negatively affected their medication adherence. It is recommended that nurses evaluate patients' medication adherence and beliefs about medications during hospitalization, discharge, or home visits. Structured nurse-led intervention programs are needed to enhance patients' medication adherence and beliefs about their medications.
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This study used data from 2 cross-sectional studies conducted in the neurology departments of 3 hospitals in Guangzhou, China. In total, 110 hypertensive stroke patients were recruited in stage I (2008-2009), and 119 hypertensive stroke patients were recruited in stage II (2018-2019). Patients' stroke knowledge was measured by the Stroke Knowledge Questionnaire. Patients' prestroke health behavior was measured by the Health Behavior Scale for Stroke Patients. RESULTS: The total score of prestroke health behaviors significantly increased over the decade (P
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Journal of Human Hypertension, Published online: 16 January 2022; doi:10.1038/s41371-021-00649-7Masked hypertension and neonatal outcome in high-risk pregnancies
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ConclusionsPatient experiences related toH. pylori management are predominantly negative. Increasing providers ’ awareness about patients’ values, beliefs, anxieties, and expectations surroundingH. pylori diagnosis/treatment may improve provider-patient communication and, ideally, related outcomes.
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Oncogene, Published online: 16 January 2022; doi:10.1038/s41388-021-02151-3The critical role of STAT3 in biogenesis of tumor-derived exosomes with potency of inducing cancer cachexia in vitro and in vivo
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Cases seem to be subsiding in states with high vaccination rates, but observers are reluctant to make firm predictionsIn February 2021, Dr Craig Spencer wrote in a Mediumpost that he was as “eager as anyone to see the end of this pandemic. Thankfully, that may be in sight”.“Covid cases and hospitalizations are dropping,” wrote Spencer, director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. “Vaccines are getting into arms. So, what happens next?”Continue reading...
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Here's how this reaction may be different from an immediate skin reaction.
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