Fight Aging! Newsletter, March 16th 2020

We report a new class of natural-product-inspired covalent inhibitors of telomerase that target the catalytic active site. Age-Related Epigenetic Changes that Suppress Mitochondrial Function Today's open access research reports on two specific epigenetic changes observed in old individuals that act to reduce mitochondrial function. This joins an existing list of genes for which expression changes are known to impact mitochondrial function with age. A herd of hundreds of mitochondria are found in every cell, working to provide the cell with a supply of energy store molecules used to power its operations. They are the distant descendants of ancient symbiotic bacteria, now fully integrated into the cell. Loss of mitochondrial function is strongly implicated in the progression of aging and age-related diseases, particularly in energy-hungry tissues such as the brain and muscle. Proximately, this loss of function is caused by changes in the expression of regulatory or functional proteins. Epigenetic regulation shifts with age in characteristic ways, for reasons that remain debated. While there is a good list of root cause molecular damage that leads to aging, connect those root causes to specific changes in gene expression relevant to downstream problems is quite challenging. It will be the work of decades yet to fill in the grand map of the bi...
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This study estimated the prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension among young and middle-aged adults in rural Morogoro, Tanzania. Furthermore, it explored factors associated with both prevalence and awareness of hypertension. Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted as part of the cluster randomized controlled study of community health workers (CHWs) interventions for reduction of blood pressure in a randomly selected sample of young and middle-aged population in rural Morogoro. Sociodemographics, lifestyle-related factors, history of diagnosis, and treatment for hypertension were collected ...
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The objective of review is to perform a systematic review and meta-analysis of the diagnostic performance of iUS in detecting tumor residue after DGs resection. A comprehensive literature search for studies published through October 2018 was performed according to PRISMA-DTA and STARD 2015 guidelines, using the following algorithm: ( “ultrasound” OR “ultrasonography” OR “ultra-so*” OR “echo*” OR “eco*”) AND (“brain” OR “nervous”) AND (“tumor” OR “tumour” OR “lesion” OR “mass” OR “glio*&r...
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AbstractThe negative impact on spinal diseases may apply not only to obesity but also to smoking. To investigate the influence of obesity and smoking on the development and recovery of lumbar disc herniation in young adults. Retrospective analysis of 97 patients who presented with lumbar disc herniation at the authors ’ department between 2010 and 2017. Data were collected using the patients’ digital health records including demographics, clinical and neurological characteristics, treatment details, and outcomes. Ninety-seven patients between 17 and 25 years were included in this retrospective analysis. Pa...
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Conclusion: The serum PDGF concentration in patients with acute coronary syndrome was significantly increased, especially in the local coronary artery. The serum Ang-1 in the coronary artery was significantly increased in patients with acute myocardial infarction and was related to the degree of coronary artery stenosis. Coronary sinus PDGF and Ang-1 levels can reflect the severity of lesions in patients with acute coronary syndrome. PMID: 32963822 [PubMed]
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Conclusions: The caregivers of patients with cancer or chronic severe illnesses experience high levels of fatigue: the longer the disease duration, the greater the degrees of depression, anxiety, and physical fatigue experienced by the caregivers. Such caregivers need strategies to manage their fatigue and depression. PMID: 32963657 [PubMed - in process]
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CONCLUSION: In summary, cuff anastomosis can be used to eliminate thrombosis formation in the mouse model of kidney transplantation. PMID: 32965132 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Jaruvongvanich V, Maselli DB, Matar R, Abu Dayyeh BK Abstract The prevalence of obesity has been increasing on a global scale. However, less than 1% of patients eligible for bariatric surgery actually undergo weight loss surgery. Endobariatric therapies (EBTs) have emerged to bridge the obesity treatment gap, as they are less invasive, highly effective, and more broadly applicable to patients with mild to moderate obesity. Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty and primary obesity surgery endoluminal are the two most promising EBTs, altering stomach physiologies mimicking bariatric surgery. This review focuses on ...
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Authors: Niri T, Horie I, Kawahara H, Ando T, Fukuhara N, Nishioka H, Inoshita N, Fujisawa H, Suzuki A, Sugimura Y, Abiru N, Kawakami A Abstract Idiopathic hypothalamitis is a rare condition that can cause anterior pituitary dysfunction and central diabetes insipidus (CDI), occasionally accompanied by a disturbance of autonomic regulation known as hypothalamic syndrome. This condition has been described as a subtype of autoimmune (lymphocytic) hypophysitis; however, some cases of isolated hypothalamic involvement with no inflammatory lesions in either the pituitary gland or infundibulum have been reported. The deta...
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Conclusions: HDAC may be a new biological target for cerebral ischemic stroke. Future drug development targeting HDAC may make it a potentially effective anticerebral ischemic stroke drug. PMID: 32963637 [PubMed - in process]
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Authors: Chen P, Wang H, Li M, Yang L, Mou F, Singh B, He JY, Zhang W Abstract 6,12-Diphenyl-3,9-diazatetraasterane-1, 5, 7, 11-tetracarboxylate (DDTC) has been synthesized by the photodimerization of 4-phenyl-1,4-dihydropyridine-3,5-dicarboxylate. The potential of theercvantitumor activity and mechanism were investigated in vitro using MTT assay in human lung cancer cell line A549, ovarian cancer cell lines SKOV3 and A2780, breast cancer cell line MCF-7, gastric cancer cell line BGC-823, colon cancer cell line HT29, prostate cancer cell line DU145, and liver cancer cell line SMMC7721. The results show that DDTC ca...
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