Prevent Blindness Offers New Resources for Education and to Raise Awareness for Stargardt Disease
Prevent Blindness provides free resources on Stargardt disease, including a webpage, fact sheets, expert interview video and social media graphics, to educate the public and professionals on the inherited retinal disease CHICAGO, May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Prevent Blindness, the... (Source: PRWeb: Medical Pharmaceuticals)
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How Common Are Subconjunctival Hemorrhages in Newborns and Infants?
Discussion Newborn infants should have their eye red reflexes examined looking for signs of congenital cataract, retinoblastoma and other ophthalmological problems. This can be complicated by lid edema from birth, and also antibiotic prophylaxis for gonorrhea that may have been applied to the eyes. Sometimes the physician only gets a brief look at the red reflexes. Therefore serial exams over the first days to weeks of life are important. Trauma and infection are most common in infants and young children, but causes of subconjunctival hemorrhage (SCH) include: Trauma Direct to globe and orbit Inadvertent – rubbin...
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Imaging Techniques May Match Gold Standard for Retinal Tears Imaging Techniques May Match Gold Standard for Retinal Tears
Options beyond dilated fundus exams could ease access to care.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Neurology and Neurosurgery Headlines)
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Retinopathy With Long-Term HCQ Use: Large Study IDs Risk Factors
(MedPage Today) -- Retinal damage from taking hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for more than 5 years occurred more frequently among people with certain characteristics, records from nearly 5,000 patients in the Kaiser Permanente system indicated. Significant... (Source: MedPage Today Rheumatology)
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Gut Bacteria Slip into the Eye
A gene mutation causes porous gut and retinal barriers, allowing bacteria to travel from one to the other, triggering retinal degeneration in mice. (Source: The Scientist)
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Gene Editing Improves Vision in Rare and Devastating Retinal Disorder
(MedPage Today) -- CRISPR-based gene editing improved vision without serious adverse effects in patients with CEP290-associated inherited retinal degeneration, an interim analysis of a small phase I/II study showed. Among 14 patients who received... (Source: MedPage Today Pediatrics)
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Diagnos Inc Unveils AI Breakthroughs in Eye Health
Diagnos Inc (TSE:ADK) has released an update. Diagnos Inc. is set to showcase trailblazing artificial intelligence technologies for retinal health ...#diagnosinc (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Participants of pioneering CRISPR gene editing trial see vision improve
About 79% of clinical trial participants experienced measurable improvement after receiving experimental, CRISPR-based gene editing that is designed to fix a rare form of blindness, according to a paper published today in the New England Journal of Medicine. "This trial shows CRISPR gene editing has exciting potential to treat inherited retinal degeneration," said Mark Pennesi, M.D., Ph.D., a corresponding author on the paper, an ophthalmologist and Oregon Health & Science University's lead scientist for the Phase 1/2 BRILLIANCE trial. (Source: World Pharma News)
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What a Philippine court ruling means for transgenic Golden Rice, once hailed as a dietary breakthrough
Golden Rice seemed to be on the cusp of fulfilling its promise. Decades ago, researchers created the genetically modified (GM) rice variety to combat vitamin A deficiency, a scourge of the developing world that can cause blindness and even lead to death. But for more than 20 years activists opposed to GM crops kept Golden Rice confined to laboratories and test plots. But in 2021, the government of the Philippines granted a permit allowing the commercial planting of Malusog Rice, a Golden Rice variety tailored for local conditions and tastes. Farmers began to grow limited amounts of the grain in 2022. Officials hoped...
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News at a glance: Infrared telescope debuts, GM rice stumbles, and maternal mortality drops
ASTRONOMY Highest scope opens its infrared eyes After 26 years of planning and construction, the world’s highest telescope began operating in Chile this week, offering a rare opportunity to make ground-based observations far into the infrared part of the spectrum. The University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory’s (TAO’s) 6.5-meter telescope is not especially large but benefits from its lofty position 5560 meters high on Cerro Chajnantor, a peak in the Atacama Desert of northern Chile. Moisture in the atmosphere blocks much of the infrared spectrum, and telescopes equipped to record it—such as NAS...
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DISA Subsidiary Trials AI Eye Screening in Vietnam
has released an update. DISA Limited’s subsidiary, Digital Life Line Pte. Ltd., is set to trial its innovative AI-VI retinal imaging s...#disalimiteds #aivi (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Fatal child abuse detected by systematic post-mortem fundus photograph in sudden death in infancy - Ducloyer JB, Jossic F, VAN Goethem V, Leboss é D, Cornee C, Le Meur G, Ducloyer M.
In living children, the use of a wide field fundus camera such as RetCam is the gold standard practice to document retinal haemorrhages in suspected cases of abusive head trauma (AHT). In case of sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI), child abuse must ... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Solar eclipse maculopathy in an 11-year-old boy - Futterknecht S, Steinemann-Inauen A, Rothenb ühler S, Hasler PW, Camenzind-Zuche H.
Solar maculopathy is a rare retinal injury that occurs as a result of directly gazing at the sun or viewing a solar eclipse without adequate eye protection. This condition typically results in a mild-to-moderate decrease in visual acuity, accompanied by ce... (Source: SafetyLit)
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High-Dose Vit A Fails Again for Serious Lung Disease in Premature Infants
(MedPage Today) -- High-dose enteral vitamin A supplementation in the early postnatal period was safe but failed to reduce the likelihood of moderate or severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia in extremely low birthweight (ELBW) infants, a randomized... (Source: MedPage Today OB/GYN)
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[Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR] Roche sales increase by 2% (CER) in first quarter with both divisions growing in high single digit ex COVID-19
Group sales grew by 2%1 at constant exchange rates (CER) (-6% in CHF), driven by the strong growth of newer medicines and diagnostics. Excluding COVID-19-related products, sales increased by 7%. Going forward, there will be no further material impact of COVID-19 sales declineDue to the appreciation of the Swiss franc against most currencies,saleswere 6% lower when reported in CHFPharmaceuticals Divisionbase business2 grew by 7%, driven by strong sales of medicines to treat severe diseases, such as Vabysmo (eye diseases), Phesgo (breast cancer), Ocrevus (multiple sclerosis), Polivy (blood cancer) and Hemlibra (haemophilia A...
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