NIH first to develop 3D structure of twinkle protein
Researchers hope discovery leads to potential treatments for mitochondrial diseases. (Source: National Institutes of Health (NIH) News Releases)
Source: National Institutes of Health (NIH) News Releases - August 5, 2022 Category: American Health Source Type: news

Toxic agents can target mitochondria, influence disease, expert says
<div class="rxbodyfield">Joel Meyer, Ph.D., discussed his research into how early-life mitochondrial toxicity can affect later-life health, during NIEHS lecture.</div> (read more) (Source: Environmental Factor - NIEHS Newsletter)
Source: Environmental Factor - NIEHS Newsletter - August 2, 2022 Category: Environmental Health Source Type: news

Can our mitochondria help to beat long Covid?
Mitochondria are the body ’s power plants, fuelling our cells. New research shows they play a role in many aspects of keeping us healthy – and could be the key to unlocking treatments for chronic diseases, including Parkinson’sAt Cambridge University ’s MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Michal Minczuk is one of a growing number of scientists around the world aiming to find new ways of improving mitochondrial health. This line of research could help provide much-needed treatments for people with long Covid, as well as revolutionising our understa nding of everything from neurodegenerative illnesses such as Parkinson...
Source: Guardian Unlimited Science - June 26, 2022 Category: Science Authors: David Cox Tags: Medical research Biology Long Covid Coronavirus Infectious diseases Genetics Society Science Microbiology Source Type: news

Peter Kay: Comic's 'first hand experience' of 'complex' disease - condition explained
SIX YEARS after stepping away from the public eye, sources have hinted that comedian Peter Kay will head back out on a mammoth tour in 2023. Since cancelling his 14-month tour back in 2017 due to "unforeseen family circumstances," Kay, 48, has only made brief appearances at public events. One of these was at an event run by The Lily Foundation, which helps children with mitochondrial disease, which he said he has "first-hand experience" of. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
Source: Daily Express - Health - May 26, 2022 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

To fight diseases of aging, scientist makes aging itself the target
When Dr. Ming Guo says that she wants to reverse the aging process, she ’s not outlining a fantastical quest for the Fountain of Youth. She’s looking for ways to defeat incurable diseases.“If we could pause, delay or even reverse aging, we would make a significant impact against numerous diseases,” said Guo, professor of neurology, molecular and medical pharmacology at theDavid Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.“I want to create a higher quality of life over a healthy life span, rather than just prolonging life.”Her particular approach to her research is inspired by her compassion for her patients who have Alzh...
Source: UCLA Newsroom: Health Sciences - March 24, 2022 Category: Universities & Medical Training Source Type: news

Researchers show protein controls process that goes awry in Parkinson ’s disease
As scientists work toward finding a cure for Parkinson ’s disease, one line of research that has emerged focuses on mitochondria, the structures within cells that make energy. The health of those structures is maintained through a quality control system that balances two opposite processes: fission — one mitochondrion splitting in two — and fusion — two becoming one.When there ’s a problem with fission, that system is thrown out of balance. The consequences can include neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, and other serious conditions.For years, scientists have known that one particular prote...
Source: UCLA Newsroom: Health Sciences - March 24, 2022 Category: Universities & Medical Training Source Type: news

Sharing Mayo Clinic: How the right diagnosis and a new approach changed my life
Editor's note: This story was written by Lauren Quinn, who had been diagnosed with mitochondrial disease as a teenager before coming to Mayo Clinic for care. I've always been an active girl. Running cross-country, playing lacrosse and dribbling down the basketball court is where I shined. But in 2008, my life was turned upside down, and it would be 13 years before things would get better. I vividly remember a family vacation when I started… (Source: Mayo Clinic Florida News)
Source: Mayo Clinic Florida News - February 6, 2022 Category: Hospital Management Source Type: news

TK2d Patient Voices Elevated at FDA; United Mitochondrial Disease...
In a historic first, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a listening session regarding Thymidine kinase 2 deficiency (TK2d), a rare mitochondrial disease and enzyme deficiency. The Jan. 31,...(PRWeb February 04, 2022)Read the full story at (Source: PRWeb: Medical Pharmaceuticals)
Source: PRWeb: Medical Pharmaceuticals - February 4, 2022 Category: Pharmaceuticals Source Type: news

Mitochondrial damage likely a cause, not a consequence, of Parkinson ’s
<div class="rxbodyfield">During his NIEHS Distinguished Lecture, D. James Surmeier presented evidence that could resolve a longstanding debate about the disease.</div> (read more) (Source: Environmental Factor - NIEHS Newsletter)
Source: Environmental Factor - NIEHS Newsletter - December 2, 2021 Category: Environmental Health Source Type: news

Sex differences in mitochondrial function following a controlled cortical impact traumatic brain injury in rodents - Kalimon OJ, Sullivan PG.
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a complex disease to study due to the multifactorial injury cascades occurring after the initial blow to the head. One of the most vital players in this secondary injury cascade, and therapeutic target of interest, is the mi... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - November 3, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: TBI Source Type: news

New Options Explored for Sarcopenia in Rheumatic Diseases New Options Explored for Sarcopenia in Rheumatic Diseases
Targeting mitochondrial pathways has produced the most promising results so far, but other avenues are being explored as well, experts said.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Pharmacist Headlines)
Source: Medscape Pharmacist Headlines - August 18, 2021 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Tags: Rheumatology News Source Type: news

Strong immune response underlies acute kidney injury related to COVID-19
(Mayo Clinic) Mayo Clinic researchers have found that acute kidney injury associated with COVID-19 resembles sepsis-caused kidney injury, and the immune response triggered by the infection plays a pivotal role.The findings, published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, also suggest that mitochondrial dysfunction -- a loss of function in cellular energy production -- is commonly found in kidney injury related to COVID-19. (Source: EurekAlert! - Infectious and Emerging Diseases)
Source: EurekAlert! - Infectious and Emerging Diseases - July 20, 2021 Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: news

Researcher creates cell lines to help treat mitochondrial diseases in children
(Virginia Tech) The mitochondrion has garnered quite the reputation for its role as the " powerhouse of the cell. " These tiny, but mighty organelles play various life-sustaining roles, from powering our own cells and organs to fueling chemical and biological processes. But when they aren't working properly, a number of rare diseases can occur. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)
Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health - July 15, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: news

Estimates of gene ensemble noise highlight critical pathways and predict disease severity in H1N1, COVID-19 and mortality in sepsis patients
Finding novel biomarkers for human pathologies and predicting clinical outcomes for patients is challenging. This stems from the heterogeneous response of individuals to disease and is reflected in the inter-individual variability of gene expression responses that obscures differential gene expression analysis. Here, we developed an alternative approach that could be applied to dissect the disease-associated molecular changes. We define gene ensemble noise as a measure that represents a variance for a collection of genes encoding for either members of known biological pathways or subunits of annotated protein complexes and...
Source: Current Awareness Service for Health (CASH) - June 9, 2021 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news

Proteomics reveals how exercise increases the efficiency of muscle energy production
(University of Copenhagen - The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences) By applying mass spectrometry, scientists at the University of Copenhagen provide some of the most detailed data on how mitochondrial proteins cluster into supercomplexes - a process that makes mitochondria more efficient at producing energy. The findings, which were published in Cell Reports, is a precious resource for the scientific community, especially those tackling mitochondrial adaptations to exercise training or mitochondrial diseases. (Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health)
Source: EurekAlert! - Medicine and Health - May 26, 2021 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Source Type: news