Could trawler cams help save world's dwindling fish stocks?
PORTLAND, Maine -- For years, Mark Hager’s job as an observer aboard New England fishing boats made him a marked man, seen as a meddling cop on the ocean, counting and scrutinizing every cod, haddock and flounder to help set crucial quotas. On one particularly perilous voyage, he spent 12 days at…#usinternationaltradecommission #westernandcentralpacificocean #yongchen #investigativeaporg #eastcoasts #maine #martinscanlon #captainalcottone #stonybrookuniversity #thaiunion (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Vitamins, Fish Oil, Minerals: Which Supplements Help or Harm the Heart?
WEDNESDAY, Dec. 7, 2022 -- Manufacturers make all kinds of health claims, but can taking a dietary supplement actually lower your heart disease risk? A comprehensive analysis of prior research suggests that in certain cases the answer is yes. Some... (Source: - Daily MedNews)
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Discovered in the deep: the extraordinary sawshark with a weapon-like snout
With the help of fishers in Madagascar and Tanzania, scientists discovered two new species of rare sixgill sawsharksSwimming through the ocean are sharks that look as if they have a hedge trimmer fixed to their heads and a dangling moustache part way along it. These are sawsharks and they use their formidable headgear to slash through shoals of fish. The moustache is a sensory device that helps the sharks detect prey.“Sawsharks are something extraordinary,” says Simon Weigmann from the Elasmobranch Research Laboratory in Hamburg, Germany.Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
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Endangered Devils Hole pupfish is one of the most inbred animals known
As its name implies, the Devils Hole pupfish lives in a truly hellish environment. Confined to a single deep limestone cave in Nevada ' s Mojave Desert, 263 of the fish live in water that hovers around 93 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, with food … (Source: NSF News)
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Battling the Twin Challenge of HIV and Cervical Cancer
A community health worker spreads the message of screening for cervical cancer along with HIV. Credit: Joyce Chimbi/IPSBy Joyce ChimbiNairobi, Dec 6 2022 (IPS) Damaris Anyango* was recently discharged from Kenyatta National Hospital, battling the twin challenge of cervical cancer and HIV. She is 50 years old and was diagnosed with HIV nearly ten years ago. Despite the heightened risk of developing cervical cancer due to the underlying HIV-positive condition, her first cervical cancer screening was undertaken three years ago. “It has been a big challenge dealing with HIV and cervical cancer. When I was told that my HIV te...
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Housing status as a predictor for outpatient care following an emergency or urgent care encounter with a behavioral health diagnosis: a multivariable analysis - Bonfiglio G, Loh R, Simpson SA, Fish LE.
Individuals without stable housing experience high rates of mental illness and seek behavioral health care in emergency care settings. Little is known about the effect of homelessness on outpatient follow-up after utilizing emergency or urgent care for beh... (Source: SafetyLit)
Source: SafetyLit - December 5, 2022 Category: International Medicine & Public Health Tags: Economics of Injury and Safety, PTSD, Injury Outcomes Source Type: news

The Everyman of Crypto Twitter
Jordan Fish, better known by his alter ego, Cobie, was co-hosting an episode of the much-loved podcast, “Up Only,” the Friday night FTX was hacked. The Crypto Twitter influencer had been talking with Zane Tackett, the company’s wealth management director turned whistleblower, about the insanity of…#cryptoyoutuber #nirvanaskurtcobain #zookowilcox #briankrogsgard #ishanwahi #bitboy #cryptotwitter #youtuber #cryptocobain #twitter (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Liberia: MOH Appoints County Health Officer in River Gee
[New Dawn] Maryland County -- Fish Town, River Gee County - Following a recent visit to River Gee and other parts of Southeast, Liberia chief medical officer Doctor Francis Kateh, has announced the appointment of Dr. Henry Dugulu, as county health officer, calling on the people of River Gee to support him. (Source: AllAfrica News: Health and Medicine)
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Turning Tofu Waste Into Natural Gas Helps Clean Rivers In Indonesia
The runoff from tofu factories pollutes rivers and kills fish. Over the last 40 years, Indonesia has built almost 50000 biogas plants to ...#killsfish #tofufactories #factoriespollutes #pollutesrivers #fish #biogasplants #indonesia #runoff #tofu #factories (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Turning tofu waste into natural gas is helping to clean rivers in Indonesia
The runoff from tofu factories pollutes rivers and kills fish. Over the last 40 years, Indonesia has built almost 50,000 biogas plants to convert tofu wastewater. We visited Sumedang to see how communities are producing cooking fuel from the waste of this popular food. The wastewater from tofu…#factoriespollutes #killsfish #tofufactories #pollutesrivers #tofu #fish #kills #cookingfuel #indonesia #runoff (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Giving Thanks For Rivers Of Food
On Thursday, Americans will pause to give thanks, a modern expression of the ancient tradition of harvest festivals that celebrate an abundance of food. So, it is fitting then that today is World Fisheries Day, a celebration of the abundance of food that comes from the waters of our planet. A…#rivers #fish #eels #salt #eel #fisheries #thanksgiving #duck #pilgrims #river (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Starwatch: Jupiter and Saturn form a guard of honour for ancient Aquarius
The venerable constellation, first recorded by the Babylonians, will be framed by the two planets in the southern skyAquarius, the water bearer, is one of the fainter zodiacal constellations – the constellations bisected by the plane of our solar system, and as such the ones through which the planets, the moon and the sun all move. Aquarius sits between Capricornus and Pisces and is best seen from the northern hemisphere in the autumn.This week, Aquarius is framed by Jupiter and Saturn. The two planets straddle the constellation and can be used to find the right patch of sky. The chart shows the view looking south from L...
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Plastic-Filled Seabirds And Fish Found In Monterey Bay
Microparticles recovered from the guts of some seabirds living in Monterey Bay exhibited estrogen-like effects that have the potential to disrupt normal hormone functions (Source: Healthcare News)
Source: Healthcare News - November 15, 2022 Category: Pharmaceuticals Authors: GrrlScientist, Senior Contributor Tags: Science /science Innovation /innovation Healthcare /healthcare Source Type: news

Fossilized Fish Teeth Could Be Earliest Evidence of Cooking
Study authors say the teeth, dated around 780,000 years old, push back the date humans are known to have engaged in cooking by more than 600,000 years.  (Source: The Scientist)
Source: The Scientist - November 15, 2022 Category: Science Tags: News & Opinion Source Type: news

Fish fossils show first cooking may have been 600,000 years earlier than thought
After examining carp remains, researchers claim people who lived 780,000 years ago liked their fish well doneEarly human ancestors living 780,000 years ago liked their fish well done, Israeli researchers have revealed, in what they said was the earliest evidence of fire being used to cook.Exactly when our ancestors started cooking has been a matter of controversy among archaeologists because it is difficult to prove that an ancient fireplace was used to prepare food, and not just for warmth.Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
Source: Guardian Unlimited Science - November 14, 2022 Category: Science Authors: Agence France-Presse Tags: Archaeology Anthropology Israel World news Middle East and north Africa Fish Food Science Source Type: news