Here ’s Everything You Need to Know About Gut Health

It’s hardly news that the gastrointestinal tract is important to human health: It transports food from the mouth to the stomach, converts it into absorbable nutrients and stored energy, and shuttles waste back out of the body. If you don’t properly nourish yourself, you don’t live. It’s that simple. But in recent years, scientists have discovered that the GI system has an even bigger, more complex job than previously appreciated. It’s been linked to numerous aspects of health that have seemingly nothing to do with digestion, from immunity to emotional stress to chronic illnesses, including cancer and Type 2 diabetes. “We now know that the GI tract is full of trillions of bacteria that not only help us process food but that also help our bodies maintain homeostasis and overall well-being,” says Dr. Tara Menon, a gastroenterologist at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. The key, experts say, may lie in the microbiome—the makeup of bacteria and other microorganisms in the stomach and intestines, or, informally, the gut. Research on the microbiome is still in its infancy. But studies have already found that certain environments, foods and behaviors can influence gut health for better or worse. Here’s why that matters and what you can do to improve yours. Why is gut health important? Everyone’s microbiome is unique, but there are a few generalities about what’s healthy and what’s not. “In h...
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Publication date: Available online 1 August 2020Source: Carbohydrate PolymersAuthor(s): Kishwor Poudel, Asmita Banstola, Tuan Hiep Tran, Raj Kumar Thapa, Milan Gautam, Wenquan Ou, Pham Le Minh, Srijan Maharjan, Jee-Heon Jeong, Sae Kwang Ku, Han-Gon Choi, Chul Soon Yong, Jong Oh Kim
Source: Carbohydrate Polymers - Category: Biomedical Science Source Type: research
Publication date: Available online 31 July 2020Source: Carbohydrate PolymersAuthor(s): Mina Jafari, Vishnu Sriram, Zhenyuan Xu, Greg M. Harris, Joo-Youp Lee
Source: Carbohydrate Polymers - Category: Biomedical Science Source Type: research
Abstract MRI is an excellent diagnostic technique for atherosclerosis in a non-invasive manner. Application of contrasting agents can improve its contrast through ionic properties. Macrophages and foam cells produce MCP-1 antibody, the sign of development of atherosclerosis. The work aims to develop novel curcumin incorporated titanium dioxide nanoparticles (CTNPs) conjugated with MCP-1 antibody with the specific targeting capability to macrophage-foam cells as contrasting agent for MRI. In vivo toxicity studies of Curcumin, TNPs and CTNPs were also done in Sprague dawley rats by GGT and ALP assays and found to be...
Source: Atherosclerosis - Category: Cardiology Authors: Tags: Vet Anim Sci Source Type: research
Conclusions: Despite lack of long-term abstinence for participants, adherence to the mobile application intervention indicates the potential for future investigation of mobile smoking cessation treatments for people with schizophrenia. PMID: 32735514 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Journal of Dual Diagnosis - Category: Addiction Tags: J Dual Diagn Source Type: research
Conclusion: Treatment with surgery and chemo-irradiation in this national cohort does not show inferior survival outcomes compared to historical cohorts. PMID: 32734838 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Scandinavian Journal of Urology - Category: Urology & Nephrology Tags: Scand J Urol Source Type: research
CONCLUSION: Every fifth man in the male background population was PSA tested. Repeated PSA testing was common despite low PSA values. As repeated PSA testing was common, especially among older men who will not be included in organized testing, special measures to change the testing patterns in this group may be required. PMID: 32734806 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
Source: Scandinavian Journal of Urology - Category: Urology & Nephrology Tags: Scand J Urol Source Type: research
Conclusions: There is a considerable prevalence of hypertension with low awareness, treatment, and control rates among Tajik nomads in Pamirs, where health programs improving the hypertension status are urgently needed, with the excess weight loss as a strategy. PMID: 32733702 [PubMed]
Source: International Journal of Hypertension - Category: Cardiology Tags: Int J Hypertens Source Type: research
Purpose of review This review concerns the outcome for nonsystemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) with emphasis on treatment-to-target (T2T) and treatment strategies aiming at inactive disease by giving an overview of recent articles. Recent findings More efficacious therapies and treatment strategies/T2T with inactive disease as target, have improved the outcome for JIA significantly. Recent studies regarding treatment strategies have shown 47–68% inactive disease after 1 year. Moreover, probability of attaining inactive disease at least once in the first year seems even higher in recent cohort-studies, re...
Source: Current Opinion in Rheumatology - Category: Rheumatology Tags: PEDIATRIC AND HERITABLE DISORDERS: Edited by Polly J. Ferguson Source Type: research
Purpose of review To describe the main clinical differences of children and adults with chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis (CNO). Recent findings CNO is a severe systemic autoinflammatory syndrome characterized by multiple bone lesions because of inflammatory osteitis. Delay to diagnosis of CNO can lead to functional impairment, fractures, and chronic pain. Key clinical aspects and disease patterns differ in children and adults, including onset and time to diagnosis, symptom localization, associated comorbidities (i.e. skin, joints), bone lesion distribution pattern, and treatment approach. Novel biomarkers, such as u...
Source: Current Opinion in Rheumatology - Category: Rheumatology Tags: PEDIATRIC AND HERITABLE DISORDERS: Edited by Polly J. Ferguson Source Type: research
Authors: Oliver JD, Knackstedt R, Gatherwright J Abstract Despite the intense focus on the opioid epidemic and its known association with surgical procedures, there is a paucity of evidence-based literature on pain management in implant-based breast reconstruction (IBR). Herein, we present an updated review of the literature aimed at identifying pain treatment protocols to minimize narcotic use and its associated potential addiction in IBR. A comprehensive review of the published English literature was conducted using Ovid Medline/PubMed Database without timeframe limitations. The inclusion criteria of selected art...
Source: Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery - Category: Surgery Tags: J Plast Surg Hand Surg Source Type: research
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