No sunlight, no soil – no worries as vertical farming looks stacked with promise
Stacked Farm can produce perfect-looking strawberries, tomatoes and baby cos all year round. But will high energy inputs be its achilles heel?Follow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet ourmorning and afternoon news emails,free app ordaily news podcastNot far from the fertile farmlands known as Australia ’s salad bowl, rows of fruit and vegetables are being cultivated without sunlight or soil.Perfect-looking strawberries, tomatoes, baby cos lettuces and coriander grow under moody purple fluorescent lighting. Here in the research wing of a 4000 sq metre facility at Arundel on the Gold Coast, the intensit...
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Soaring Food Prices Prompt Eurasian Nations To Ban Food Exports
Authored by Eurasianet via, The harshest winter since 2008 is contributing to shortages of staple vegetables across Central Asia and sending prices north in a region still suffering from COVID-induced food inflation. In…#centralasia #uzbekistan #uzbek #soviet #georgia #moldova #bukhararegion #tashkent #eastfruit #tajikistan (Source: Reuters: Health)
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How Do Heavy Metals Like Lead Get in Baby Food?
The problem begins at the farm where plants draw toxins from the soil. There ’s no washing them away. (Source: NYT Health)
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The FDA proposes new targets to limit lead in baby food
It's not possible to remove all traces of lead from the food supply, because the heavy metal is found throughout the environment and can be absorbed by plants. So traces are found in the vegetables, fruits and grains that are used to make…#fda #robertcaliff #aaronbernstein #flint #michigan #leonardotrasande #nyulangonehealth (Source: Reuters: Health)
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FDA Rolls Out Proposed Limits on Lead in Processed Baby Foods
(MedPage Today) -- The FDA on Tuesday unveiled recommended limits on lead levels in processed baby foods including fruits and vegetables, dry cereals, and yogurts, among others, with the potential for adverse neurodevelopmental effects cited as... (Source: MedPage Today Pediatrics)
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FDA puts limit on lead levels in baby food
Per new guidance released Tuesday, lead prevalence should be limited to 10 parts per billion (ppb) in fruits, some vegetables and yogurt, and 20ppb in root vegetables. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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5 Weight-Loss Strategies That Don ’t Work—And What To Do Instead
Every year, losing weight ranks among the top New Year’s resolutions. And every year, we keep trying many of the same methods—and not surprisingly, keep getting the same disappointing results. The unfortunate truth is that most weight-loss strategies don’t work long term, and some can even make matters worse or cause other harms. But that doesn’t mean trying to shed pounds is futile. Studies show that some approaches are, in fact, effective. Here are five popular methods that often fail—and alternatives that are more likely to lead to long-term success. 1. Counting Calories Tracking calories m...
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New USDA rule boosts " organic " food oversight, targets fraud - The Associated Press
FILE - Vegetables are displayed in a produce section at a supermarket in New York, Monday, May 17, 2021. On Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023, the U.S. Agriculture Department issued new requirements for foods labeled as “organic,” a move aimed at cracking down on fraud and boosting oversight of products…#usda #ota #departmentofjustice (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Brain injury survivors empowered by weekly wellness training
Living independently can be challenging for individuals who have suffered a neurological injury, disease or disorder. Cincinnati-based InReturn has set a mission to enrich the lives of these individuals through job and learning opportunities. One particularly successful program stems from InReturn ’s partnership with TriHealth Corporate Health and focuses on wellness education — the kind which goes beyond a recommendation to eat your vegetables. “Now there’s a focus on the whole person,… (Source: Health Care:Physician Practices headlines)
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The 5 Best Ways to Control High Cholesterol, According to People With the Condition
There are a variety of factors that influence cardiovascular risk—but cholesterol is one of the first things that doctors pay attention to. Having high levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol is “definitely a variable we try to manage, because it’s been shown to be problematic for heart health,” says Dr. Adriana Quinones-Camacho, a cardiologist at NYU Langone Health. Though it’s often called the “bad” kind of cholesterol, LDL cholesterol makes up most of your body’s cholesterol stores. That means it’s not a villain on its own, but when levels start creeping ...
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Long-time Vietnamese market opens newest site, now has two San Jose stores
Fruit and vegetable section inside the new Dai Thanh Supermarket at 1641 North Capitol Avenue in San Jose, January 2023. SAN JOSE — Dai Thanh Supermarket, a popular Vietnamese grocery, has opened its second store in San Jose, marking an expansion that was part of a busy year that included the…#eastbay #sanjoses #tullyroad #vietnam #luckyssupermarket #daithanh #northcapitol #oakland #sanjose #huayamadas (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Popular sandwich filling could lower blood pressure - contains 'natural nitrates'
One study also showed that consuming the vegetable could lower the risk of cancer. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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Country diary: No weeds, no tree sparrows – only a few are hanging on | David Bellamy
Poyll Vaaish, Isle of Man: One field on the island is a throwback to the heyday of mixed farming, full of veg and weeds. The resulting biodiversity is astonishingOn the south coast of the Isle of Man there exists a field so impossibly teeming with birds that I don ’t know where to begin. I was last there on Christmas Day – an odd day to go birding perhaps, but not here. The island’s annual Bird Race, a collective effort to find as many species as possible, runs between Christmas and the new year. In 2022 we set a record: 121 species, three of which were found in this field and nowhere else.So what ’s this field got...
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What Are Common Dietary Fermentable Carbohydrates?
Discussion Parents may often come to the pediatrician for concerns about crying and colic, increased belching, abdominal distention, increased flatulence, abdominal pain or stool changes. They complain of increased “gassiness,” which could mean any or a combination of these problems, or something different that they believe is referred to the abdomen. In newborns parents’ intolerance for crying and normal changes in the abdomen (e.g. appearing larger or smaller) may have them complain of “gassiness” but they do not mean actual belching or flatulence. In older children, parents may state that t...
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China consumer inflation accelerates in Dec; PPI falls with soft demand
[1/3] Customers wearing face masks shop for vegetables at a wet market in Tsuen Wan, following the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Hong Kong, China February 8, 2022. REUTERS/Lam Yik BEIJING, Jan 12 (Reuters) - China's annual consumer inflation rate accelerated in December, driven by…#reuterslamyikbeijing #joecash #commerceministry #worldbank #bradleyperrett #tsuenwan #lizlee #liangpinggao #hongkong (Source: Reuters: Health)
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