7 Tips To Lower Diabetes Risk in Menopause During the Holidays

By now, most people have been to a holiday party or two. Lots of food, lots of eggnog and other carb laden alcoholic beverages, and lots of grazing all day long on all the boxes of candy friends and business acquaintances sent to us. It's easy to gain the five pounds most people gain during the holidays, and in the process, raise your blood sugar or glucose levels too high. That's your body letting you know you have prediabetes (higher than normal but still below diabetes levels) or diabetes, and unless you take action soon, your body won't like it. Diabetes silently sneaks up on you and if untreated, slowly weakens your health. According to the North American Menopause Society, diabetes has become the number 6 killer of women ages 45 to 54 and the number 4 killer of women ages 55 to 65. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 10 US adults has diabetes now, and if current trends continue, that figure could rise to 1 in 3 by 2050. Ten million people have diabetes or prediabetes and don't know it. Here's why diabetes is so dangerous - chronically high blood sugars silently damage blood vessels and nerves, and that can lead to: • Heart disease • Stroke • Nerve damage (neuropathy) that leads to tingling and pain in feet and hands • Kidney disease • Loss of vision • Feet infections and in some severe cases, amputation • Bone and joint problems • Skin infections and wounds that don't heal • Teeth and gu...
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