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What can gorillas teach us?

All the gorillas were dying… Over 50 years of trying to breed gorillas in zoos and nothing was working. It didn’t matter where they tried — San Diego, Cincinnati, St. Louis — not even the best zoos in the country could get these gorillas to reproduce. They were facing extinction. And everyone simply accepted that it was impossible to breed gorillas in zoos. That was until one caretaker took a closer look at what the gorillas were eating. For decades, zoos fed the gorillas what they called gorilla biscuits. But, on top of being unable to reproduce, the gorillas were developing diseases like heart disease,1 diabetes,2 obesity3 and high blood pressure.4 In short, gorillas were not made to eat “biscuits.” It’s a bit scary to think how you and I find ourselves in a similar situation. I see it more and more in my clinic patients every year. People are getting sick. They’re struggling with weight, diabetes, heart disease… the list goes on and on. And the only answer they can get from mainstream doctors is that it’s genetic. Well I’m here to tell you, just like the gorillas, there is nothing wrong with you. You were made perfect. But the world you live in was not. And you are suffering from today’s abnormal environment. Mainstream medicine has failed you. They can’t see that every chronic disease is connected by this one common thread that I call Syndrome Zero. And the biggest culprit is the massive overl...
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