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What can gorillas teach us?

All the gorillas were dying… Over 50 years of trying to breed gorillas in zoos and nothing was working. It didn’t matter where they tried — San Diego, Cincinnati, St. Louis — not even the best zoos in the country could get these gorillas to reproduce. They were facing extinction. And everyone simply accepted that it was impossible to breed gorillas in zoos. That was until one caretaker took a closer look at what the gorillas were eating. For decades, zoos fed the gorillas what they called gorilla biscuits. But, on top of being unable to reproduce, the gorillas were developing diseases like heart disease,1 diabetes,2 obesity3 and high blood pressure.4 In short, gorillas were not made to eat “biscuits.” It’s a bit scary to think how you and I find ourselves in a similar situation. I see it more and more in my clinic patients every year. People are getting sick. They’re struggling with weight, diabetes, heart disease… the list goes on and on. And the only answer they can get from mainstream doctors is that it’s genetic. Well I’m here to tell you, just like the gorillas, there is nothing wrong with you. You were made perfect. But the world you live in was not. And you are suffering from today’s abnormal environment. Mainstream medicine has failed you. They can’t see that every chronic disease is connected by this one common thread that I call Syndrome Zero. And the biggest culprit is the massive overl...
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Heart disease in pregnancy may manifest as acute coronary syndromes, decompensated valvular disease, and acute heart failure. These disease processes may represent progression of preexisting disease versus newly developed disease resulting from the physiologic changes of pregnancy. Early recognition of clinical presentations, judicious use of diagnostic studies, and multidisciplinary management of patient and fetal considerations can lead to optimal outcomes in this unique patient subset.
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We report here a patient with a small and wide-necked ruptured basilar artery (BA) top aneurysm, in whom successful treatment was achieved by stent-assisted coiling with LVIS Jr. using the bulging technique. A 74-year-old woman with moderate hypertension consulted for treatment of subarachnoid hemorrhage with a ruptured BA top aneurysm measuring 2.7 mm in height with a 4.3 mm neck. We initially tried emergency balloon-assisted coiling, but coiling proved difficult. We therefore performed stent-assisted coiling with LVIS Jr. using the bulging technique. The postoperative course was uneventful, with no aggravat...
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Mouthwash may kill off helpful microbes in the mouth which protect against these conditions, found the Harvard School of Public Health which suggests swilling once not twice a day may be best.
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This amount cuts the risk of heart disease by 15% and early death by 17%, found the University of Southampton. It also slashes chances of certain cancers, diabetes, liver disease and dementia.
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Conclusion: ROCK is a novel mediator modulating aortic VSMC stiffness through SRF/myocardin signaling which offers a therapeutic target to reduce aortic stiffening in hypertension.Cell Physiol Biochem 2017;44:701 –715
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Summary Weight loss is an effective intervention for diminishing disease burden in obese older adults. Pharmacological interventions that reduce food intake and thereby promote weight loss may offer effective strategies to reduce age‐related disease. We previously reported that 17α‐estradiol (17α‐E2) administration elicits beneficial effects on metabolism and inflammation in old male mice. These observations were associated with reduced calorie intake. Here, we demonstrate that 17α‐E2 acts through pro‐opiomelanocortin (Pomc) expression in the arcuate nucleus (ARC) to reduce food intake and body ...
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Shanhu Qiu, Xue Cai, Zilin Sun, Martina Z ügel, Jürgen M. Steinacker, Uwe Schumann
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[New Times] All is set for the inaugural Run Blue race aimed at fighting diabetes.
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In conclusion, documentation is important, a critical part of advocacy and the development process at the larger scale. It isn't just words, but rather a vital structural flow of information from one part of the larger community to another, necessary to sustain progress in any complex field. We would all do well to remember this - and to see that building this documentation is an activity in which we can all pitch in to help. Evidence Suggests that, at Least in Earlier Stages, Alzheimer's Disease Blocks Rather than Destroys Memories https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2017/07/evidence-suggests-that-at-least-in-ea...
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If the successes in technological development achieved over the past few hundred years is teaching us anything, perhaps it should be that individual members of a species that evolved in an environment of pervasive scarcity and intermittent famine are not well equipped for an environment of consistent plenty. Our biochemistry and our instincts lead us astray: eat too many calories and life expectancy and long-term health will suffer for it. This is not new. We are no different from our ancestors in this aspect of the human condition. The change lies in the fact that we now live in an age so wealthy and capable that consiste...
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