Contraceptive pills not proven to protect against the flu

Conclusion These are interesting scientific findings but they have limited implications. Animal studies are useful for giving an indication of how biological processes may work in humans but we're not identical. Then the scenarios tested here – the progesterone, or the flu injection – can be taken as representative of real-life in humans. For one thing all the mice had surgery to remove their ovaries before being infected. It makes sense that the mice that had been given some additional recovery boost in the form of hormone replacement may have been in a better health state than those left hormone depleted. They were also directly inoculated through the nose with a flu dose that has previously been demonstrated to be lethal in these animals, and the animals did die. It's just those with progesterone survived about an extra two days. The findings do suggest the progesterone hormone may have various roles in female health – also here seeming to improve lung cellular repair. However, since most women have the progesterone hormone naturally in their bodies this doesn't mean a great deal. We can't leap to saying that women who take progestogen-containing contraception hormones have added protection against infection, or are less likely to get flu. This certainly hasn't been tested. To reduce your risk of getting flu or spreading it to other people, you should always: make sure you wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water clean surfaces such...
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CONCLUSION: The detection of B1 gene in placental tissues of the healthy newborn infants reiterates that presence of T. gondii in the placenta does not always result in congenital toxoplasmosis. PMID: 30103311 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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When Thomas Hasek decided to get immunized against shingles a few years back, he had to pay $200 for the shot. That struck him as unfair — after all, the childhood chickenpox vaccine addresses the same virus, and it's publicly funded.
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Andrew Graf, 26, from Texas, was overweight and battling anxiety before he ditched his plant-based eating regimen for a raw meat diet in an attempt to make his body run on fat rather than carbohydrates.
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This study sought...
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Pregnant women are incubating something that could prove hugely valuable to modern medicine and the global economy – and 99% of the time it’s being thrown awayBirth is messy. It ’s often not until you’re pregnant that you learn about the third stage of labor – the bit after the baby appears, when the mother pushes out the placenta that has provided life support for the previous nine months.In developed nations, birth is assumed to be safe. Yet in the United States, the maternal mortality ratedoubled between 1990 and 2013, andinfant mortality rates are rising in England and Wales, due largely t...
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[RotaCouncil] A major new study has shown that rotavirus vaccination reduced infant diarrhoea deaths by 34% in rural Malawi, a region with high levels of child deaths.
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Study Design. Retrospective analysis wherein 103 patients were considered, and 76 patients were included: 49 were classified as chronic non-specific low back pain (CNSLBP) (Study group) and 27 had identifiable cases of specific chronic low back pain (LBP) (Control group). Objective. Elucidate markers of systemic inflammation in patients with CNSLBP. Summary of Background Data. Mechanisms of LBP are poorly understood. Pro-inflammatory cytokines are increased in obesity and involved with pain modulation; we previously proposed a theoretical model of their mediating role in LBP. Methods. Demographic information was...
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DISCUSSION: In order to promote self-management skills, a web-based service should focus on allergy symptoms, treatment options and day-to-day help. PMID: 30105503 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Hypothesis: We tested whether GV1001 has any ototoxic side effects at different doses and whether it protects hearing in an aminoglycoside-induced ototoxicity mouse model. Background: GV1001, a novel peptide vaccine currently being examined in a Phase 3 clinical trial to treat pancreatic cancer, also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Methods: In the first experiment, C57/BL6 mice were injected with GV1001 preparations at concentrations of 0.1 to 100 mg/kg for 7 days to evaluate the toxicity of GV1001 on the inner ear and kidneys. In the second experiment, the protective effect of GV1001 was tested in...
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A morbidly-obese 57-year-old diabetic and hypertensive man with chronic kidney disease, diastolic heart failure, and bilateral hearing loss was found to have soft tissue masses/densities in the lateral aspect of both auditory canals on local examination and on imaging. He underwent biopsies of both ear canal masses and histologic examination revealed amyloid deposits in the dermis. These deposits were confirmed as AL (amyloid light chain) kappa-type amyloid by laser mass spectrometry. A systemic work-up showed plasma cell dyscrasia with 9% kappa light chain restricted plasma cells in the bone marrow as well as amyloid depo...
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