The Most Promising Cancer-Fighter In Years

For a while now, I’ve been recommending a powerful antioxidant with the unpronounceable name, pyrroloquinoline quinine – or PQQ for short. And although I recommend this compound to almost everyone who comes to see me at my wellness clinic in South Florida because of its energy-giving qualities, I’ve also observed its extraordinary power to fight cancer. For years, I’ve seen PQQ work wonders with my older patients, because it keeps you feeling young by giving your cells extra energy. PQQ was first discovered back in 1979 by a team of Japanese scientists, who knew little about the substance, except that it seemed to play some role in ensuring the propagation of our species. Then further research revealed the impact of PQQ on the output of energy from mitochondria, the microscopic power plants inside each of your cells. Since, researchers have discovered many important roles of PQQ on the body’s cellular processes – but the understanding is not yet complete. PQQ has even been discovered in interstellar stardust, which has led some scientists to theorize about its role in the evolution of life on Earth. In one study, PQQ prevented a significant number of heart cells from self-destructing when scientists deprived them of oxygen and glucose.1 In another study, researchers applied toxic hydrogen peroxide to cells taken from the jelly-like core of the spine. And a significant number of cells were saved by doses of PQQ.2 In yet another study, resear...
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ConclusionThere is a paucity of treatment guidelines for acute lung injury secondary to marijuana inhalation. We advocate early use of short-term steroids and also more awareness on quitting marijuana smoking to prevent life-threatening complications like myocardial infarction, diffuse alveolar hemorrhage and acute respiratory distress syndrome.
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Conclusions: MPE is common at presentation (11%) in patients with SCLC and may be associated with decreased survival. Additional studies are required to assess the treatment-adjusted survival rate in the setting of MPE.Respiration
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ConclusionsThese findings suggest that although PD patients do not experience greater mean WMH load than normal aged adults, comorbid WMH do exacerbate cognitive and motor symptoms in PD.
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Publication date: Available online 22 May 2019Source: NeuroImage: ClinicalAuthor(s): Yuan Tao, Brenda RappAbstractA better understanding of the neural network properties that support cognitive recovery after a brain lesion is important for our understanding of human neuroplasticity and may have valuable clinical implications. In fifteen individuals with chronic, acquired written language deficits subsequent to left-hemisphere stroke, we used task-based functional connectivity to evaluate the relationship between the graph-theoretic measures (modularity, participation coefficient and within-module degree z-score) and writte...
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Conclusion.PC CARES offers a practical, scalable method for community-based translation of research evidence into selfdetermined, culturally-responsive suicide prevention practice.
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Publication date: 1 October 2019Source: Personality and Individual Differences, Volume 148Author(s): Julia Brailovskaia, Jürgen MargrafAbstractFor many people, Facebook use has become part of daily life. Earlier research hypothesized that one reason for the high popularity of this social platform is its association with subjective well-being and specific personality traits. In the present study, self-report data and objective data from Facebook pages of 328 Facebook users were analyzed. Results revealed a significant positive association of active Facebook use with subjective happiness and narcissism. Its relationship...
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Fight Aging! provides a weekly digest of news and commentary for thousands of subscribers interested in the latest longevity science: progress towards the medical control of aging in order to prevent age-related frailty, suffering, and disease, as well as improvements in the present understanding of what works and what doesn't work when it comes to extending healthy life. Expect to see summaries of recent advances in medical research, news from the scientific community, advocacy and fundraising initiatives to help speed work on the repair and reversal of aging, links to online resources, and much more. This content is...
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In conclusion, the analyses do not permit us to predict the trajectory that maximum lifespans will follow in the future, and hence provide no support for their central claim that the maximum lifespan of humans is "fixed and subject to natural constraints". This is largely a product of the limited data available for analysis, owing to the challenges inherent in collecting and verifying the lifespans of extremely long-lived individuals. A reply from Jan Vijg's research group The authors of the accompanying comment disagree with our finding of a limit to human lifespan. Although we thank them for a...
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This study is the first to show that downregulation of PAPP-A expression in adult mice can significantly extend life span. Importantly, this beneficial longevity phenotype is distinct from the dwarfism of long-lived PAPP-A KO, Ames dwarf, Snell dwarf and growth hormone receptor (GHR) KO mice with germ-line mutations. Thus, downregulation of PAPP-A expression joins other treatment regimens, such as resveratrol, rapamycin and dietary restriction, which can extend life span when started in mice as adults. In a recent study, inducible knockdown of the GHR in young adult female mice increased maximal, but not median, lif...
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This study assessed the prevalence of grey hair in patients with coronary artery disease and whether it was an independent risk marker of disease. This was a prospective, observational study which included 545 adult men who underwent multi-slice computed tomography (CT) coronary angiography for suspected coronary artery disease. Patients were divided into subgroups according to the presence or absence of coronary artery disease, and the amount of grey/white hair. The amount of grey hair was graded using the hair whitening score: 1 = pure black hair, 2 = black more than white, 3 = black equals white, 4 = white more t...
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