How Does PRP Therapy Work

We’ve known for years that platelets are the part of your blood that’s responsible for clotting. But we’re only beginning to learn about their powerful rejuvenating power and their potential to heal. Platelets are your body’s “first responders.” They initiate a cascade of healing that’s 10 times more powerful than any drug available today. In fact, it’ll be centuries before Big Pharma will be able to come up with a drug that can come close to doing what platelets can do. Platelets work in two ways. First, they contain hundreds of growth factors. These proteins are critical for wound healing. And they regenerate injured or aging tissues and organs.1 Platelets also attract stem cells to damaged or aging tissue. Once they get there, the stem cells multiply rapidly. Then they morph into whatever cells we need to repair damage. Today, we know that a therapy called platelet-rich plasma — or PRP — has the potential to reverse just about every disease of aging. That includes cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and blindness.  I’ll tell you more about the procedure in a minute. But first I want to show you just how powerful it is at rejuvenating tissue… Earlier this year, a group of doctors in Greece used PRP to restore fertility in menopausal women. They injected platelets right into the women’s ovaries. Afterward, the ovaries were able to...
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AbstractAccurate staging and re-staging of cancer in children is crucial for patient management. Currently, children with a newly diagnosed cancer must undergo a series of imaging tests, which are stressful, time-consuming, partially redundant, expensive, and can require repetitive anesthesia. New approaches for pediatric cancer staging can evaluate the primary tumor and metastases in a single session. However, traditional one-stop imaging tests, such as CT and positron emission tomography (PET)/CT, are associated with considerable radiation exposure. This is particularly concerning for children because they are more sensi...
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big dreamer here: if you were starting out as a first year med student, what is the path you’d take to secure a dream job specializing in lung cancer and related environmental research/advocacy at an academic medical center? what about while adding on an MBA and wanting to combine academia with entrepreneurship to find better lung cancer therapies?
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Your heart rate is a measurement of the number of times per minute that your heart contracts or beats. Monitoring your heart rate is useful for tracking fitness and managing the risk factors of heart and circulatory diseases like diabetes. So, how do you measure your heart rate and what is a healthy heart rate?
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ConclusionWe observed a significant reduction in mortality during the period 2008 –2017 in diabetes either as underlying cause of death or when all mentions of diabetes in the death certificate were considered.
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ConclusionsOur study confirms and extends our knowledge on the tyrosine kinase inhibitors effects on thyroid, showing that thyroid autoimmunity is frequently observed in chronic myeloid leukemia patients on long-term therapy and is associated with a better oncological response.
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The objective of this study is to explore the relationship between serum 25 ‐hydroxyvitamin-D(25-(OH)2D3) level and sweat function in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).MethodsA cross-sectional study of 1021 patients with T2DM who underwent 25-(OH)2D3 level detections and sweat function tests was carried out. These individuals were divided into deficient groups (n = 154 cases), insufficient groups (n = 593 cases) and sufficient groups (n = 274 cases). Spearman correlation analysis and multivariate stepwise linear regression analysis were implemented to determine the as...
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AbstractPurposeAlthough the gut microbiota (GM) are associated with various diseases, their role in gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) remains uncharacterized. Further study is urgently needed to expose the real relationship between GM and GDM.MethodsWe performed a prospective study in 33 pregnant Chinese individuals [15, GDM; 18, normal glucose tolerance (NGT)] to observe the fecal microbiota by 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing at 24 –28 weeks of gestational age after a standard 75 g oral glucose tolerance test. Linear regression analysis was employed to assess the relationships between the GM and GDM cl...
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From petrol and perfume to Parkinson ’s disease, super-smellers can detect scents others are oblivious to. For Krati Garg, the ability’s both power and painA few years ago Dr Krati Garg, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Melbourne, was in theatre about to commence work on a patient when she told the anaesthetist she could smell sevoflurane.Sevoflurane is the anaesthetic gas used to put – and keep – patients asleep during surgery. Ingested via a tube that is placed down the throat, in large quantities its bitter smell can be noticeable, but trace amounts are largely indiscernible.Continue reading...
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TYPE 1 diabetes causes blood sugar levels to become too high and can cause severe damage to the body if left untreated. Blood tests are the best way to diagnose suspected diabetes, but there are a few unusual symptoms that could be an early warning sign.
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PEOPLE adhering more strongly to a particular health diet have been found to have lower risks of dying from cancer and heart disease.
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