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Snoring link to Alzheimer ’s disease unproven

Conclusion This relatively large cross-sectional analysis has found a link between certain measures of breathing problems during sleep and poorer cognitive function in middle-aged to older adults. The strengths of this study include its size and use of a prospective sleep study to assess whether people had sleep apnoea or other problems with breathing during sleep. The use of standard cognitive tests is also a strength. However, the study does have its limitations: The study did have mixed findings – while certain measures of problems with breathing during sleep (e.g. oxygen levels) were associated with cognitive outcomes, others (e.g. Apnea-Hypopnea Index) were not. This suggests that findings are not conclusive. In addition, previous studies have also had mixed results. This suggests that a systematic review which brings together all of the available evidence on this question would be helpful to assess whether, on balance, the research suggests a true link. It's not possible from this type of cross-sectional analysis to prove that breathing problems during sleep cause the differences in brain function seen. This is largely because it's not possible to establish whether participants only developed problems with brain function after they experienced sleep breathing problems. It's also difficult to be sure that the effect of all potential confounders has been removed. The study measured brain function at one time point and did not assess whether people ha...
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ConclusionsEMDR is a feasible treatment for recurrent and/or long‐term depression. Research on treatment efficacy and effectiveness is now required. Practitioner points EMDR may be an effective treatment for depression. EMDR could be considered if first‐line approaches (CBT and counselling) have been tried and failed. EMDR may be particularly helpful for service users with a history of trauma.
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AbstractNot only healthy growth but also childhood obesity partly originate from early life. The current work aimed to examine the association of feeding practices during infancy with growth and adiposity indices in preschool children from four European countries and in UK schoolchildren and adolescents. Existing data from four European birth cohorts (ALSPAC-UK, EDEN-France, EuroPrevall-Greece and Generation XXI-Portugal) were used. Anthropometrics and body composition indices were collected. Parallel multivariate regression analyses were performed to examine the research hypothesis. Overall, the analyses showed that breas...
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Happy Saturday, sweet readers! Guess what? I’m going “off the grid” this weekend. Well, maybe not in the strictest of senses (I’ll still have my computer and phone) but in the sense that…well, let’s just say I’ve been neglecting my own personal interests — things I enjoy and feel help my personal growth — and it’s hurting my mental health. I feel unfulfilled. I have to figure out a way to stop that. Starting today. But first, the latest in this week’s mental health and wellness news! Learn how to be more supportive of your child’s teacher, why some r...
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The rising incidence of dementia locally and worldwide has now reached a critical level. The associated costs associated with these individuals will ultimately be untenable to most societies. Furthermore there is a paucity of highly effective treatments. However, the recent discovery of the association of hearing loss and dementia may open many potential opportunities. Although we still are acquiring knowledge on the pathophysiology of this association, clinicians are hopeful that our current highly effective treatments of hearing loss may ultimately be shown to have a positive effect on those with dementia.
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Background: A significant relationship between hearing loss and cognitive impairment has been previously reported. Overall, improvement in speech perception in quiet and quality of life has been observed after cochlear implantation. However, the impact of hearing loss treatment using cochlear implantation on cognitive functions is yet to be fully elucidated. Objective: To investigate the impact of cochlear implantation on cognitive and psychological functions of older adults. Study Design: Prospective patient-control study. Participants: A total of 39 participants took part in the study: 23 cochlear implant (CI) candida...
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Conclusion: Cochlear implantation improves autonomy and the QoL in the elderly. Cognitive functions are not influenced by surgery, but executive functions appear to benefit from implantation. Age should not be a limiting factor, and cochlear implantation can be proposed as an efficient treatment for severe-to-profound hearing loss in the elderly.
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WEIGHT loss can be difficult if cutting calories makes you constantly hungry. Fortunately, a new study has discovered walnuts can make you feel fuller, regulate cravings and ward off obesity.
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Hey, All -- if you've got questions about navigating life with diabetes, then you've come to the right place! That would be our weekly diabetes advice column, Ask D'Mine, hosted by longtime type 1 and diabetes author Wil Dubois.This week, Wil ...
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New research suggests that binge-watching, as opposed to conventional TV viewing, damages sleep quality and may lead to fatigue and insomnia.
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