4 Steps to Detoxify Your Kitchen

Your body is not the only thing that needs a good detox once in a while.  When I mention detoxification, you probably think about something your body does to lose weight, support your liver, and generally feel and look better. Strange as it sounds, your kitchen could also use a good detox! Most likely, the food industry holds your kitchen hostage. No doubt your cupboards and pantry are filled with ultra-processed fare. Detoxifying your kitchen allows you to escape these shackles and transform your kitchen to a place of wellness. A healthy kitchen provides the foundation for a healthy you. If you make your kitchen a safe zone, with only foods that nourish rather than harm, then you will automatically make the right choices.  If you fill it with crap, you will eat crap, no matter how much willpower you have. The first step to detoxify your kitchen, then, is not to load it with junk and clear out whatever junk currently is stocking your cupboards. If its not there you won't eat it. It's that simple. If you have to get in your car and drive five miles you probably will skip that donut, cookie or ice cream. You are removing ways that you will unconsciously sabotage yourself. I've created a four-step process to effectively detoxify your kitchen and restock it with healthy foods. Step 1: Set aside an hour to purge your kitchen Schedule it into your planner if you need to. This requires some detective work. Read food labels for added sugar and other junk ingredients t...
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(Author's note: this article was originallypublished on LinkedIn on June 30, 2020)In these days of the globally devastating COVID-19 pandemic and the powerfully burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement, two crucial moments in human history are coalescing on the world stage in a striking overlapping pattern that seems unprecedented in scope.Racial disparities and the pandemic are hardly mutually exclusive, and the coexisting pandemic of police brutality against communities of color is not at all separate from the socioeconomic inequalities that are, to a large extent, exacerbated and informed by the egregious systemic targeti...
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  What is the link between addiction and mental illness? Is addiction a choice? In today’s Not Crazy podcast, Gabe and Lisa discuss whether addiction should be classified as a disease and whether or not it should require medical treatment. Gabe also shares his personal story of addiction and how it tied in with his bipolar disorder. What’s your take? Tune in for an in-depth discussion which covers every angle of this often controversial topic. (Transcript Available Below) Please Subscribe to Our Show: And We Love Written Reviews!  About The Not Crazy podcast Hosts Gabe Howard is an award-winning...
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CONCLUSION: Adrenal βarrestin1 upregulation is one of the mechanisms by which tobacco compounds, like nicotine, promote cardio-toxic hyperaldosteronism in vitro and in vivo. Thus, adrenal βarrestin1 represents a novel therapeutic target for tobacco-related heart disease prevention or mitigation. PMID: 32547713 [PubMed]
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Research into cancer, heart disease, HIV, MS, Alzheimer ’s, gene therapy, opioid addiction, epilepsy, blindness — all abruptly stopped in mid-March.
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We often think of self-development as a pursuit that builds positive capabilities such as courage, ambition, or a success mindset. And of course it can generate many positive results if we truly invest in it, such as loving relationships, a meaningful and lucrative career, and a rewarding lifestyle. But we can easily overlook just how beautifully self-development protects us from major problems in life, including serious but common problems that drag many people down for years, if not decades. Preventing Self-Destruction I originally got into self-development as a path away from self-destructive behavior when I wa...
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Abstract Electronic cigarettes are essentially electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS). Use of ENDS has increased sharply in the United States in recent years, particularly among youth. We reviewed the literature on ENDS use, based on a PubMed search, with a focus on effects that could influence anesthetic and surgical outcomes. We also included a meta-analysis of articles published between 2016 and 2018 reporting injuries from exploding ENDS. These devices deliver nicotine, which is addictive and a cardiac stimulant. The nicotine in ENDS has been linked to increased risk of heart disease and myocardial infarc...
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You're reading 11 Soothing Habits to Chill Out Your Kids, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Kids are whirlwinds of energy, but even little ones need downtime. Plus, children aren't immune to anxiety disorders. Today's driven lifestyles with schedules chock-full of structured activities can leave tiny minds frazzled.  How can you help your child to relax? It's critical to teach them to self-soothe so that they develop healthy coping mechanisms as adults. As a parent, failing to teach your kids health...
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If you were to sum up the overall health of a nation in one single number, what would that be? At the top of the list, you would likely find average life expectancy — the total number of years, on average, that a person in a country can expect to live. Wars, famine, and economic crises are expected to lower life expectancy. Breakthroughs in science, strong economies, and behaviors like eating a healthy diet, exercising, and avoiding tobacco typically raise average life expectancy. An amazing rise, a surprising fall Between 1959 and 2014, the United States experienced an unprecedented increase in life expectancy, whic...
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Sleep is very important for our physical and mental health. Sleep disturbances increase risk of substance use disorders as well as risk of onset and worsening of medical and other primary psychiatric problems like diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and depression [1,2]. Substance use disorders, particularly alcohol and opioids can cause or exacerbate sleep disturbances [3,4] leading to even greater problems with our health in addition to the consequences of substance use [1,2].
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