Healthiest Ways to Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul

“Once you learn the art of relaxation, everything happens spontaneously and effortlessly.” – Amma During hectic times, it’s tough to remember that relaxation is more than a luxury. In fact, humans need to relax to maintain balance in their lives. Work stress, family strife, and mounting responsibilities can exact a tremendous toll. Relaxing should be at the top of the list as a healthy coping measure and as a rewarding self-gift. Why do we so often neglect this healing self-care? Do you know the healthiest ways to relax your mind, body and soul? Perhaps the biggest obstacle to relaxing is that some of us have a difficult time slowing the treadmill we put ourselves on daily. Even getting off it temporarily may be problematic. After all, we tell ourselves, there’s just so much to do and so little time to get it all done. No wonder we’re frazzled, anxious, fearful, worried and vulnerable, sometimes at the same time. Getting started on relaxation techniques begins with the realization and acceptance that this is something healthy, worthwhile, and life-affirming. Instead of relaxation stealing time from responsibilities, when you relax, you’re making yourself better able to deal with what needs to be done after you’ve caught your breath. Besides, sticking to a breakneck pace will eventually result in a breakdown, illness, psychological distress, exhaustion, and a lowered quality of life. That’s never good, so putting some spac...
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This study examined whether age plays a role in the relationship between religiosity and adolescent major depressive episodes (MDEs). The 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health data was examined. Odds ratios were computed to determine if the association between religiosity and MDE differed based on age of adolescent among 12 –13-year-olds, 14–15-year-olds, and 16–17-year-olds. Results indicated that 9.7% of adolescents reported having an MDE within the past year. Past-year MDE did not differ based on religious attendance for any of the three age groups. However, 12–13- and 14–15-year-olds...
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This study contributes to the knowledge of, and possible reflections upon, the impact of physicians ’ personal beliefs and values on their attitudes toward important decisions in their patients’ lives.
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AbstractSpirituality is an important factor that may mediate the detrimental impacts of hemodialysis on mental health. Lack of research examining spirituality and mental health in the Arab world in general and Jordan in particular encouraged this research. The study examined levels of spirituality, depression and anxiety and explored the association between them among patients receiving hemodialysis treatment in Jordan. A cross-sectional design was used to recruit 202 patients receiving hemodialysis treatment. Self-administered questionnaires including spiritual well-being scale, depression and anxiety and a demographic da...
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This study focused on examining the effects of personality traits in moderating relationship between religiosity and mental health of university students. It was conducted on a sample of (N = 372) university students aged between 20 and 26 years equated to gender: 186 male and 186 female students at Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan. The religiosity, mental health and personality traits were measured by using the scale of Religiosity of Islam, Inventory of Mental Health and Bi g Five Inventory, respectively. The correlation analyses showed the significant relationship of religiosity with behavioral co...
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Publication date: September 2020Source: Biotechnology Reports, Volume 27Author(s): Parastoo Mojtahed Zadeh-Ardabilia, Sima Kianpour Rad
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Publication date: 2020Source: Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, Volume 18Author(s): Zhilan Zhang, Lin Li, Mengyuan Li, Xiaosheng Wang
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Cancer-fighting Kronos and Spruce, targeting a serious hormonal condition, have a common investor in Omega Funds.
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Publication date: Available online 18 September 2020Source: Physiology &BehaviorAuthor(s): V. Chubar, P. Luyten, L. Goossens, B. Bekaert, D. Bleys, B. Soenens, S. Claes
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ConclusionThe spinal and supraspinal reflex excitability of older adults increased during local knee-heating application. The improved motor drive transmission observed in older adults was accompanied by increased voluntarily induced torque production of the ankle muscles during isometric/isokinetic contractions.
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Publication date: Available online 18 September 2020Source: Microvascular ResearchAuthor(s): Cheng Yu, Shuo Chen, Xinquan Wang, Gengze Wu, Ye Zhang, Chunjiang Fu, Cuimei Hu, Zhengbi Liu, Xiaoli Luo, Jialiang Wang, Lianglong Chen
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