The science that proves grief can damage your body as well as your mind
There's evidence linking grief with an increased risk of conditions from heart disease and cancer to memory problems, digestive issues and autoimmune diseases. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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‘We’ll look back and say that this was a bargain.’ Takeda reveals first data from its $4 billion autoimmune disease pill
In an intermediate-stage clinical study of 259 people with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, the highest dose of the daily pill completely cleared itchy and painful patches of skin in one-third of the patients after 12 weeks. “We’re offering the potential for a functional cure,” Andrew Plump,…#andrewplump #takeda #boston #nimbustherapeutics #neworleans #plump #crohns #nimbus #tyk2 #bristolmyerssquibb (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Peripheral vestibular system involvement in multiple sclerosis and associations with the disease severity - Ayd ın Cantürk, Mutlu B, Yilmaz O, Bayazıt YA.
INTRODUCTION: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that can affect balance, gait, and improve fall risk. The aim of this study was to investigate peripheral vestibular system involvement in MS and associations with the disease severity. ... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Strain elastography shows liver stiffness in long-COVID patients
Ultrasonic strain elastography shows higher liver stiffness measures in recovere...Read more on AuntMinnie.comRelated Reading: Initial results for SOLUS trial presented at ECR ECR: SMI with elastography shows promise, still lower than TI-RADS Elastography helps detect autoimmune thyroid diseases in children Ultrasound shows long-term liver injury in COVID-19 patients Elastography parameters help diagnosis liver disease (Source: Headlines)
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Gene That Shielded Some Against Black Death May Help, Harm People Today
Some people may have a gene that helps protect them from respiratory diseases like COVID, and helped their ancestors fight the plague. The same gene variation may be linked to an increased risk of autoimmune disease. (Source: WebMD Health)
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Genetic variation that protected against Black Death still helps protect against infection but increases autoimmune disease
The same genetics that helped some of our ancestors fight the plague is still likely to be at work in our bodies today, potentially providing some of the population with extra protection against respiratory diseases such as COVID-19, according to research led by scientists at University of Bristol. However, there is a trade-off, where this same variation is also linked to increased autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. (Source: University of Bristol news)
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Alpaca-derived antibodies could protect plants from disease
COVID-19 has tragically given many people a crash course in the importance of antibodies, pathogen-targeting proteins produced by the sophisticated immune systems of humans and other animals. Now, researchers from a U.K. plant research institute have found a way to endow plants with an antibody-based defense for a specific threat, potentially speeding the creation of crops resistant to any kind of emerging virus, bacterium, or fungus. “It’s a really creative and bold approach,” says Jeff Dangl, a plant immunologist at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Roger Innes, a plant geneticist at Indiana Univ...
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Four signs of rheumatoid arthritis not related to the joints - 'stop disease progression'
Arthritis isn't always the result of wear and tear over time; sometimes, the condition is an inflammatory autoimmune response. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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Opinion: New Diabetes Drug Signals Shift to Preventing Autoimmunity
A therapy for type 1 diabetes is the first to treat patients before symptoms appear, paving the way toward preventing this and other autoimmune diseases. (Source: The Scientist)
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Yale expands Cardio-Rheumatology Program
The program provides personalized cardiovascular risk assessment and treatment for patients with autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis. (Source: Yale Science and Health News)
Source: Yale Science and Health News - February 28, 2023 Category: Universities & Medical Training Source Type: news

New Jersey Doctor Admits Buying and Selling Oncology Medication for Profit
FDA OCI, Joel Lerner, Warren, New Jersey, podiatrist, operator, medical supply, purchasing, guilty, plea, buy, sell, oncology, medication, profit, cold-chain, biologic, infusion, medications, cancers, macular degeneration, autoimmune, diseases, false, misleading, statements, (Source: Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI) Press Releases)
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I Feel Like I ’m Burning Alive. It ’ s Hard for People to Believe Me
In 2018, I woke up on my birthday around 2 or 3 a.m. with a funny feeling in my left hand. It started as a slight itch on my thumb that quickly morphed into a different sensation—the feeling of the thumb beginning to swell, followed by the same feeling in my fingers and sections of my palm, until my hand was almost double its normal size. Later that morning, I visited an orthopedist I’d seen once or twice before for other reasons. He gave me a shot to prevent further swelling, and I went on my way. It was an unremarkable visit. Soon after, another strange thing happened: My hands began to feel like they were on...
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Evidence Found of Causal Link for Multisite Chronic Pain and MS, RA
WEDNESDAY, Feb. 22, 2023 -- Multisite chronic pain is causally associated with a higher risk for multiple sclerosis (MS) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but not with other autoimmune diseases (AIDs), according to a study published online Feb. 9 in... (Source: - Pharma News)
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Travere Therapeutics drug approved for rare kidney disease - STAT
SAN DIEGO — Travere Therapeutics, a biotech focused both on treating rare diseases and distancing itself from controversial founder Martin Shkreli, on Friday won accelerated approval for a drug that treats IgA nephropathy, a rare and deadly autoimmune disease that attacks the kidneys and can lead…#san #martinshkreli #iga #filspari #phase3 (Source: Reuters: Health)
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UCLA receives $20-million gift to establish center for study of microbial organisms
Andrea and Donald Goodman, and Renee and Meyer Luskin, donated the money for the UCLA Goodman-Luskin Microbiome Center to develop treatments for autoimmune diseases. (Source: Los Angeles Times - Science)
Source: Los Angeles Times - Science - February 16, 2023 Category: Science Authors: Christian Martinez Source Type: news