Claim high-fat diets can prevent diabetes 'unproven'

Conclusions This small trial aimed to see whether there is a difference between strictly controlled low-GI diets that contain the same amount of energy, but are either predominantly fat or carbohydrate based. Overall, researchers found the diets caused both weight and fat reduction, with little difference between the two – with the exception of minor differences in certain blood sugar and cholesterol markers, the significance of which is difficult to interpret. These could just be down to chance. The researchers were careful to control the diets and other lifestyle aspects to try to ensure any observed effects were only coming from the diets. However, the trial had a couple of important limitations. For one, it was very small to start with, even before losing an extra eight to follow-up. As the researchers acknowledged, the study may not have had sufficient numbers to reliably detect differences in outcomes between the groups. The groups also included a specific group of overweight to obese men, so the effects in these people may not be comparable with other populations. Most importantly, short-term measures of weight, blood sugar and body fat at three months tell you nothing about the possible longer-term effects. This means you can't conclude anything about a person's risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease in the longer term. Little can be concluded from this relatively brief, small study. It certainly doesn't change our current understanding about diet...
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This study compared the effects of different dietary energy contents (11.3, 12.0 and 12.7 MJ ME/ kg feed) fed ad libitum in a feedlot on the carcass quality characteristics (carcass yield, commercial yield, 3-rib cut) of goats introduced to feedlot at 22.2 ± 3.5 kg (18 weeks of age), and slaughtered at five week intervals. The energy content of the finisher diets had no effect (P > 0.05) on any of the traits measured. However, the time spent in the feedlot influenced (P 
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CONCLUSION: MRI in combination with the presented workflow may be used in edentulous cases for guided implant surgery. Further studies are needed to prove the promising accuracy of this alternative approach in clinical trials. PMID: 30883626 [PubMed - in process]
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Authors: Chen Z, Li J, Wang HL, Yu H Abstract PURPOSE: The aim of this cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) study was to assess bone volume changes in molar sites after modified immediate implant placement with xenografts. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This prospective study was performed between June 2015 and September 2016. Surgical procedures included modified implant site preparation, atraumatic tooth extraction, implant placement, and bone grafting with deproteinized bovine bone mineral. CBCT scans were taken at the day of surgery and 6 months after surgery. Horizontal and vertical bone dimensional changes were e...
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This study investigated the effect of fracture strength and fracture mode characteristics related to reduced interocclusal space on computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM). ZrO2 fixed partial denture (FPD) frameworks subjected to quasi-static loads. MATERIALS AND METHODS: First, two dental implants (4 × 10 mm) were positioned simulating a three-unit FPD (second premolar and second molar abutments). The implants were distributed into two groups: control group (n = 10), positioned at the same level; and the test group (n = 10), where the interocclusal space corresponding to the second molar was...
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CONCLUSION: This study confirmed that implant fracture is an unlikely adverse event. A clear pattern of effective distribution greater than fatigue limit stresses could be noticed when the misfit was present. The dynamic load simulation demonstrated that the crack is more likely to occur when implants are fully supported by marginal bone compared with a bone loss scenario. Within the limitations of this study, it is speculated that marginal bone loss might follow the appearance of an undetected crack. Further research is needed to develop safe clinical protocols with regard to ILFPD. PMID: 30883615 [PubMed - in process]
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Publication date: Available online 18 March 2019Source: Sensors and Actuators A: PhysicalAuthor(s): Seung-Han Chung, Seung-Ki Lee, Chang-Hyeon Ji, Jae-Hyoung ParkAbstractWe herein present the design, fabrication, and wafer-level packaging of an electromagnetic biaxial scanning micromirror. The vacuum packaging of the micromirror was implemented by anodically bonding the glass cap wafer to both sides of the silicon substrate with the micromirror. The measured quality factor of the vacuum packaged micromirror is 1,923.2 for the horizontal scan, whereas that of the device in the air is 649.6. The maximum optical scan angle of...
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Publication date: Available online 19 March 2019Source: Biosensors and BioelectronicsAuthor(s): Neda Bagheri, Stefano Cinti, Veronica Caratelli, Renato Massoud, Mohammad Saraji, Danila Moscone, Fabiana ArduiniAbstractIn the last decades, there is a growing search for analytical strategies to ensure clinical analysis without the need of laboratory set-up and skilled personnel. Indeed, user-friendly and low-cost devices are highly valued in the era of sustainability for their capability to be applied in low-resource contexts, such as developing countries. To address this issue, herein we report a 96-well paper-based and labo...
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In conclusion, documentation is important, a critical part of advocacy and the development process at the larger scale. It isn't just words, but rather a vital structural flow of information from one part of the larger community to another, necessary to sustain progress in any complex field. We would all do well to remember this - and to see that building this documentation is an activity in which we can all pitch in to help. Evidence Suggests that, at Least in Earlier Stages, Alzheimer's Disease Blocks Rather than Destroys Memories
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Dear JJ: My doctor just diagnosed me with pre-diabetes. Type 2 diabetes runs in my family, but I will not accept it as my fate. You've written about sugar's detrimental impact, so how can I get this under control so it doesn't blow up into full-blown diabetes? Diabetes doesn't happen overnight or linearly, but when your metabolic machinery breaks, serious havoc ensues. The massive repercussions can become deadly. Every time you eat, you raise blood sugar, which triggers your pancreas to release a hormone called insulin. Every food raises blood sugar, but high-sugar impact foods do it big time. Your pancreas "secre...
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