Flu research may lead to universal vaccine

Conclusion This research has identified that CD8+ T-cells are linked with protection against different strains of influenza. They are also linked with reduced severity of flu. The authors note that current vaccines that use inactivated forms of the flu virus protect against specific strains, and do not induce a strong maintained T-cell response. They suggest that, in light of their findings, this may be the reason why they produce limited protection across different subtypes of influenza virus. They say that further testing is needed to see if the live vaccines being used are better at producing cross-subtype protection, and if they do this via CD8+ T-cells. The study does have some limitations, such as its relatively small size, and the fact that results may not apply to less healthy or older adults, who are most at risk from flu infection. However, these findings provide an important starting point for further investigation of these populations. Developing a universal flu vaccine has been a long-term goal of the flu vaccine industry, but it has been difficult to achieve because not enough has been understood about cross-strain immunity. The current findings suggest that vaccines that are capable of inducing a lasting CD8+ T-cell response could offer wider protection. Overall, this study provides useful insight into how a universal flu vaccine might work, and how to measure whether it might work. Analysis by Bazian. Edited by NHS Choices. Follow Behind the Headlines on Tw...
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CONCLUSIONS: YF acute severe cases show a generalised involvement of different organs (liver, spleen, heart, kidneys, intestines and pancreas), and different parameters were related to outcome. Factor V and lipase are independent variables associated with death, reinforcing the importance of hemorrhagic events due to fulminant liver failure and pointing to pancreatitis as a relevant event in the outcome of the disease. PMID: 31116245 [PubMed - in process]
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This study aimed to produce and fractionate IgY antibodies from the egg yolks of hens that were immunized with the total antigenic extracts of Strongyloides venezuelensis infectious filariform larvae (iL3) and parthenogenetic females (pF). IgY antibodies were then evaluated by their recognition of antigenic proteins, evolutive helminth forms, and serological diagnosis of human strongyloidiasis by the detection of immune complexes in serum samples. Egg yolks were fractionated to obtain IgY antibodies by thiophilic interaction chromatography. Immune complex detection in serum samples showed diagnostic values for anti-iL3 IgY...
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We report the case of a six-monthold male infant with a history of having received the BCG vaccine at birth, and presenting repeated infectious, soft violet nodules in the trunk and extremities with the presence of acid-alcohol-resistant bacilli (BAAR) in histopathology and skin culture; the molecular study reported the presence of Mycobacterium bovis BCG. In the tomography, interstitial opacities were observed in the lungs and in the gastric lavage BAAR was identified. The genetic study of the patient and the mother revealed the presence of a mutation in the IL2RG gene confirming the diagnosis of severe combined immunodef...
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This study was conducted to assess genetic diversity of Tp1 and Tp2 genes from T. parva isolates that are recognized by CD8 + T-cells in cattle and buffalo. The Tp1 and Tp2 genes are currently under evaluation as candidates for inclusion in a subunit vaccine. A total of 130 blood samples collected from cattle which do not interact with buffalo (98), cattle co-grazing with buffalo (19) and buffalo (13) in Mara, Mbeya, Morogoro, Tanga, and Coast regions in Tanzania were used in this study. Genomic DNA was extracted from the blood samples, Tp1 and Tp2 genes were amplified using nested PCR and the PCR products we...
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