Your Body ’s First Responders

B vitamins aren’t glamourous… With the exception of vitamin B12, you may not be familiar with what the other B vitamins do. That can be a problem. B vitamins are critical nutrients for your immune system. And you may think you’re getting enough when you’re not. If you read ingredient labels, you often see B vitamins listed. The packaging may even say, “fortified with B vitamins.” But these are not really vitamins at all. They are “chemical copies” that have no real nutritional value. Today, I’ll show you how B vitamins help you beat infections and how to get the best sources. And I’ll share my own recommendations for dosing. Your Body’s “First Responders” When your body identifies a pathogen like a virus, B vitamins jump into action and stimulate your first immune response. They start by boosting the production and activity of your “natural killer” cells. Natural killer cells are your body’s own “hit squad.” At the first sign of infection, these white blood cells flood your bloodstream. They seek out and target infected cells like a heat-seeking missile. And here’s a B vitamin you probably never give a second thought… Thiamine, or vitamin B1 is a superhero at responding to respiratory diseases. Sepsis is a life-threatening condition caused by your body’s response to infection. And it’s a primary risk factor behind COVID-19 deaths. In...
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