Why Does My Nose Run - And Other Common Allergy Questions

Allergies got you down? Wondering how to get relief? Namrata Shidhaye, MD, a family physician at Duke Primary Care Waverly Place, helps sort out the causes and cures for your annoying runny nose. The older I get, the more my nose runs. Can you develop seasonal allergies as an adult that you didn’t have as a child?
Yes, adults can develop environmental allergies at any age. Asthma can develop during adulthood as well. A runny nose isn’t always a sign of allergies, though. Older individuals may experience runny nose due to age-related physical changes—some people, as they age, develop overactive tear ducts and nasal secretions (it’s called cholinergic hyperactivity). Also, some medications taken for other conditions such as high blood pressure, prostate enlargement, or erectile dysfunction can cause a runny nose as a side effect. How do I know when it’s just a cold? When should I consider seeing an allergy specialist?
A common cold is usually associated with a variety of symptoms in addition to a runny nose: cough, body aches, fatigue, and occasional yellow nasal discharge. All of these symptoms usually resolve in one to two weeks. Allergies occur immediately after contact with the allergens that provoke them. They’re associated with clear discharge from the nose, nasal congestion, and itchy eyes, and the symptoms persist as long as contact with the allergens continues. Body aches are unlikely, but fatigue may occasionally occur with alle...
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ConclusionIn this series, 4% was the cutoff point for the number of eosinophils in the nasal lavage, for atopy differentiation. Upper airway remodeling accessed by basement membrane thickness showed similar inflammatory cell infiltrate in the nasal lavage, regardless of the presence of atopy.ResumoIntroduçãoA extensão da lesão epitelial na rinite alérgica e não alérgica e sua associação com alterações inflamatórias no lavado nasal, ainda não estão esclarecidas.ObjetivoVerificar a relação entre o processo inflamat...
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Publication date: April 2019Source: Biomedicine &Pharmacotherapy, Volume 112Author(s): Lei Chen, Guang-rui Shi, Dan-dan Huang, Yang Li, Chen-chao Ma, Min Shi, Bin-xiao Su, Guang-jiang ShiAbstractSexual dysfunction (SD) is a disorder of sexual behavior and sexual sensation that appears as an abnormality or absence of sexual psychology and physiological reaction. It is a general term for many different symptoms includes several aspects, erectile dysfunction (ED), failure of sexual intercourse and loss of libido/desire. According to statistics, 52% of 40˜70 year old men suffer from varying degrees of SD. And ...
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ConclusionsA high prevalence of drugs of abuse was identified in a cohort of victims of violent death. Objective drug trends observed were consistent with national self-reported rehabilitation centre data and research on self-reported drug user. This study was limited by the sampling strategy, including challenges associated with obtaining consent and the rapid turnover of violent fatalities. Despite this – and to the authors’ knowledge – this study provided the first prospective post-mortem toxicological investigation into violent death in South Africa. Contextually, it highlights the need for routine an...
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Studying obese children under the age of six, researchers at the University of Kansas found some did not have the typical spike in systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.
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Epicutaneous immunotherapy for peanut allergy resulted in significantly more responses than placebo, but failed to meet a primary trial endpoint; the clinical meaning of the findings is unclear.Medscape Medical News
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Studying obese children under the age of six, researchers at the University of Kansas found some did not have the typical spike in systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.
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