How to Use and Take Care of Your Humidifier
For those of us whose skin in the winter gets as scaly as a lizard’s, home humidifiers might sound essential. But humidifiers are more complicated to use and care for than some other household appliances—and doing so incorrectly can be worse for your health than not having one at all. Here’s what to know before diving in.  The benefits of humid air [time-brightcove not-tgx=”true”] Humidifiers do their best work on the parts of the body you use to breathe. When the air gets colder, the humidity in the environment goes down. Each breath of dry air sucks moisture from your airways...
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Man Tries To Stop Sneeze, Tears Hole In Throat
A case report recently published in BMJ Case Reports described what happened after a man in his 30s pinched his nose and closed his mouth trying to stifle a sneeze. (Source: Healthcare News)
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My drag persona gave me a way to exist in the world – and a route back to the family I’d lost
For years, Ginger Johnson imagined life as a tragedy playing out – until she decided to reframe it as a comedyThere was a hula-hooper, a juggler, a mime and a comic on our 2015 Christmas cabaret tour, and a striptease, too. Mine was known as the “hotdog act”. Each night, in full drag, I’d totter on to a stage in a room full of total strangers with a jar of 10-inch hotdogs, and shove them up my nose, down my throat, into the air, to music. I was apeing the burlesque style, turning what could seem sensual into something totally grotesqu e. You’ll struggle to believe me, but during this period of my life I took myse...
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Will a year of industrial accidents change the landscape of East Bay ’s ‘refinery row’?
On Friday morning, Contra Costa County Public Health warned residents about a new flaring incident at the Martinez Refinery. The agency said that unidentified chemical odors in the air could be related to the event and that “eye, skin, nose or throat irritation may be possible for some people in…#martinezrefinery #chevron #richmond #eastbay #refineries #bayareas #marathonpetroleums #martinez #martinezrefiningco #pbfenergy (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Doctors' warning after man tears hole in throat trying to stop sneeze
The patient was taken to hospital in severe pain after he pinched his nose and closed his mouth. (Source: BBC News | Health | UK Edition)
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CT-guided procedure shows promise for restoring smell after long COVID
A CT-guided, minimally invasive procedure called a stellate ganglion block shows promise for restoring the sense of smell in patients with long COVID, according to research to be presented at the upcoming RSNA meeting.Parosmia, or impaired sense of smell, is a known symptom of COVID-19, and research has shown that up to 60% of patients with the disease are affected by parosmia. Most recover their sense of smell over time, but some continue to experience parosmia months or years after the initial infection, the team noted."Post-COVID parosmia is common and increasingly recognized," said study lead author, Adam Zoga, MD, of ...
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Best Projects 2023: Burlington Medical Office Park, Health Care
Located a half mile from a rock quarry, the site required blasting of significant veins of blue granite to be able to install the required infrastructure. The project also incorporated many different acoustics enhancements given the needs of practices on site, including ear, nose and throat practitioners. (Source: Health Care:Pharmaceuticals headlines)
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So, you have a cold. What are the best ways to find relief?
It's cold and flu season in Canada, and doctors are sharing their best tips on how to treat symptoms like a runny nose and sore throat. (Source: CBC | Health)
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What Causes Dysphagia?
Discussion Swallowing is a complex process with 4 phases: Preparatory – food is moistened with saliva, chewed and prepared into a bolus by teeth, tongue and hard palate. Oral – food bolus is moved into oropharynx by tongue and triggers the swallow reflex. Soft palate elevates to prevent nasopharyngeal reflux. Pharyngeal – food bolus is moved through the oropharynx and hypopharynx to the esophagus. Respiration stops briefly with vocal fold adduction and larynx elevation to prevent aspiration. Esophageal – the cricopharyngeaul muscle relaxes which allows the food bolus into the esophagus where it is ...
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Can you get COVID-19 and the flu at the same time? A Mayo Clinic expert weighs in
Influenza, COVID-19, the common cold and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are among the respiratory viruses that will be circulating this fall and winter seasons. These highly contagious viruses cause similar symptoms, making it difficult to differentiate between them. Those symptoms include: Fever Cough Sore throat Runny nose Body aches Matthew Binnicker, Ph.D., director of the Clinical Virology Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, says it is possible for people to contract more than one virus at the… (Source: News from Mayo Clinic)
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Did Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Really 'Break His Larynx'?
(MedPage Today) -- The headline: "Aerosmith Postpones Farewell Tour After Steven Tyler Fractures Larynx." Me (a physician who seriously considered going into ear, nose, and throat medicine): Wait, is fracturing your larynx/voice box even a thing... (Source: MedPage Today Surgery)
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Respiratory Infections, Asthma Rise Before Type 2 Diabetes Respiratory Infections, Asthma Rise Before Type 2 Diabetes
A consistent increase in respiratory tract infections; ear, nose, and throat infections; and asthma in the 5-10 years prior to type 2 diabetes suggest early-phase inflammation before diagnosis.Medscape Medical News (Source: Medscape Diabetes Headlines)
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Is It Flu, COVID-19, or RSV? How to Navigate the New World of At-Home Testing
Before COVID-19, figuring out whether a sore throat, fever, and runny nose were caused by a cold, flu, or strep wasn’t a top priority. You either powered through, knowing you’d be miserable for a few days but would probably feel better soon or you visited the doctor’s office, urgent care, or emergency room where you might get a test to figure out which virus or bacteria was behind your misery, and maybe a prescription to treat it. But even doctors often don’t order tests, preferring instead to make diagnoses based on symptoms. [time-brightcove not-tgx=”true”] During the pandemic, how...
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60% Of Sun Screens Would Fail Federal Safety Tests!
Here in South Florida, spring break is in full swing. Temperatures are in the mid-to-high-80s, and tourists are flocking to our beautiful, sunny beaches. Of course, that also means it’s prime time for sunscreen companies to kick up their marketing efforts in an attempt to whip up more fear over the sun. They want to scare you into thinking that each time the sun strikes your unprotected skin, you risk malignant melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’ve been vocal about Big Retail’s money grab and how they put out misinformation because they profit each time you slat...
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