Three-quarters of people with flu have no symptoms

ConclusionThis large, community-based study found that most people with influenza in England don’t have symptoms, and even if they do, only a small proportion go to a doctor.Approximately 20% of people had an increase in antibodies against influenza in their blood after an influenza “season”. However, about three-quarters of infections were symptom-free, or so mild they weren't identified through weekly questioning about whether participants had a cough, cold, sore throat, or a “flu-like illness”.People who reported being ill were asked to take a nasal swab to test for the influenza virus. Among those with illnesses and with confirmed influenza, only 17% went to see their doctor; among those that did, influenza or influenza-like illnesses were rarely recorded in medical notes. This information is important, as it indicates that current surveillance systems that rely on people visiting their doctor underestimate the extent of infection and illness in the community. This, somewhat counterintuitively, can lead to overestimates of the severity of the disease (only people with the most severe symptoms are identified as being infected).There is also the worry that people unaware they are infected may pass it on to people more vulnerable to infection, such as those with weakened immune systems. Find out if you are in a "vulnerable group". If you are, get the annual flu jab.Analysis by Bazian. Edited by NHS Choices.  Follow Behind the...
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In this study, we generated VLPs containing hemagglutinin (HA), neuraminidase (NA) or M1 proteins derived from the A/California/04/09. Mice were immunized intramuscularly with HA-M1, NA-M1 or M1 VLPs and protective immunity was evaluated by assessing lung virus loads against low (5LD50) or high (100LD50) lethal dose of homologous virus challenges. High levels of virus-specific serum IgG antibody responses were induced in mice after HA-M1 VLPs immunization, whereas low or no IgG antibody responses were detected from immunization with NA-M1 VLPs or M1 VLPs, independently. Mice that were immunized with HA-M1 VLPs showed below...
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ConclusionPresence of the fosA3 gene on the same common plasmid as blaCTX-M-8 will have to be monitored. This draft genome provides data that will help in tracing the dissemination of this gene and the evolution of its plasmidic support.
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ConclusionsThe current study indicates that a history of OSAS/CSAS, myocardial infarction and BMI > 30 might be related to ICU admission in influenza patients. Second, ICU patients develop more pulmonary co-infections. Last, (pre-existent) renal failure and diabetes mellitus are more often observed in non-survivors.
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Publication date: Available online 16 November 2018Source: Veterinary MicrobiologyAuthor(s): Xiaohong Xu, Cong Xue, Renfu Yin, Xinxin Liu, Junjiao Li, Yidong Fei, Zhe Liu, Jiaqi Mu, Yuhai Bi, Tobias Stoeger, Jing Qian, Zhuang DingAbstractNewcastle disease virus (NDV) and H9 subtype avian influenza virus (AIV) are two avian pathogens across the globe. Inasmuch as most poultry flocks worldwide are vaccinated with a live low-virulence or attenuated NDV vaccine, we embarked on the development of vaccine prototypes that would have dual specificities and would allow a single immunization against both avian influenza (AI) and New...
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Publication date: Available online 16 November 2018Source: Veterinary MicrobiologyAuthor(s): Juanhua Liu, Xiaohui Mu, Xiaobo Wang, Haixia Huan, Qingqing Gao, Juan Chen, Peizhuang Qiao, Luyao Jiang, Song Gao, Xiufan LiuAbstractThe lambda red recombination system makes it suitable for screening virulence gene utility in avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) on account of its wide applicability, simplicity and high efficiency. In APEC E058 (O2 serogroup), there are two copies of the outer membrane protease (ompT) gene, compT encoding cOmpT that is located on the chromosome and pompT encoding pOmpT that is located on a ColV...
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CONCLUSION: We found that the supine position is more advantageous for the strong breathing and larger lung capacity in patients with high cervical SCI. The positive correlation between PCF and MIP in the patients with high cervical SCI was also confirmed. These results may be used to establish a pulmonary rehabilitation strategy for patients with high cervical SCI. PMID: 30431744 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Publication date: Available online 16 November 2018Source: BiologicalsAuthor(s): Ismaila Shittu, Adeyinka J. Adedeji, Pam D. Luka, Olayinka O. Asala, Nancy M. Sati, Ijeoma O. Nwagbo, Chinonyerem N. Chinyere, Oluwadamilola O. Arowolo, Jolly A. Adole, Paulinus Emennaa, Paul A. Abdu, Tony M. JoannisAbstractGlobally, vaccines are used to prevent and control the menace of infectious diseases in livestock with some reported to be inadvertently contaminated with extraneous agents (EAs). With the aim of screening and characterizing for some selected EAs, 44 live viral poultry vaccines were randomly selected based on availability. ...
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Camphor is a toxic compound easily available over the counter, which can cause fatal seizures in children when ingested. It is available in several forms and is commonly used in Indian households, especially for religious rituals and for its cough-suppress...
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ConclusionEpitheloid hemangioendothelioma could involve different parts of the heart and the lung. The diagnosis necessitates performing a biopsy. Surgical excision is recommended.
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Avian ocular disease may be primary or a manifestation of systemic disease. Various infectious and noninfectious diseases have been reported to cause ocular pathology. Thorough physical examination and diagnostic testing are necessary to determine a treatment plan.
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