Fight Aging! Newsletter, June 27th 2022
In conclusion, this study confirms that innate immune training can be induced in aging healthy individuals as well as critically ill sepsis patients. We found that innate immune training can be induced regardless of age and there was no substantive difference in the immune trained phenotype as a function of age. We employed β-glucan as our immune training stimulus. The ability of glucan to induce the trained phenotype suggests that it may be possible to pharmacologically induce the immune trained phenotype in aging human immunocytes. Sitting Time Correlates with Mortality Risk
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Assessing the Causes of Aortic Stiffening in Aged Mice
Aortic stiffness occurs with age, and produces raised blood pressure, hypertension, by sabotaging the usual feedback mechanisms that control blood pressure. Hypertension in turn results in structural damage to delicate tissues throughout the body, as well as producing further biochemical changes that encourage ventricular hypertrophy, among other forms of dysfunction. It causes enough harm that control of blood pressure can meaningfully reduce mortality even without addressing underlying causes of degenerative aging. Why do arteries stiffen with age? As today's open access paper discusses, this is in part a complex ...
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Nocturnal hypertension : Something Important is being cooked in the hypertensive world !
Some physics: Why is blood under pressure?  In perfect vascular climatic conditions, the human circulatory system is comparable to a smooth flowing river irrigating 100 trillion cells, traversing many kilometers of the capillary network, to the far away tissue bed. One major difference in the river analogy is, that in human biology, the entire blood has to return back to the heart in about 30 seconds. (The fact that the venous system does this in style with near-zero pressure head is the greatest wonder in circulatory physiology) The force per unit area, that drives the blood is the blood pressure. It is expressed...
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Perfusion Machine Restores Donor Liver for Transplant
Clinical researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland have created a perfusion machine to store donor livers before transplant. We originally reported on the machine back in 2020, but now the team has announced that they stored and treated a damaged liver in the machine, which would ordinarily not be suitable for transplantation. After three days of treatment the liver was healthy enough to be implanted, and was successfully placed into a patent, who is still doing well one year later. The technique could expand the potential pool of available donor livers, as it may be possible to “refurbish” less healthy li...
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Is there Intracellular edema in congestive heart failure ?
I am unable to answer this question confidently even after spending 25 years in the specialty of cardiology. I thought, the answer was yes. Reality is definitely different. Such is the complexity in the biology of the fluid and circulatory systems. The heart’s function doesn’t seem to end with just pumping 6 liters of blood every minute, ultimately, it has to handle a huge load of water as well with delicate coordination with the kidney. (ANP,& RASS feedback). It is fascinating to note, that the heart transforms into a powerful endocrine organ as and when it is necessary. Read further, with a caution: (The...
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A man in his 40s who really needs you to understand his ECG
 Written by Pendell MeyersA man in his 40s presented for " left sided chest pain sudden onset yesterday when sneezing and coughing that is worsened with inspiration. " He also complained of associated SOB, dizziness, jaw pain, and back pain, which he described as " muscle spasms. " He has also had rhinorrhea and cough for 1 week. Also, left hand numbness today. He went to urgent care for evaluation. An ECG was performed there (unavailable) which reportedly was abnormal, so EMS was called to urgent care to take him to the ED.On EMS arrival, they noted the patient vomited then became unresponsive. He was reportedly...
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, March 14th 2022
This study tests the feasibility of chronically elevating skeletal muscle NAD+ in mice and investigates the putative effects on mitochondrial respiratory capacity, insulin sensitivity, and gene expression. The metabolic effects of NR and PT treatment were modest. We conclude that the chronic elevation of skeletal muscle NAD+ by the intravenous injection of NR is possible but does not affect muscle respiratory capacity or insulin sensitivity in either sedentary or physically active mice. Our data have implications for NAD+ precursor supplementation regimens. Muscle Strengthening Activities in Later Life Correlate ...
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Technological Capabilities to Accelerate the Growth of the Cryonics Industry
The cryonics industry, and cryopreservation as a technological capability, are important. Very important. The absence of a truly large scale cryonics industry means that more than a billion lives are lost permanently every two decades; intelligent, thinking, feeling minds vanishing into the abyss of non-existence in vast numbers. The world is that way, but it doesn't have to be. Given a better, more rational history of technological progress and patient advocacy, we could now be living in a world in which the funds presently spent on funerary arrangements and monuments would instead go towards the cryopreservation of the r...
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, March 7th 2022
This study estimates that prescreening with a 500 blood test could reduce by half both the cost and the time it takes to enroll patients in clinical trials that use PET scans. Screening with blood tests alone could be completed in less than six months and cut costs by tenfold or more, the study finds. Known as Precivity AD, the commercial version of the test is marketed by C2N Diagnostics. The current study shows that the blood test remains highly accurate, even when performed in different labs following different protocols, and in different cohorts across three continents. xCT Knockout Modestly Extends Life in M...
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CPEB1 in the Activation of Muscle Stem Cells
Muscle stem cells, or satellite cells, are one of the better studied stem cell populations in the body, particularly in the context of aging and loss of stem cell function. The balance of evidence to date indicates that these stem cells remain largely intact and capable in an old individual, but quiescent. Thus there may be comparatively simple ways to active these cells in order to improve maintenance of aged muscle tissue, given a better idea of the regulation of quiescence versus activity. Thus the existence of research programs akin to the one noted here, in which researchers are in search of ways to provoke aged muscl...
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, February 28th 2022
In conclusion, as BMI and waist circumference are related to elevations of immune markers in the IL-6 pathway, chronic inflammation might be an important mediator of the relationship between BMI and frailty. Fat Tissue Becomes Dysfunctional with Age as Mitochondria Falter Mitochondria are effectively power plants, hundreds of them working in every cell to produce chemical energy store molecules to power cellular processes. Mitochondrial function declines with age, unfortunately, for underlying r...
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Converting Donor Organs to a Universal Blood Type
The publicity materials here discuss an intriguing approach to reducing the issues of rejection associated with organ transplantation. Some of the underlying mechanisms relate to incompatible blood types. It is possible to perfuse an extracted organ with enzymes that convert the biochemistry associated with blood type to blood type O, which is compatible with other types. The result is an organ that can be transplanted with greater safety. Blood type is determined by the presence of antigens on the surface of red blood cells - type A blood has the A antigen, type B has the B antigen, type AB blood has both antigen...
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The Links Between Cognitive Impairment and Cardiovascular Disease
Cognitive impairment and cardiovascular disease can have a bidirectional relationship, but much of the attention tends to focus on how cardiovascular aging can cause dysfunction in brain tissue. Mechanisms involved include a declining supply of nutrients to the brain, the rupture of small blood vessels due to hypertension, leakage of the blood-brain barrier that provokes neuroinflammation, and so forth. In principle, cognitive impairment can aggravate the situation via reduced the level of exercise, degree to which medical care is utilized, and so forth, making cardiovascular aging worse, and so the cycle progresses. Picki...
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, January 17th 2022
In conclusion, fibroblasts in monolayers cultured with soluble pentosidine and tridimensional in vitro skin constructs exposed to the combination of AGEs and UVA promote an inflammatory state and an alteration of the dermal compartment in relation to an elastosis-like environment. (Source: Fight Aging!)
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Nanowarming of Vitrified Kidneys and Hearts
Long term low temperature storage of living tissue is an active area of research. Cryoprotectant perfusion allows tissues to vitrify on cooling, minimizing ice crystal formation and thus preserving the small scale structure that is vital to tissue function. The challenge of cooling to vitrification is largely the challenge of obtaining good perfusion of cryoprotectant throughout the tissue, something that is much less of an issue for an isolated organ or tissue sample than it is for an entire animal or human. The more significant challenges are those related to the goal of warming vitrified tissue while retaining full func...
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