Use of spherical nucleic acid nanoconjugates to accelerate closure of diabetic wounds

NIH Director's Wednesday Afternoon Lecture Series The Paller lab studies the role of gangliosides (sphingolipids), which regulate lipid raft-based signaling, in skin, particularly in diabetic wound healing and skin cancer. The lab uses DNA- and RNA-nanoconjugates as topical gene therapy to treat diabetic ulcers, psoriasis, skin cancer and other skin overgrowth disorders, and rare genetic skin problems. Dr. Paller is the PI of Northwestern's Skin Disease Research Center, which includes 3 Cores dedicated to providing service to researchers of skin biology. As a pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Paller specializes in genetic (esp. ichthyoses and EB) and immune-mediated inflammatory (esp. eczema, psoriasis and autoimmune disorders) in children and, as director of pediatric dermatology clinical research, has led >70 clinical trials; she is currently conducting research on eczema, psoriasis, ichthyoses, and epidermolysis bullosa.For more information go to http://wals.od.nih.govAir date: 4/15/2015 3:00:00 PM
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