French scientists alarmed by ‘disastrous’ cut to research budget
Scientists in France are reeling after the government announced it will cut €904 million from this year’s budget for research and higher education. The cut, announced last week, is part of a broader €10 billion savings package that the government says is necessary to limit the nation’s public deficit in the face of dwindling economic growth since the budget law was adopted in December 2023. But scientists say the research sector is bearing a disproportionate share of the pain. The move comes hot on the heels of recent social crises in France, including farmers protesting rising costs and regulatory...
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Florida behavioral health teaching hospitals backed
The Florida Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed a plan that would designate at least four behavioral health teaching hospitals, as lawmakers look to improve care for people with mental health and substance abuse issues. (Source: Health Care:Pharmaceuticals headlines)
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School chiefs struggle to craft AI policies
As artificial intelligence steamrolls ahead, the nation's K-12 school superintendents are largely flummoxed by how they should teach, use and set guidelines around AI — even though they know it's an imperative. Why it matters: The jobs of the future will have AI as a cornerstone, and colleges are…#k12 #aasa #keithkrueger #oregon #ohio #susanenfield #enfield #cosn #superintendents #glennrobbins (Source: Reuters: Health)
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How Nursing Home Leadership Strengthens the Workforce Pipeline Through the Teaching Nursing Home Collaborative
I have been privileged to have a 40-year career in and around long-term care and aging. While there have been challenges around quality, cost, and policy for all those years, recent years have seen unprecedented workforce challenges in recruitment, support, training, and retention. This has been keeping me — and I am sure you — up at night. Times like these call for new ideas, evolving roles, innovative partnerships, and strong leadership. (Source: Caring for the Ages)
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In Just 9 Words, Warren Buffett Paid Brilliant Tribute to the Late Charlie Munger. It ’s a Powerful Lesson in Leadership
In his latest letter to shareholders, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett describes his friend and business partner Charlie Munger's role perfectly--and teaches a major lesson in the process.#warrenbuffett #charliemunger (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Enhancing disaster management preparedness through simulation - Russin K, Mottel H.
Disaster management can be difficult to teach in the classroom, yet nurses must be prepared to respond to emergency situations and feel confident doing so. Educators developed a simulated learning activity-a mock disaster drill using live volunteers as pat... (Source: SafetyLit)
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What Sophie Ellis-Bextor ’s 200M TikTok Views Can Teach You About Success
Virality that’s 23 years in the making Continue reading on The Startup » (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Opinion: A call can come at any moment. It's teaching me the importance of 'one day at a time'
I am my parents' long-distance helper now. Like a character in a Lorrie Moore story, I have to live by bromides. (Source: L.A. Times - Health)
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Smartphones to be banned in Italian classrooms
Phones and tablets can lead to aggression against staff and create tensions in schools, Italy's education minister Giuseppe Valditara claimed. Smartphones and tablets will be banned in Italian classrooms - even for teaching purposes - under new guidelines in Italy. “The use of smartphones and…#giuseppevalditara #italian #unesco (Source: Reuters: Health)
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A deadly viral illness is exploding in West Africa. Researchers are scrambling to figure out why
Reporting for this story was supported by the Pulitzer Center. Irrua, Nigeria, and Kenema, Sierra Leone— Sitting on a bench outside the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (ISTH) in Edo state in southwestern Nigeria in September 2023, Muhammed Luqman Dagana recounted his ordeal earlier in the year with Lassa fever, a deadly hemorrhagic disease of West Africa. At first the 33-year-old wasn’t alarmed—his fever, headache, body aches, and cough were innocuous enough. A doctor at his local clinic gave him antibiotics for typhoid fever and antimalarial drugs. But his symptoms persisted, so he tried anoth...
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Dallas Morning News biz editor O ’Donnell departing to teach
Paul O’Donnell, the business editor of the Dallas Morning News, is leaving to teach journalism at a university in Texas. He has been business editor since September 2015. O’Donnell had been editor of the Dallas Business Journal from March 2014 to September 2015. Before that, O’Donnell was at the…#dallasmorningnews #morningnews #dallas #cleveland #plaindealers (Source: Reuters: Health)
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How Play Can Increase Resilience
Play is a microcosm of childhood, a protective shell like a butterfly’s chrysalis that safeguards children from the slings and arrows of life, one that allows them to grow. What happens, however, when, through no fault of your own, you are born into conditions—poverty, racism, and other adversities—that groom children for bad outcomes? Can play, if nurtured and supported in such adverse conditions, create resilience? Can increased opportunities for play encourage better-than-expected life outcomes, and possibly even provide a buffer against the odds of the cycle of poverty being perpetuated? [time-brightc...
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Bloomberg hires Karra as a senior reporter
He will work on the visuals team specializing in remote sensing and satellite imagery analysis. Karra is a data scientist focused on earth observation, satellite imagery and remote sensing. He’s also an adjunct professor at The Cooper Union and teach a graduate level class called “Fundamentals of…#cooperunion (Source: Reuters: Health)
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The " Dean of Valuation " Is Selling Nvidia Stock Hand Over Fist. Should You?
Aswath Damodaran deserves his nickname of the "Dean of Valuation." He teaches corporate finance and valuation at the Stern School of Business at New York University. Damodaran has written multiple papers and books on valuation, including The Little Book of Valuation targeted for a general…#aswathdamodaran #deanofvaluation #newyorkuniversity #nvidia #nvda #google #alphabet #amazon #apple #tesla (Source: Reuters: Health)
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One woolly mammoth's journey at the end of the Ice Age
Lately, paleoecologist Audrey Rowe has been a bit preoccupied with a girl named Elma. That's because Elma is ... a woolly mammoth. And 14,000 years ago, when Elma was alive, her habitat in interior Alaska was rapidly changing. The Ice Age was coming to a close and human hunters were starting early settlements. Which leads to an intriguing question: Who, or what, killed her? In the search for answers, Audrey traces Elma's life and journey through — get this — a single tusk. Today, she shares her insights on what the mammoth extinction from thousands of years ago can teach us about megafauna extinctions today with guest ...
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