Rates of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist use and aspiration events associated with anesthesia at a Canadian academic teaching centre
(Source: Canadian Journal of Anesthesia)
Source: Canadian Journal of Anesthesia - April 23, 2024 Category: Anesthesiology Source Type: research

Socioeconomic Burden of Pyogenic Liver Abscess Caused by Klebsiella Pneumoniae from a Teaching Hospital in East China
(Source: Infection and Drug Resistance)
Source: Infection and Drug Resistance - April 23, 2024 Category: Infectious Diseases Tags: Infection and Drug Resistance Source Type: research

Learning with AI Language Models: Guidelines for the Development and Scoring of Medical Questions for Higher Education
This article explores the use of AI language models in biomedical education, focusing on their application in both classroom teaching and learning assignments. Using the SOLO taxonomy as a framework, I discuss strategies for designing questions that challenge students to exercise critical thinking and problem-solving skills, even when assisted by AI models. Additionally, I propose a scoring rubric for evaluating student performance when collaborating with AI language models, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of their learning outcomes.AI language models offer a promising opportunity for enhancing student engagement and p...
Source: Journal of Medical Systems - April 23, 2024 Category: Information Technology Source Type: research

Beyond the textbook: the challenges of learning (and teaching) basic immunology in allergy-immunology training programs
For incoming allergy-immunology fellows, learning basic immunology is daunting due to the complexity of the topic and limited exposure during undergraduate medical education. Allergy-immunology exposure is also limited during primary residency training, especially for trainees from programs without an allergy-immunology training program.1 A lack of educational infrastructure for immunology in graduate medical education (GME) results in self-directed learning and inconsistent knowledge in spite of the broad framework provided by certification boards. (Source: Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology)
Source: Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - April 23, 2024 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Andrew White, Rebecca Saff, Rebecca Scherzer, Paneez Khoury Tags: Letters Source Type: research

Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) pediatric resident training course: a cross-sectional survey
ConclusionsThe results highlight the importance of including a POCUS track course in pediatric post-graduate programs due to its simplicity, rapid learning time, and clinical usefulness. Based on these findings, it would be recommended to increase the teaching hours dedicated to the recognition of pneumothorax and cardiology POCUS examination. Emphasizing POCUS training in pediatric education can enhance patient care and diagnostic accuracy while minimizing radiation exposure. (Source: Italian Journal of Pediatrics)
Source: Italian Journal of Pediatrics - April 23, 2024 Category: Pediatrics Source Type: research

Enhancing biostatistics education for medical students in Poland: factors influencing perception and educational recommendations
A number of recommendations for the teaching of biostatistics have been published to date, however, student opinion on them has not yet been studied. For this reason, the aim of the manuscript was to find out ... (Source: BMC Medical Education)
Source: BMC Medical Education - April 22, 2024 Category: Universities & Medical Training Authors: Michal Ordak Tags: Research Source Type: research

Unveilling genetic profiles and correlations of biofilm-associated genes, quorum sensing, and antibiotic resistance in Staphylococcus aureus isolated from a Malaysian Teaching Hospital
ConclusionsThe high prevalence of biofilm and slime production among MSSA and MRSA isolates correlates well with the detection of a high prevalence of biofilm-associated genes andagr quorum sensing system. A significant association ofagrI gene was found with cefoxitin, oxacillin, and fluoroquinolone resistance. A more focused approach targeting biofilm-associated and quorum sensing genes is important in developing new surveillance and treatment strategies againstS. aureus biofilm infection. (Source: European Journal of Medical Research)
Source: European Journal of Medical Research - April 22, 2024 Category: Research Source Type: research

Developing an Ex Vivo Pig Model for Teaching Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy-Guided Percutaneous Renal Access
Journal of Endourology, Ahead of Print. (Source: Journal of Endourology)
Source: Journal of Endourology - April 22, 2024 Category: Urology & Nephrology Authors: Katie Du Steve Tong Shubha De Source Type: research

Molecular investigation and genetic characterization of feline leukemia virus (FeLV) in cats referred to a veterinary teaching hospital in Northern Italy
In this study, a quantitative SYBR Green Real-Time PCR (qPCR) assay was used to detect FeLV proviral DNA in blood samples from antigen positive cats referred to a veterinary teaching hospital in Northern Italy in 2018 –2021. To genetically characterize the identified viruses, a portion of the viral envelope (env) gene was amplified using six different end-point PCRs and sequenced. Twenty-two of 26 (84.6%) cats included in the study tested positive by qPCR assay. This suggests a high performance of the qPCR adopted but further studies are required to investigate the cause of discordant results between the antigen test and...
Source: Veterinary Research Communications - April 22, 2024 Category: Veterinary Research Source Type: research

How volcanoes shaped our planet — and why we need to be ready for the next big eruption
Nature, Published online: 22 April 2024; doi:10.1038/d41586-024-01179-1The world should learn from past disasters and prepare for the effects of future, inevitable volcanic catastrophes, a wide-reaching book teaches us. (Source: Nature AOP)
Source: Nature AOP - April 22, 2024 Category: Research Authors: Heather Handley Source Type: research

IJERPH, Vol. 21, Pages 511: Promoting Teachers & rsquo; Social and Emotional Competence in Light of the Close Connection between Professional Role and Personal Characteristics: Preliminary Evidence of the Efficacy of the & ldquo;ME4YOU & rdquo; Training Program
IJERPH, Vol. 21, Pages 511: Promoting Teachers’ Social and Emotional Competence in Light of the Close Connection between Professional Role and Personal Characteristics: Preliminary Evidence of the Efficacy of the “ME4YOU” Training Program International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health doi: 10.3390/ijerph21040511 Authors: Enrica Ciucci Carolina Facci Daniela Carpenzano Matilde Sanesi MariaGiulia Taddei Lucrezia Tomberli Giovanna Tambasco Andrea Baroncelli Within the field of research on the promotion of teachers’ social and emotional compet...
Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health - April 21, 2024 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Enrica Ciucci Carolina Facci Daniela Carpenzano Matilde Sanesi MariaGiulia Taddei Lucrezia Tomberli Giovanna Tambasco Andrea Baroncelli Tags: Article Source Type: research

Teachers ’ Perceptions of the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Their Implementation of an Evidence-based HIV Prevention Program in the Bahamas
In this study, we assessed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the implementation of a HIV prevention intervention in The Bahamas. Data were collected from 139 Grade 6 teachers in 2021 –2022. Teachers attended virtual training and received implementation monitoring from coordinators. On average, teachers taught 26.4 (SD = 9.2) of the 35 core activities, and 7.4 (SD = 2.4) out of 9 sessions. More than half (58.3%) of teachers completed 28 or more core activities; 69.1% co vered eight or all nine sessions, which is equivalent to 80% of the HIV intervention curriculum. Almost half of the teachers (43%) reported t...
Source: AIDS and Behavior - April 20, 2024 Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: research

The contributions of transcription skills to paper-based and computer-based text composing in the early years
In this study, we examined the unique contributions of transcription skills (i.e., handwriting automaticity, keyboarding a utomaticity and spelling) in predicting Grade 2 students (N = 544) paper-based and computer-based writing performance (i.e., compositional quality and productivity) after controlling for other student-level factors (i.e., gender, word reading, reading comprehension, and attitudes towards writing ) and classroom-level factors (i.e., amount of time teaching handwriting, keyboarding, and spelling). Multilevel modelling showed that, compared to handwriting automaticity, spelling skills accounted for a ...
Source: Reading and Writing - April 20, 2024 Category: Child Development Source Type: research

Providing Proximal Rewards: Rethinking Reading Rewards and Motivation
AbstractResearch shows a general declining trend in reading motivation as students progress through their schooling experience. This qualitative study examines how adjusting practices of rewarding reading can improve reading motivation among students. Teachers are trained in the principles of motivation and introduced to the proximal reward theory (Gambrell, 1996). They are then challenged to come up with ideas for proximal rewards and implement them appropriately for their classrooms, replacing prior incentives of food and prizes. Qualitative data are collected through classroom observations, interviews, and teacher journ...
Source: Reading Teacher - April 19, 2024 Category: Child Development Authors: Lorilynn Brandt, Douglas S. Gardner, Sarah K. Clark Tags: Teaching and Learning in Action Source Type: research

It's Elementary —Applying Teach Like a Champion™ Teaching Techniques to Palliative Medicine Education
1. Define participation and think ratio and their role in teaching in the clinical and group medical education settings.2. Describe when to use and demonstrate the application of two teaching techniques – wait time and cold call—in the medical education setting to increase ratio through questioning. (Source: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management)
Source: Journal of Pain and Symptom Management - April 19, 2024 Category: Palliative Care Authors: Rene N. Claxton, Robert Arnold, Katie H. Stowers, Julie W. Childers, Stephanie Harman, Jane O. Schell, Amanda W. Brown Source Type: research