Morgan Stanley's James Gorman rates himself an A- CEO but says he doesn't want to be the boss anymore
None Outgoing Morgan Stanley boss James Gorman gave himself an A- grade as CEO of the investment bank. • None Gorman became Morgan Stanley's CEO in 2010 and grew the company. • None He said he's done being CEO after 14 years in the job and looks forward to more teaching. Outgoing Morgan Stanley…#jamesgorman #nonegorman #tedpick #gorman #waltdisney (Source: Reuters: Health)
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2023 reflections: Stepping boldly into the future
With the holidays around the corner, it ’s that time again — an opportunity to take stock of year filled with awe-inspiring achievements and more than a few surprises, and to celebrate the accomplishments of our entire Bruin community.“New” was certainly the watchword for 2023, which saw the opening of new vistas and venues for the arts, the introduction of new majors and academic programs, the establishment of a new campus facility formedical technology and training, the welcoming of new deans inmedicine,engineering andlaw, and the launch of the newUCLA Strategic Plan: 2023 –28, which charts a course for the uni...
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I'm a pro poker player and believe learning the game can help women like myself excel in a male-dominated workplace. Here's my advice
Abby Merk holds up her winnings after a poker game. AJ Rudolph/Courtesy of Abby Merk. Abby Merk, 23, learned to play poker three years ago. She's already gone pro. She now can earn more than $11,000 in a single game. She's an instructor at Poker Power, a company that teaches women workplace skills…#abbymerk #pokerpower #wakeforestuniversity #jennyjust (Source: Reuters: Health)
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‘The Iron Claw’ Stunt Coordinator on Zac Efron’s Training and Using ‘High School Musical’ Dance Experience to Teach Him Wrestling
Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White turned heads this year when fans noticed they packed on pounds of muscle for their A24 wrestling drama “The Iron Claw,” which is based on the lives of the Von Erich brothers. Efron, Allen and the rest of the cast put in serious work to look the part for the film —…#zacefron #jeremyallenwhite #a24 #ironclaw #vonerich #chavoguerrero #variety #seandurkin #netflix #guerrero (Source: Reuters: Health)
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The Rise of'News Avoiders,' and a Stand-Up Comedy Scandal
In the run up to the 2024 election, polls are frontpage news. On this week’s On the Media, a guide on which polls to pay attention to, and how to interpret them. Plus, hear about a growing segment of the population: news avoiders. What they can teach us, and what they're missing out on. And, a…#lennybruce #hasanminhaj #ruthigielnik #benjamintoff #davidfox (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Musings on MeSH
Around here, January is MeSH Month. It’s when NLM and NNLM staff highlight the new and updated MeSH terminology, offer training on how your PubMed searches may be affected by the MeSH updates, and answer your MeSH and indexing questions. Mark your calendar for our 2024 sessions – if you use PubMed, you won’t want to miss them!   NLM Webinar: 2024 MeSH Highlights January 10, 12-1pm CT Register NNLM Class: MeSH Changes and PubMed Searching January 25, 12-1:30pm CT Register   In preparation for these sessions, I found myself reflecting on the MeSH conversations I’ve had this year. Several librarians express...
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The Year ’ s Most Spectacular Photos from the James Webb Telescope
[time-brightcove not-tgx=”true”] It’s been both a punishing and triumphant two years for the James Webb Space Telescope. Launched on Christmas Day 2021, the $10 billion observatory spent its first 30 days traveling through the deep freeze of deep space until it reached its destination 1.6 million km (1 million mi.) from Earth. This region marks a spot where the gravity of the Earth and the sun neutralize each other, allowing the Webb telescope to hang stationary in space. Once in position, the telescope spent several more months bringing its hardware online and deploying a tennis-court-sized sunshiel...
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Robert Solow, Nobel-winning economist who studied tech, dies at 99
Dr. Solow, who spent most of his career teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, served on government panels and was a senior staff economist on President Kennedy’s Council of Economic Advisers in the early 1960s. He was a believer in the Keynesian theory of government intervention…#keynesian #miltonfriedman #nobel #russian #brooklyncollege #newyorkcity #harvarduniversity #bronzestarmedal #pacific #hiroshima (Source: Reuters: Health)
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I live off the grid in a tiny house and freed myself from capitalism. I don't have a cell phone or ID, and I don't pay taxes
Robin Greenfield stood outside the tiny house he built in Orlando, Florida. Sierra Ford Robin Greenfield, 37, is an author and activist teaching people how to live more sustainably. He doesn't have a cell phone, credit cards or any government IDs. Greenfield lived in several tiny houses – some…#robingreenfield #orlando #florida #sierraford #asheville #northcarolina #sarahtewphotography #sandiego #craigslist #greenfield (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Paywalls Are Slowing the Quest For a Cancer Cure
Despite significant strides in research and treatments–from liquid biopsy to vaccines, from precision medicine to CAR T-cell therapy–cancer remains the leading cause of death across the globe, taking some 10 million lives annually. And beyond just the devastating human toll, cancer’s economic burden on patients and their families exceeds $21 billion each year, a number estimated to reach $25 trillion between now and 2050.  Recognizing that there is still much to do if we hope to ever beat this insidious disease, the White House announced recently a $240 million investment in the reinvigorated C...
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The Language of Hospice Can Help Us Get Better at Discussing Death
Just because death is inevitable doesn’t make it easy or natural to talk about. In a new study, researchers wondered if hospice workers—experts in end-of-life care—had lessons to teach the rest of us when it came to speaking with patients and families about death. Daniel Menchik, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Arizona who studies the use of language in different fields of medicine, spent eight months sitting in on team meetings at a hospice care facility that were also open to patients’ families. His goal was to study how both groups talked to each other about the impend...
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Brief video training for suicide prevention in veterans: a randomized controlled trial of VA S.A.V.E - Teo AR, Hooker ER, Call AA, Dobscha SK, Gamble S, Cross WF, Rodgers C.
INTRODUCTION: VA S.A.V.E. (Signs; Ask; Validate; Encourage/Expedite) is a gatekeeper training developed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that teaches individuals to identify and assist veterans at risk for suicide. Although VA S.A.V.E. has been w... (Source: SafetyLit)
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There Is Something Wrong with the Economic Views of Theologians
Review of Kathryn Tanner: Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism An old professor told our class decades ago to believe nothing from the popular press about economics and only half of what the financial press writes. I would add that if a theologian tries to teach you economics, hide your…#christianity #kathryntanners #capitalism #yaledivinityschool #rosemarypcarbine #hildapkoster #kathryntanner #socialists #jep #fanniemae (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Physicist Bob Coecke: ‘It’s easier to convince kids than adults about quantum mechanics’
The Belgian physicist and industrial musician on replacing maths with pictures, why he ’s now working in industry – and why we all need to understand subatomic physicsBelgian physicist and musician ProfBob Coecke, 55, wants to teach quantum physics to a mass audience. The paradox-filled theory that describes the microscopic realm has become a staple of science fiction, from Marvel ’sAnt-Man to the multiple Oscar-winningEverything Everywhere Allat Once. It ’s famously bizarre and, in the UK, the subject is mostly reserved for undergraduates specialising in physics because it requires grappling with complicated maths...
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These are the 2 main takeaways for investors from a year where stocks popped and the economy dodged a recession, according to UBS
None Equities' surprise rally should teach investors two key lessons heading into 2024, according to UBS. • None Growth, inflation, and headline-grabbing datapoints will carry on driving returns next year, the Swiss bank said. That's UBS's main takeaway from 2023, where stocks defied Wall Street's…#ubs #nonegrowth #nasdaqcomposite #federalreserve (Source: Reuters: Health)
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