Covid lockdown dreams reflected our claustrophobia and lack of control
From the scary to the truly weird, our nights were full of apt visions in the early days of the pandemic, a study at University College London foundCoronavirus – latest updates•See all our coronavirus coverageTrapped inside a house, stuck inside a vehicle that wouldn ’t move, unable to complete seemingly simple tasks: this was the stuff that dreams were made on during lockdown, according to new research from University College London.Analysis of more than 850 dreams and nightmares submitted online to theLockdown Dreams Project between March 2020 and March 2021 shows people oftendreamed about having frustrating and re...
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Covid cases at an all-time high, free testing scrapped... so what will happen now?
Analysis: Scientists think we may be reaching a peak, but many cases will go undiagnosedCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAlmost 5 million people in the UK are now believed to have Covid-19, it was estimated last week – an all-time high figure for the disease which first struck the nation two years ago. Hospital admissions and deaths are also rising but not nearly so sharply, scientists added.This sharp jump in case numbers is being driven by the virus variant BA.2 which is even more transmissible than the original Omicron version that swept the UK at the beginning of the year.Continue reading...
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Russia to halt cooperation over International Space Station
Director of space agency Roscosmos says partnership will be restored only when ‘illegal sanctions’ are removedRussia-Ukraine war: latest updatesRussia says it will end cooperation with western countries over the International Space Station until sanctions are lifted.Russia ’s space director said on Saturday that the restoration of normal ties between partners at the ISS and other joint space projects would be possible only once western sanctions against Moscow were lifted.Continue reading... (Source: Guardian Unlimited Science)
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Are you anxious, introverted or just a ‘highly sensitive person’?
Kanye West and Lorde say they are HSPs. What ’s the science behind this newly popular label for understanding our ability to process feelings?Do you find yourself noticing faint sensations that no one else can perceive? Are you startled easily? And is your mood easily swayed by the feelings of the people around you? If so, you may be a highly sensitive person (HSP), a personality profilethat is of increasing interest to both scientists and armchair psychologists.As an HSP myself, the trait is most obvious in my embarrassing squeamishness; at the merest hint of violence or pain on TV, I will reflexively cover my eyes with...
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The Dunedin study at 50: landmark experiment tracked 1,000 people from birth
Study into health and behaviour, which began in New Zealand in 1972, marks its half century this week as its subjects prepare for old ageIn 1972, a researcher in a small city at the bottom of New Zealand set out to track the development of more than 1,000 newborn babies and their health and behaviour at age three, not realising then that over the next 50 years, the research would morph into one of the world ’s most important longitudinal studies.The study did not stop at three years, instead it gathered pace, following the lives of the participants from birth into adulthood, and creating a comprehensive body of data that...
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