“PictureWhat” ??? Super-Human Poison Ivy. What’s Going On?
By MIKE MAGEE Connecticut loves its’ trees. And no town in Connecticut loves its’ trees more than West Hartford, CT. The town borders include an elaborate interconnected reservoir system that does double duty as a focal point for a wide range of nature paths for walkers, runners and cyclists. While walking one path yesterday, I came a tree with the healthiest upward advancing vine I had ever seen. My “PictureThis” app took no time to identify the plant. To my surprise, it was Toxicodendron radicans, known commonly as Poison Ivy. The description didn’t pull punches. It read, “In pop culture, poison ivy ...
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Case of the Week 725
This week ' s interesting case is generously donated by Dr. Justin Juskewitch. Hopefully all of you have been able to avoid this so far this summer! The patient is a young girl who developed this very itchy rash about 30 minutes after a swim in a fresh water lake in Maine (Northeastern United States). The rash developed to what is shown below over a period of several hours. Her two siblings had a similar presentation. All three children had resolution of itching with benadryl, corticosteroid cream, and oatmeal body wash baths over the next few hours, but the rash lasted for 5-7 days.What is the most likely diagno...
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Answer to Case 725
 Answer toParasite Case of the Week 725: Swimmer ' s itchAs noted by Florida Fan, this is " typical swimmer ’s itch, also known by other names depending on the activity of the patient like ' clam digger ’s itch ' or ' duck itch ' . " (Also called Pelican itch in Australia) " All are caused by [zoonotic] cercariae in most freshwater bodies of water frequented by ducks and/or water birds. The cercariae penetrate the skin and cause a cercarial dermatitis. This summer is so hot even in the Northern most states that a quick plunge into the lake is certainly very appealing. We may expect to see more cases like this one....
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Ragweed allergy peaks during college football season
Not only is it kickoff time for college football season, but it’s also prime time for fall allergies. For the 50 million Americans who suffer from ragweed allergy, the late summer and early fall signal the onset of runny noses, sneezing, congestion, cough, itchy watery eyes, and in more severe cases, sinus infections and asthma Read more… Ragweed allergy peaks during college football season originally appeared in KevinMD.com. (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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Rapid Test for Mpox Virus Developed
Researchers at Penn State have engineered a rapid testing technology for mpox, previously known as monkeypox. The mpox virus, which is transmitted through close contact with an infected person and that spread around the world last year, left healthcare staff grappling with a new problem. As the disease can be transmitted before symptoms arise, diagnosis is important in helping to stop the spread. However, conventional diagnostic approaches, such as PCR, are time consuming and require access to expensive lab equipment and qualified technicians. This latest technology uses gold nanoparticles that can bind viral nucleic acid....
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Anaphylaxis, chest pain, and ST elevation in aVR
 Sent by anonymous, written by Pendell MeyersA man in his late 40s presented to the ED with concern for allergic reaction after accidentally eating a potential allergen, then developing an itchy full body rash and diarrhea. In the ED he received methylprednisolone, diphenhydramine, and epinephrine for possible anaphylaxis. Shortly after receiving epinephrine, the patient developed new leg cramps and chest pain. The chest pain was described as sharp and radiated to both arms.During active chest pain an ECG was recorded:Meyers ECG interpretation: Sinus tachycardia, normal QRS complex, STD in V2-V6, I, II, III and aVF. R...
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Neuroscience Trend Forecasters
As 2022 draws to a close, the SNL Trend Forecasters have agreed to divulge their predictions for the most — and the least— exciting research fads for the New Year.The Neurocritic: How do you guys predict today ' s most popular neuroscience trends? Trend Forecasters: Oh, well we have 4,000 computers, they ' re all big they all make charts and they beep LOUD.TN: Let ' s get started!In:posterior cingulate cortexHey Posterior Cingulate — we see you! You ' re fresh, you ' re mysterious, you ' re misunderstood. But we know you exist far beyond the default fashion mode. Thenew tripartite view proposes......that the bro...
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Give Kids a Healthy Itch
by KIM BELLARD Someday I’ll probably write about Neuralink, but these days I don’t feel like giving Elon Musk any extra publicity. I also had the notion to take OpenAI’s newly announced ChatGPT down a rabbit hole about U.S. healthcare, just to see where it would go, but Mr. Musk has his fingerprints on that organization too.  Then I saw something worth celebrating: Scratch has hit 100 million users worldwide.  What’s that? You’re not familiar with Scratch? Well, me neither, until last week. Now that I know a little about it, I kind of feel how I felt when I first discovered TikTok, found out about Roblo...
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Case of the Week 701
 This week ' s case goes with some of my recent posts. The following arthropod was submitted from a patient with an itchy rash of his abdomen, pelvic region, and upper thighs. Identification? Also, are there any remarkable features of the particular parasite shown here? (Source: Creepy Dreadful Wonderful Parasites)
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Insights From a Plant Medicine Journey
I had a fascinating weekend of plant medicine journeying that involved taking several different substances: kanna, white lily, psilocybin (mushrooms), and ayahuasca… mostly the latter two. I had only done ayahuasca before (3 years ago for 4 nights in a row in Costa Rica). I shared the insights from that previous experience here: Lessons From Ayahuasca. In this post I’ll share my experience of this recent journey while it’s still fresh in mind and heart. If you’re short on time and only want to skim the insights instead of reading the details about what it was like, feel free to scroll down to the sectio...
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The Macro View – Health, Economics, and Politics and the Big Picture. What I Am Watching Here And Abroad.
August 25, 2022 Edition-----The big story this week has been the multiple PM story in Australia with ScoMo. What an amazing saga!In the UK there seems to be an impending collapse of the economy coming unless some-one takes some really smart steps real soon now.Relatively the US has seemed pretty calm this week – just waiting for an impending recession – along with China and Europe.Fair to say things globally are pretty messy!-----Major Issues.-----https://www.afr.com/markets/equity-markets/every-investing-trend-misfires-as-stock-bears-are-crushed-20220814-p5b9o2Every investing trend misfires as stock bears are crushedD...
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Internship and NEETPG- Ways to excel
The feeling of wrapping a stethoscope around your neck, being referred to as a doctor rather than a medical student is indeed unreal. It is, after all, the manifestation of your dreams which was built around your hard work and perseverance. The happiness that comes along with the title is fulfilling to say the least. But at the same time the uncertainty of what follows this benchmark will itch your mind. Up until now the spectrum of possibilities and goals were narrow and students always had some test or the other to prepare for, except it was systematic and somewhat universal. Now the spectrum has widened. There are a lot...
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Transcript for Experiences of Trainees and Physicians from Minoritized Communities
Below is a transcript of the following Academic Medicine Podcast episode: Experiences of Trainees and Physicians from Minoritized CommunitiesOctober 4, 2021 Read more about this episode and listen here. Toni Gallo: Hi everyone. I’m Toni Gallo. I’m a staff editor with the journal. Every year, Academic Medicine publishes the proceedings of the annual Research in Medical Education sessions that take place at the AAMC’s Learn Serve Lead meeting. This year, there will be on-demand presentations of the RIME papers, available through the Learn Serve Lead virtual meeting platform, and live Q&A s...
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New study: ursolic acid and myeloma cells
Conclusion: “These findings suggest that MRBE and its active ingredient, ursolic acid, […] may have significant chemopreventive potential against MM.” Very exciting, don’t you think? Of course, we must remember that this is a study that used MM cells in a lab setting (not human patients, I mean), so, as always, we mustn’t get overly excited. But still, a wee bit of excitement can’t hurt, right?   I have already ordered some white mulberry tea, while I do some more research to find a reliable source for ursolic acid (I hope to find the Morus Alba extract…but so far, I’ve foun...
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The Best Technologies Against Food Allergies
Food has a significant role in our lives, yet, we practically have no idea what we eat. With the advent of industrial farming and the food processing industry, consumer control over food has been lost – and we lost track of substances. Food labels are far from providing enough information about what is actually in the package. Although labelling of allergens is mandatory in most countries, factual data is often hidden behind mysterious E-s and numbers. Various tech devices promise a solution. And a solution is indeed needed. About 7.5% of the global population is allergic to certain foods. Over 200,000 people require ...
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