Cochrane Library Special Collection: Yoga for improving health and well-being

Listen to L Susan Wieland of the  Cochrane Complementary Medicine Field talk toDr. Mark Porter on Inside Health about Cochrane evidence on Yoga (start at 23 minutes). Yoga originated thousands of years ago in India as an integrated physical, mental, and spiritual practice based on ancient Vedic philosophy, and is connected to Ayurveda, the system of traditional Indian medicine. During the 20th century, yoga became increasingly recognised outside India, and over the past decades it has continued to grow in popularity worldwide as system for promoting health and well-being. While modern yoga often focuses on physical poses and is sometimes thought of as a type of exercise, the practice usually incorporates one or more of the mental or spiritual elements that are traditionally part of yoga, such as relaxation, concentration, or meditation. For this reason, yoga is considered a mind-body exercise.There are currently many different types or schools of yoga, each with a different emphasis on and approach to practice. It is widely thought that some of these yoga practices may help treat or prevent physical or mental illnesses, and improve the overall quality of life. There is therefore a need for information on the potential health benefits and harms of yoga.The  Cochrane Library Special Collection of systematic reviews on yoga, published in November 2017, focuses on reviews evaluating the effectiveness of yoga for improving physical or mental symptoms and quality of ...
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I am a rising sophomore with a 4.00 GPA and during my freshman year, I solely focused on academics. I volunteered at a hospital for about 12 hours in spring and attended a few premed club meetings. I was born and raised in India but I am a US citizen and back there, I never participated in anything outside of school so it is kind of difficult transition for me to balance everything. I have arranged to shadow a physician for next semester. I am trying to find a doctor to shadow during summer... Is it necessary to have a clinical job to gain significant clinical experience?
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This study aimed to determine the relation of these neural responses during criticism and praise to perceived emotional support. Participants (n = 32) representing the full (low-to-high) range of positive schizotypy listened to and rated the self-relevance of EE-like criticism and praise and affectively neutral comments while undergoing electroencephalography. Participants completed self-report measures of schizotypy, depression and anxiety. A subset of those with a high positive schizotypy score (n = 22) completed a measure of perceived EE - lack of emotional support. Higher perceived EE - lack of emotional suppor...
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Conclusions: The IMPULS study has a negative primary outcome. However, secondary outcomes indicate that the IMPULS treatment might be promising, as BE, eating pathology and depression were reduced in the IMPULS group. The initially reduced BE in the control group might represent a short-term effect from the self-observations. General impulsivity and BMI might need a longer time or more intensive treatment to change.Psychother Psychosom
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AbbVie is halting a study into a new treatment for glioblastoma.
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CONCLUSION: ELF3 showed selective expression in low-grade cell lines and tumor tissues. Overexpression of ELF3 in mesenchymal cell line UMUC3 resulted in reduced invasion and decreased expression of mesenchymal markers. We observe association of low ELF3 expression with increased risk and overall poor survival using publicly available data. ELF3-modulated reversal of EMT might be a useful strategy in the treatment of bladder cancer. PMID: 31104013 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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In this study, we aimed to explore the expressing pattern, clinical significance and potential function of a newly identified circRNA, hsa_circ_001569, in BC. RT-PCR was performed to detect the expression of hsa_circ_001569 in both BC tissues and cell lines. The associations between hsa_circ_001569 expression and clinicopathological features and prognosis in BC patients were statistically analyzed. Next, we investigated the effects of hsa_circ_001569 on the proliferation, apoptosis, migration and invasion in BC cells lines. The effects of abnormal hsa_circ_001569 expression on EMT pathway and PI3K/AKT pathway were determin...
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CONCLUSIONS: Our results proved that PANDAR may serve as potential target of breast cancer treatment. PMID: 31104011 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSION: To our knowledge this is the first study comparing the levels of protein and mRNA in the serum material of HGF, c-MET, EGF and EGFR parameters in lung cancer patients' blood samples. Further prospective studies with more participants for better understanding of mechanism and effect for HGF and c-MET inhibitors in lung cancer will help us to identify of these biomarkers role for guiding us to sellect individualized itargeted therapies. PMID: 31104010 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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CONCLUSIONS: These results indicated that tiRNA-5034-GluTTC-2 may be a novel biomarker for the diagnosis of gastric cancer. PMID: 31104009 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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Authors: Wu Z, Huang W, Chen Y, Chen B, Liu R, Bai P, Xing J Abstract LINC01638 lncRNA is known as an oncogenic lncRNA in triple negative breast cancer. However, the role of LINC01638 lncRNA in other diseases is unknown. In the present study we observed that plasma levels of LINC01638 lncRNA and Notch1 were upregulated in prostate carcinoma patients comparing with healthy controls. LINC01638 lncRNA and Notch1 were positively correlated in prostate carcinoma patients but not in healthy controls. Upregulation of LINC01638 lncRNA distinguished prostate carcinoma patients from healthy controls. LINC01638 lncRNA overexp...
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