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In these tumultuous political and cultural times, it’s easy to presume the future is bleak. However, after attending a conference centered around medicine, public health, and medical science innovation, replete with remarkable stories of human perseverance, resilience, and courage, I felt humbled, inspired, and hopeful. In that order. Who cannot be awed listening to the one physician who kept treating desperately ill patients when the entire rest of the medical staff abandoned a Liberian hospital at the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic? Or the lone Syrian female OB/GYN who continued to serve her patients, often performing surgery by the light of an iPhone flashlight while her beloved city of Aleppo was being bombed to ruins around her? Who cannot be humbled by the brilliance of neuroscientists, computational microbiologists, biomedical engineers, CRISPR specialists, and computer hackers who are coming up with medical treatments that would have been unimaginable five years ago? Or the blind software engineer working on making computers more accessible to the disabled who also happens to be a Paralympics cycling champion? Continue reading ... Your patients are rating you online: How to respond. Manage your online reputation: A social media guide. Find out how.
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President Trump directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to file a federal lawsuit, separate from state lawsuits, against opioid manufacturers in an effort to help stem an epidemic of addiction in the United States.Medscape Medical News
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Publication date: Available online 16 August 2018Source: NJAS - Wageningen Journal of Life SciencesAuthor(s): N. Longworth, R.A. Jongeneel, H.W. SaatkampAbstractTo analyze the market effects of HPAI control in the Dutch layer sector an integrated modelling approach was developed to simulate these effects. This approach included (1) an extensive epidemiological simulation, (2) farm level costs calculation and conversion, and (3) partial equilibrium (PE) modelling of the Dutch layer sector. Model structure and behavioural equations of the latter are described. The basis for the analysis of model behaviour were simulated HPAI...
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Publication date: Available online 16 August 2018Source: Journal of Theoretical BiologyAuthor(s): Marina Voinson, Alexandra Alvergne, Sylvain Billiard, Charline SmadiAbstractMost emerging human infectious diseases have an animal origin. While zoonotic diseases originate from a reservoir, most theoretical studies have principally focused on single-host processes, either exclusively humans or exclusively animals, without considering the importance of animal to human transmission (i.e. spillover transmission) for understanding the dynamics of emerging infectious diseases. Here we aim to investigate the importance of spillover...
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CONCLUSION: Prior to treatment, patients have high expectations of implant therapy. In general, these expectations are met. Most studies revealed that women have higher expectations than men. The variety of applied study designs impaired comparability of results. Thus, standardised methods for measuring expectations of implant-based therapy are eagerly needed. PMID: 30109300 [PubMed - in process]
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ConclusionIt is the first COPCORD study in an urban native population living at high altitude in Peru. The population affected by chronic rheumatic disease preferred professional rather than traditional care; this population had access to limited medical services. Impaired functional capacity measured by HAQ was associated with advanced age.ResumenObjetivoEstimar la prevalencia de manifestaciones musculoesqueléticas y discapacidad en la población urbana habitante a gran altura de Juliaca, Puno, Perú; utilizando el cuestionario COPCORD y HAQ-DI.MétodosSe realizó un estudio transversal en m...
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A report published on Wednesday found that a deadly tick-borne illness, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, is spreading from Mexico to the US thanks to a new tick that spreads a more virulent strain.
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We described monthly: the number of persons (i) screened actively; (ii) or passively; (iii) treated for HAT; (iv) attending post-treatment follow-up visits. We compared clinical data, treatment characteristics and Disability Adjusted Life-Years (DALYs) before (February 2012 to December 2013) and during (January 2014 to October 2015) the Ebola outbreak period according to available data. Whereas 32,221 persons were actively screened from February 2012 to December 2013, before the official declaration of the first Ebola case in Guinea, no active screening campaigns could be performed during the Ebola outbreak. Following the ...
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Have you ever thought that it would be possible to monitor drug overdoses, Zika cases or the spread of the flu in real time? Have you ever imagined that satellites wouldbe able to tell how and where a malaria epidemic will happen months before the actual outbreak? It is mind-blowing how, in the last years, digital maps developed to a level where they serve as effective tools for evaluating, monitoring and even predicting health events. That’s why I decided to give a comprehensive overview of digital maps in healthcare. John Snow, cholera and the revolution of maps in healthcare Before Game of Thrones monopolized Joh...
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At its 70th U.N. World Health Assembly in Geneva in late May, the World Health Organization (WHO) made history with the election of a new Director-General: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of Ethiopia – the first African to lead the organization. He now takes on the challenge of combating both infectious and noncommunicable diseases and other health challenges around the world. To succeed, he must convince the world to see health as a global public good—something in which we all have a stake. An announcement by the WHO on May 12 underscores this point. A new Ebola outbreak was declared in the Democratic Republic of C...
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March 06, 2017Salome was one of 830 women around the world who died that day from problems related to childbirth.Liberian nursing assistant Salome Karwah was a woman, a sister, a wife. She also was a health worker and a survivor of Ebola who saved many lives during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in her country.She survived Ebola, but nearly three years later, she did not survive complications after childbirth.WhenTIME magazine chose to honor Ebola fighters as the “person of the year” in 2014, Salome ’s photo was on the cover. AtIntraHealth International, we felt gratified that health workers, and our missio...
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