Confirmatory Efficacy and Safety Trial of Magnetic Seizure Therapy for Depression (CREST-MST): study protocol for a randomized non-inferiority trial of magnetic seizure therapy versus electroconvulsive therapy

DiscussionPositive results from this trial could have an immediate and tremendous impact for patients with TRD. If MST demonstrates comparable antidepressant treatment efficacy to ECT, but with greater cognitive safety, it could rapidly be adopted into clinical practice. Indeed, given that the administration of MST is nearly identical to ECT, the majority of ECT facilities in North America could readily adopt MST. Furthermore, the potential for cognitive safety could lead to improved treatment acceptability. Healthcare providers, patients and care partners, and policymakers would therefore demand this form of convulsive therapy.Trial statusEnrollment for this study began on June 26, 2018, and is estimated to complete recruitment by July 2024. At the time of submission, we have enrolled and randomized 117 participants.Trial registrationClinicalTrials.govNCT03191058, Registered on June 19, 2017.Primary sponsor:Daniel Blumberger (DMB), Principal, 416-535-8501 x 33662Contact for public queries: DMB,Daniel.Blumberger@camh.caContact for scientific queries: ZJD,
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