Stunning Health Benefits of Cotton Candy Proposed
No, not really. The controversy and clamor attached to the report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee would seem to suggest that something that radical had been proposed. But that's not quite the case. The group did not announce that spinach, heretofore considered nutritious, actually causes human eyeballs to burst into flame (how the heck did we overlook that?). They did not reveal the hidden health benefits of cotton candy. What they said, summarized in the executive summary of the 572-page report is, ver batim, this: The overall body of evidence examined by the 2015 DGAC identifies that a healthy dieta...
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When it comes to controlling weight, not all fruits and vegetables are created equal
When admonished to eat more fruits and vegetables, we sometimes let our inner child dictate the menu. Wrinkling our noses at broccoli and Brussels sprouts, we demand peas and corn. (Source: Los Angeles Times - Science)
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3 Healthy Alternatives to Potato Chips (With Easy Recipes Too)
Before you grab a bag of potato chips to snack on – and then probably end up eating the entire bag – consider these healthier (and tasty!) alternatives that won’t pack on the pounds.  (function(){var src_url="
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Recipe winners dine on brussels sprouts, smoothies at White House
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - White House state dinners are not normally known for centerpieces made of brussels sprouts, green smoothies and eating with your fingers. (Source: Reuters: Health)
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Nature’s Most Powerful Age Fighter?
When I lecture at anti-aging conferences around the world, I get a good sense of what the leading anti-aging physicians are thinking about. And I’m surprised by how many are still holding out hope for an anti-aging “drug.” But I’m not holding my breath. And even if the FDA approved a drug for aging, it would likely include a laundry list of side effects, and only affect a small range of age-related decline. I’ve always had more faith in nature. Many of the most powerful age fighters are naturally occurring, and they do a better job of supporting and lengthening your telomeres than any drug. Te...
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Give Your Manhood A Sporting Chance
I went to a sporting goods store with my son last weekend and found it pretty much impossible to buy him a sports jersey that wouldn’t poison him with gender-bending chemicals. Almost everything these days is made of synthetic material or some new "techno" fiber that "wicks away moisture." It took me half an hour to find something made from real cotton. But here’s the problem… those hi-tech materials are full of nasty and dangerous chemicals. Too many popular sportswear brands, including Adidas and Nike, manufacture sportswear that contain chemicals linked to low-T, obesity, can...
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How I Healed Myself With Small Changes
"What is wrong with me?" I wondered. I thought I was making all the right decisions - I had started swapping white bread and pasta for whole grains, I cut meat out of my diet, I was drinking diet soda instead of regular soda and eating snacks marked "low fat," but I was still carrying about fifty pounds too much on my five-foot frame. Like many others, I thought 'health' meant simply the difference between calories in and calories out. What I didn't know was that I was hurting my body in ways I never even knew were affected by nutrition. I was stressed out, depressed, and my skin was prone to terrible breakouts. One night ...
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Plant-derived compound targets cancer stem cells
A compound and an enzyme that occur naturally in cruciferous vegetables--cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts--may help prevent recurrence and spread of some cancers, according to researchers. When they treated human cervical cancer stem cells with phenethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC) in a Petri dish, about 75 percent died within 24 hours using a 20-micromolar concentration of the compound. (Source: ScienceDaily Headlines)
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3 Key Nutrients For Better Brainpower
By Nancy Christie When it comes to what we eat, we usually worry more about our waistlines than our wisdom. But a diet that contains a wide assortment of healthy foods and nutrients doesn’t just benefit your body; it may protect your brain from cognitive decline as you age. In order to defend against a variety of age-related conditions that can impair your memory and the general functioning of your brain, a good first step is to concentrate on incorporating three nutrients into your diet: omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids and vitamin E. 1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Brain Volume For your memory to function smoothly, your br...
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Bethenny Frankel Says Men Don't Know That We're Crazy And Avocados Make Us Glow
You can start watching The Real Housewives of New York again (which premieres tonight on Bravo), because Bethenny is back. Seriously, if anyone can bring true realism to a ‘reality tv show’ (not that we’ve ever watched Real Housewives, The Bachelor, or reality shows in general of course…) it’s Bethenny Frankel. She’s also keeping it real with her new book out today -- I Suck At Relationships So You Don’t Have To -- whose title speaks for itself. Like the episode The Opposite on Seinfeld, Bethenny – like George Costanza – aims to have you do the exact opposite of everything she’s ever done in dating. Fr...
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The Health Benefits of Sweet vs. Regular Potatoes
Why do sweet potatoes get "superfood" status while regular potatoes are vilified? Here's why both tubers deserve a place on your plate. It's time to set the record straight on spuds. In recent years, and in certain "healthy eating" circles, the sweet potato has been crowned a "superfood" while the regular potato has been treated like the bad guy. High carb, high glycemic index, loaded with antinutrients? Is the plain old potato really so bad? Here's the real deal: Both regular potatoes and sweet potatoes deserve a place in your diet. You can eat both as part of a well-balanced, whole food diet and still have a lean ...
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Making one change — getting more fiber — can help with weight loss
Getting to a healthy weight and staying there is an important way to prevent heart disease, diabetes, some cancers, and other serious conditions. Many of us know firsthand just how hard it can be to reach and maintain that healthy weight. And there’s no shortage of ways to try to get there: You can count calories, carbs, or points. You can cut back on fat or sugar. You can try any number of popular diets that forbid certain foods, or focus on just one (the grapefruit diet, anyone?). Any of these approaches might work for you. Or they might not — in large part because they are complicated. A study published in todayR...
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9 Tiny, Easy, Delicious Ways to Make Your Meals Healthier
Since it's almost February, your New Year's Resolution to eat healthier might feel like a distant dream. We've all been there, done this before, no? What if, instead all the negative food-body thoughts, feeling like a failure, and regret-eating, we could have a lighter more positive touch and just make a few super do-able substitutions to our recipes? We can still have cake, but we'll have this chocolate zucchini cake. Sound good? Keeping Michael Pollan's quotation "Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants" close to my heart, I designed an organized guide (because order makes me feel calm) for easy cooking and baking repla...
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Only 2% Of My Cancer Patients Have Had This Checked
I saw a patient recently who has stage four breast cancer. She’d been to some of the best hospitals and specialists for care. Before she came to me she’d had a mastectomy and chemotherapy. Then the cancer spread to her backbone and she had radiation treatment. Yet still, after all that time and until she came to my clinic, no one had mentioned a possible estrogen problem. No one ever bothered to measure her estrogen. They never looked at whether her breast cancer was estrogen positive or progesterone positive. The rates of most cancers have stabilized. Most cancers aren’t a death sentence the way they used to be. But...
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Brussel sprouts are crossed with kale to create 'kalettes'
British experts have spent 15 years working tirelessly to perfect a tastier and more appealing version of the classic Brussels sprout by cross-breeding it with kale. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
Source: the Mail online | Health - January 16, 2015 Category: Consumer Health News Source Type: news