Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with psoriasis: therapeutic implications.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in patients with psoriasis: therapeutic implications. Postepy Dermatol Alergol. 2020 Aug;37(4):468-474 Authors: Klujszo EH, Parcheta P, Witkowska AB, Krecisz B Abstract Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the most common liver pathology in the western countries. Psoriatic patients are at higher risk of having NAFLD, and at higher risk of experiencing a more severe form of the disease with poorer outcomes. The components of the metabolic syndrome - obesity, lipid abnormalities, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes - significantly correlate with NAFLD progression. The inflammatory state present in psoriasis plays a significant role in development of NAFLD and the metabolic syndrome. All patients with psoriasis and insulin resistance and risk factors for metabolic syndrome should also been screened for NAFLD, and planning of the treatment options should always take into consideration the possible risks related to the liver, especially in patients with NAFLD. PMID: 32994765 [PubMed]
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Conclusions Analysis of ASC and HOR claims demonstrates significant differences and several common sources of liability. These include improving strategies for thorough screening, preoperative assessment and risk stratifying of patients, incorporating routine dental and airway assessment and documentation, diagnosing and treating perioperative pain adequately, and improving the efficacy of communication between patients and care providers.
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Objectives Insulin charts represent a key component in the inpatient glycemic management process. The aim was to evaluate the quality of structure, documentation, and treatment of diabetic inpatient care to design a new standardized insulin chart for a large university hospital setting. Methods Historically grown blank insulin charts in use at 39 general wards were collected and evaluated for quality structure features. Documentation and treatment quality were evaluated in a consecutive snapshot audit of filled-in charts. The primary end point was the percentage of charts with any medication error. Results ...
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AbstractNails have both functional and aesthetic importance. Undertreatments cause frequent recurrences affecting its functionality, while over-treatment spoils the aesthetic view. To describe the most practical and aesthetic method to treat ingrown toenail. All patients with ingrown toenail who applied to outpatient clinics of General Surgery Department between 2013 and 2019 were enrolled. A 2-mm space between tissue and nail by lateral longitudinal excision was created with only minimal matricectomy, under local anaesthesia. A total of 2334 surgical procedures were performed in 2118 patients. Recurrence rate was 1.7% dur...
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Conclusiones : Confirma datos internacionales sobre la relación significativa entre Diabetes Mellitus tipo 1 y enfermedad periodontal.Resumo Diabetes Mellitus é uma doença crônica com repercussões bucais; não há dados no Uruguai. Objetivo: Determinar se o estado de saúde bucal de crianças com Diabetes Mellitus tipo 1 é significativamente diferente de crianças sem diabetes. Método: Caso-controle, estudo observacional e analítico. 86 crianç as foram avaliadas em dois grupos: DM1) diabeticos tipo 1, de 8 a 12 años, frequent...
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AbstractPsoriasis is a common inflammatory dermatology disease. Strongly expressed serum amyloid A (SAA) promotes psoriasis exacerbation through inducing IL-17 secretion. What ’s more, SAA can stimulate the release of cathepsin B. The current work was performed to demonstrate the specific effects of cathepsin B silencing on inflammatory response, proliferation, and differentiation of IL-17A and SAA-induced keratinocytes and to report the precise role of cathepsin B in p soriasis-like lesion. HaCaT keratinocytes received treatment with IL-17A (0, 10, 50, 100 ng/ml) or SAA (0, 1, 5, 10, 20 μg/ml) for 24 h to establi...
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DIABETES is often brushed off as a harmless condition because it rarely elicits overt symptoms. In the longer term, however, the condition sets the stage for a plethora of complications. A new study has warned that one major depressive disorder is likely to arise.
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Background Knowing the number of persons at risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and their risk behaviors are needed to allocate limited resources, set targets for prevention and care activities, gauge the reach of programs, and assess their impact. Female sex workers (FSWs) are a population at high risk for STD worldwide; little is known about FSW in Bhutan. Methods We conducted a community-based survey and population size exercise of FSW in Bhutan. The survey used a hybrid venue-based/peer-referral sampling method. Population size estimation methods were key informant mapping, census and enumeration, ...
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David J. BierPractically since his first week in office, President Joe Biden has faced repeated criticisms from Republicans and someDemocrats that his border policy amounts to “open borders.” This criticism is not simply inaccurate: it isunhingedfrom reality in a way that distinguishes itself from normal political hyperbole. Indeed, U.S. immigration policy is effectivelyclosed borders, and Biden ’s immigration policies and goals are largely the same as those of President Donald Trump.Under U.S. immigration law, it is illegal for anyone in the world to travel or immigrate to the United States unless they f...
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When Joe Silverman developed Crohn’s disease at age 21, the symptoms started out mild. While the sight of blood in his stools initially freaked him out, what really bothered him was the frequent abdominal pain and bloating that occurred as his condition progressed to moderate and then severe. Dietary changes didn’t make a difference, so he began taking prescription oral anti-inflammatory drugs that are often used to treat certain bowel diseases, which alleviated but didn’t eliminate his discomfort. He started using prescription steroid suppositories to cope with flare-ups of the inflammatory bowel disease...
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