Levels of Selected Matrix Metalloproteinases, Their Inhibitors in Saliva, and Oral Status in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Patients vs. Healthy Controls.

Levels of Selected Matrix Metalloproteinases, Their Inhibitors in Saliva, and Oral Status in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis Patients vs. Healthy Controls. Biomed Res Int. 2019;2019:7420345 Authors: Kobus A, Bagińska J, Łapińska-Antończuk J, Ławicki S, Kierklo A Abstract Aims: Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) are a group of calcium-dependent zinc-containing proteinases acting both physiologically and in pathological conditions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the concentration of MMP-2, MMP-8, and MMP-9 and their inhibitors TIMP-1 and TIMP-2 of unstimulated whole saliva (UWS) in correlation with the oral health in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) children. Methods: The study population comprised 34 JIA patients and 34 age- and sex-matched controls (C). They were divided into two groups: with mixed dentition (MD) and with permanent dentition (PD). Dental caries (DMFT/dmft), unstimulated salivary flow rate (SF), and gingival inflammation (Gingival Index (GI) and Papilla Bleeding Index (PBI)) and oral hygiene (Simplified Oral Hygiene Index (OHI-S)) indices were evaluated. Saliva samples were tested with the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for MMP-2, MMP-8, MMP-9, TIMP-1, and TIMP-2. Data were statistically analysed with the Mann-Whitney U test and Spearman's rank correlation (p
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Authors: Monsalve Alonso S, Miranda García P, Santander Vaquero C Abstract Cap-polyposis is a rare benign condition characterized by inflammatory colorectal polyps covered by a "cap" of fibrinopurulent exudate. Mucous diarrhea and rectal bleeding are frequent symtoms. It can be difficult to diagnose and it is necessary to make a differential diagnosis from other entities. Its pathogenesis is unknown and it has a variable clinical course. The optimal treatment has not been established. PMID: 31960689 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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We report the case of a 60-year-old male with a giant colorectal laterally spreading tumor at the recto-sigmoid junction. A single tunnel-assisted endoscopic submucosal dissection was performed that constructed a submucosal tunnel along the longitude axis of the tumor. An en bloc resection was achieved with no perforation or post-operative bleeding and a comparatively low procedure time. PMID: 31960681 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]
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ConclusionsThese findings suggest that MXYF inhibits autophagy after OGD/R-induced PC12 cell injury through the AMPK-mTOR pathway. Thus, MXYF might have therapeutic potential in treating ischemic stroke.Graphical abstract
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Publication date: Available online 21 January 2020Source: NeuronAuthor(s): Alexandra Mansell Kaufman, Tristan Geiller, Attila LosonczySummaryDuring spatial learning, hippocampal (HPC) place maps reorganize to represent new goal locations, but little is known about the circuit mechanisms facilitating these changes. Here, we examined how neuromodulation via locus coeruleus (LC) projections to HPC area CA1 (LC-CA1) regulates the overrepresentation of CA1 place cells near rewarded locations. Using two-photon calcium imaging, we monitored the activity of LC-CA1 fibers in the mouse dorsal HPC. We find that the LC-CA1 projection ...
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Publication date: Available online 20 January 2020Source: NeuroImageAuthor(s): Wei Chen, Kicheon Park, Yingtian Pan, Alan P. Koretsky, Congwu DuAbstractSpontaneous brain activity has been widely used to map brain connectivity. The interactions between task-evoked brain responses and the spontaneous cortical oscillations, especially within the low frequency range of ∼0.1 Hz, are not fully understood. Trial-to-trial variabilities in brain's response to sensory stimuli and the ability for brain to detect under noisy conditions suggest an appreciable impact of the brain state. Using a multimodality imaging platform, we s...
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We present a less frequently used approach to achieve total obliteration of an AVM with intranidal fistulas using cyanoacrylate glue and a single micro catheter with pharmacologically induced circulatory arrest. The use of adenosine is relatively inexpensive and adds economic advantage to the procedure. In carefully planned and selected cases using a single micro catheter glue can be deposited with minimal venous rundown to completely obliterate the AVM without the need for coils and other devices.
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(Reuters Health) - The AbbVie drug elagolix, already used to treat the pain of endometriosis, can significantly reduce the chances of heavy menstrual bleeding caused by uterine fibroids, according to the results of two studies reported in The New England Journal of Medicine.
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Publication date: Available online 22 January 2020Source: Sensors and Actuators A: PhysicalAuthor(s): Wang Jer-Chyi, Jiang Yi-Pei, Lin Chi-Hung, Chan Shun-Hsiang, Wu Ming-ChungAbstractPiezoelectric pressure sensing behaviors of high-density and low-damage CF4-plasma-treated indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) thin-film transistors (TFTs) coated by poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene) (P(VDF-TrFE)) films have been investigated. The CF4 plasma treatment was performed on the IGZO channel by using an inductively coupled plasma (ICP) system with a quartz filter. Prior to the fabrication of devices, X-ray diffractometer (...
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I’m not a dentist, so sometimes my patients are surprised when I tell them I want to look at their teeth and gums. Here’s why I do it… Your mouth is an early warning system for serious conditions throughout your body. Whatever is going on with your oral health gives me a pretty good idea of what’s going on with all your major organs and systems. It makes sense because everything in your body is connected biologically. And your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. It’s also home to around 100 billion bacteria. Most dentists are concerned when those bacteria cause tooth decay and gum ...
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By KIP SUILLIVAN, JD This is my fourth in a series of imaginary lectures on remedial health policy for President Obama. My goal is to convince Obama that he relied on the wrong people for health policy advice. I am focusing on three people in particular: Elliott Fisher and his colleagues at the Dartmouth Institute, Peter Orszag, and Atul Gawande. In my first comment , I criticized Obama for clinging to the belief that the Affordable Care Act has already reduced health care inflation and will continue to do so in the future. I devoted my second comment  to explaining how influential the Dartmouth Institute has been. In...
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