Detection of Brucella abortus by immunofluorescence assay using anti-16-kDa outer membrane protein (OMP16) antibody

This study attempts to identifyBrucella abortus via an immunofluorescence (IF) test considering antibody against an outer membrane protein with 16-kDa molecular weight (OMP16). TheB. abortus OMP16 protein was synthesized through cloning and expressing of the related gene and finally was purified to immunize rabbit in order to produce a polyclonal antibody. Fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) was attached to the antibody and the prepared complex was applied to screening ofBrucella spp., as an IF test. Polyclonal antibody obtained from the sera of immunized rabbit with the purified OMP16 showed a strong reactivity in ELISA and properly identified theB. abortus strain in IF test. So, this high titer of antibody could be helpful for tracing ofB. abortus via laboratory diagnostic tests.
Source: Comparative Clinical Pathology - Category: Pathology Source Type: research

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Authors: Esmaeilnejad-Ganji SM, Esmaeilnejad-Ganji SMR Abstract Brucellosis is a common global zoonotic disease, which is responsible for a range of clinical manifestations. Fever, sweating and musculoskeletal pains are observed in most patients. The most frequent complication of brucellosis is osteoarticular involvement, with 10% to 85% of patients affected. The sacroiliac (up to 80%) and spinal joints (up to 54%) are the most common affected sites. Spondylitis and spondylodiscitis are the most frequent complications of brucellar spinal involvement. Peripheral arthritis, osteomyelitis, discitis, bursitis and tenos...
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In this study, therefore, human leukemic monocyte cells (THP-1 cells) were stimulated with five Brucella abortus cellular components: outer membrane protein 10 (OMP10), outer membrane protein 19 (OMP19), thiamine transporter substrate-binding protein (TbpA), arginase (RocF), and malate dehydrogenase (Mdh). Post stimulation, the cytokine productions and TLR expressions in the cells were evaluated at different time points (12 h and 24 h), and analyzed using ELISA and real time RT-PCR, respectively. In the production of cytokines, it was observed that the production of TNF-α and IL-6 was highly induced in THP-1 ...
Source: Microbial Pathogenesis - Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: research
ConclusionsThe clinical presentation of brucellosis can be very imprecise because it can affect any organ system; however, there is no report of acute liver failure as a brucellosis complication. This is the first reported case in the Colombian literature of acute liver failure due to brucellosis. We found this case to be of interest because it could be taken into account for diagnosis in future appearances and we described adequate treatment and actions to be taken at presentation.
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We present the case of a 52-year-old Lebanese male who was admitted to our hospital with a 3-week history of fever (up to 40 °C), chills, night sweats and abdominal pain. Abdominal CT scan revealed the presence of several mesenteric lymphadenopathies and some retroperitoneal lymphadenopathies. Blood cultures came back positive for Brucella melitensis, and a follow-up CT of the abdomen done after treatment revealed complete resolution of the lymphadenopathies. To our knowledge, this is the first case in the literature of brucellosis presenting as retroperitoneal and mesenteric lymphadenopathies. In endemic areas, the di...
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ConclusionBrucellosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of back pain, discospondylitis, lameness, abortion, prostatic abscessation and testicular/epididymal enlargement in dogs, especially if there is exposure to feral pigs or consumption of uncooked feral pig meat. Euthanasia is the only guarantee of reducing the public health risk to zero. However, where treatment is desired by the owner, combination therapy using rifampicin and doxycycline appears to be effective, when combined with surgical resection of infected tissues. Further monitoring of dogs during and after treatment is required to document cure.
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This study evaluated antibiotic vs placebo. The study was terminated early due to the determined likelihood that a beneficial effect would not be found. When this was critically analyzed with biostatistical methods, an article was published which I believe demonstrates that Klempner's study was so poorly designed and analyzed that in order for a treatment effect to have been observed, the antibiotic treated patients would have had to improve to a level of health which was a full standard deviation better than the average health of the general population. It's a reasonable hope for antibiotics to return a patient to a somew...
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Authors: Salihi S, Andaç Ş, Kalender M, Yıldırım O, İmre A Abstract Brucellosis is a zoonotic disease common in developing countries. Vascular complications, including arterial and venous, associated with Brucella infection have rarely been reported. A case of deep venous thrombosis (DVT) developing after a diagnosis of acute brucellosis in a young milkman is presented. A 26-year-old man presented with pain in the right leg. The patient's medical history included a diagnosis of brucellosis in our hospital where he had presented with complaints of weakness and fever. Peripheral venous Doppler ultrasound sho...
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This study was performed to determine the frequency of rheumatologic manifestations in patients with brucellosis and the chance of misdiagnosing them as having axSpA in central China. The results showed that clinical manifestations of axSpA could be observed in brucellosis. Over half of patients had back pain, and one fifth of the patients with back pain were less than 45 years old at onset and had the symptom for more than 3 months. Two young males were falsely classified as suffering from axSpA according to the ASAS criteria, and one with MRI proved sacroiliitis was once given Etanercept for treatment. Therefore, differe...
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In conclusion, as our country is endemic for both brucellosis and CCHF, it is important to consider both infections in the differential diagnosis. Physicians should keep in mind that, likewise in our case, coinfection of brucellosis and CCHF can be detected. PMID: 27175506 [PubMed - in process]
Source: Mikrobiyoloji Bulteni - Category: Microbiology Tags: Mikrobiyol Bul Source Type: research
In this study, we discuss a 17 year old male patient who was admitted to our hospital due to fever, abdominal pain, arthralgia and rash on legs, diagnosed with brucellosis through brucellosis tube agglutination test and found to have splenic infarct upon examination and leukocytoclastic vasculitis according to the skin biopsies in the light of the present literature. PMID: 25551851 [PubMed - in process]
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