Endometriosis and the gift of motherhood

When my first period came at age 13, it involved blood clots and extreme pain. I didn’t know what to expect or what was considered “normal,” but thankfully, my mother did. She recognized that my symptoms were unusual and immediately took me to see my pediatrician. I was first prescribed birth control pills, which seemed to help initially, but when my period remained heavy and painful, I was put on a different birth control pill that enabled me to have my period only four times a year. I thought my situation was normal – albeit uncomfortable and inconvenient. No one ever suggested that painful periods could be anything more than bad luck. I would hear women talk about menstrual cramping and see advertisements for medications to relieve menstrual symptoms … I just figured I had bad periods like so many other adolescent and adult women. I believed that for years. Finding answers to years of pain Then, when I was 22, my cousin Emily was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had never heard of it. I figured it was something extreme because Emily’s symptoms were much more severe than mine. Emily’s mother, my aunt Mary Alice, knew enough about my symptoms that she thought I might have endometriosis as well, even though my symptoms were different than Emily’s. Endometriosis is a chronic condition affecting an estimated 5.5 million women in North America — 30-40% of whom become infertile. It occurs when tissue similar to that which...
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ConclusionsIn this model, compared with IPG SCS or with CMM, Wireless SCS is a superior strategy.
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ConclusionThe results of this study showed that the pain is more observable in cold temperament group, therefore we can empower the gynecologists, midwives and nurses in this field by practical training for them and accordingly contribute to reduce the use of chemical drugs by women with primary dysmenorrhea as well as increasing their efficacy in daily activities and improving their quality of life and their physical and mental health.
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BACKGROUND: Barodontalgia, barometric pressure-induced dental pain, may jeopardize diving/flight safety. The aim of this systematic review was to investigate the rate of barodontalgia among military and civilian divers and aircrews based on previous...
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My mind is racing because I’ve seen two aortic dissections in the last week and I feel like I could have easily missed them had I been in a rush and not prodded during the history. Makes me cringe thinking about it. First one was a 69 year old with hypertension. Sudden onset of chest pain when watching TV. With no other symptoms at all. The thing that tipped me off is he didn’t want to move. Moving hurt his chest. Breathing hurt his chest. Me pushing on his chest made him wince. Just didn’t... How did your aortic dissection cases present?
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ConclusionsOur neurophysiological study shows that this new 150IDE provides selective information on nociceptive system.
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ConclusionMulti-local alterations of spontaneous brain activity could form a network related to chronic pain, sensory discrimination, emotion and cognition, suggesting complicated central mechanisms of PHN. The combined-action of brain microstructure and function may play a critical role in comprehension of neurological mechanisms of PHN-induced pain.
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We examined the pain-reducing, anti-inflammatory, and chondroprotective effects of wogonin when applied as a topical cream. We validated the efficacy of delivering wogonin transdermally in a cream using pig ear skin in a Franz diffusion system. Using a surgical mouse model, we examined the severity and progression of OA with and without the topical application of wogonin. Using a running wheel to track activity, we found that mice with wogonin treatment were statistically more active than mice receiving vehicle treatment. OA progression was analyzed using modified Mankin and OARSI scoring and direct quantification of cyst-...
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ConclusionPre-peritoneal drainage is clinically safe in laparoscopic totally extra-peritoneal hernioplasty and can effectively reduce the size and incidence of seroma. The seroma formation can be further reduced by appropriate use of monopolar energy as preferred dissection approach in lap TEP. Due to limitation in measuring the actual energy time, the result should be further validated by randomized multi-centers trial on its potential benefit in hernia repair by a more accurate measuring device on energy used.
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Expectations of a whopping payday set off thousands of lawsuits. But lawyers for the suing cities and states now concede that companies will shell out far less.
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By Anna-Maija Mattila-Litvak, Supervisory Development Outreach and Communications Officer Anita Nakazibwe holds her daughter Emmanuela. While mom is HIV-positive, the toddler remains HIV-negative —a fact that brings Anita great joy. Photo by Anna-Maija Mattila-Litvak, USAID/Uganda.February 17, 2020“My first treatment was a smile!” says Anita Nakazibwe about the welcome she got when she first came to Moroto Regional Referral Hospital in eastern Uganda. Anita holds her year-and-a-half-old baby girl Emmanuela in her arms and is beaming. She gave birth at the hospital to a healthy baby, although she herse...
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