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Say hello to MassDevice +5, a bite-sized view of the top five medtech stories of the day. This feature of’s coverage highlights our 5 biggest and most influential stories from the day’s news to make sure you’re up to date on the headlines that continue to shape the medical device industry. Get this in your inbox everyday by subscribing to our newsletters.   5. Aum Cardiovascular releases preliminary data from Turbulence study Aum Cardiovascular today released preliminary results from the pivotal clinical trial of its Cadence heart disease diagnostics device, touting the device’s efficacy at detecting significant obstructive coronary artery disease. Aum’s Cadence is designed to identify obstructions in the coronary arteries by detecting acoustic signals generated by the turbulence created as blood flows past the obstruction, according to the company. Read more 4. Court quashes American Medical Systems subpoenas in pelvic mesh case, to mull sanctions The federal court overseeing the multidistrict litigation over pelvic mesh products made by American Medical Systems, the erstwhile women’s health business once owned by Endo International, is mulling sanctions on the company after quashing a 2nd round of subpoenas sent to an outside witness. Endo, which acquired AMS in 2011 for $2.9 billion, in 2015 dealt the men’s urology portion of the business to Boston Scientific for $1.65 billion. In March of this year th...
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AbstractTo evaluate anthropometric variables, energy expenditure by physical activity and nutrient intake of uric acid stone formers (UA-RSFs) compared to non-forming subjects (C). The study included 33 consecutive male patients with a diagnosis of “pure” stones of anhydrous uric acid at infrared spectroscopy and 49 male control subjects with no history of urinary stones. A personal interview was conducted including questionnaires for physical activity and dietary intakes. Anthropometric parametric and blood pressure were measured. Mean ag e, weight, height, waist circumference, body mass index, systolic and di...
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  Answer: No—unless you do it for more than a few months. After a few months, the upfront metabolic and weight benefits will begin to reverse and new health problems arise. We know this with confidence. I raise this question once again because more and more people are coming to me reporting problems. It may take months, even years, but the long-term consequences can be quite serious. Achieving ketosis by engaging in a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat lifestyle is—without a doubt—an effective means of losing weight, breaking insulin and leptin resistance, reversing type 2 diabetes and fatty liver, redu...
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No question: I have made some huge nutritional blunders over the past 25 years since I began to become seriously involved in nutritional issues. My mistakes, however, have provided powerful feedback on how to get diet right, how to get diet wrong. The impact of diet is profound. Among the huge mistakes I’ve made: 1) Reducing total and saturated fat, eating vegetarian—It made me hungry, never satisfied, and, along with mistake #2, made me a type 2 diabetic with fasting blood sugars of 160+ mg/dl, triglycerides as high as 390 mg/dl, a HDL of 27 mg/dl, oodles of small LDL particles, and high blood pressure. 2) Eat...
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A hundred thousand years ago, you’d have no doubt what and how to eat. You would wake up every morning, grab your spear, club or axe and go kill something, wander and gather berries, nuts, or dig in the dirt for roots and tubers, or set traps for fish and reptiles. If you succeeded in the hunt, you would consume every organ that included thyroid, thymus, pancreas, stomach, liver, as well as meat. You’d drink water from streams and rivers, allow skin surface to be exposed to sunlight. You would NOT shower with soap or shampoo, apply hand sanitizer, drink chlorinated water, consume foods laced with herbicides and...
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Kidney stones are a known risk, but studies have investigated other potential safety concerns, including an increased risk of death, cancer and heart disease.
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Conclusion: Premarin INCREASED breast cancer, INCREASED endometrial cancer, INCREASED cardiovascular death, even accelerated dementia. And this has been the story over and over again: Conclusions drawn in observational studies have proven to be flat wrong about 4 times out of 5. This hasn’t stopped people like Frank Sacks and Walter Willett, through the observational Physicians’ Health Study and Nurses’ Health Study to, time and again, declare observational findings as fact. Unfortunately, even the USDA buys this observational fiction, incorporating the findings of observational studies in their dietary g...
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The objective of this study is to analyze clinical characteristics associated with the formation of subcutaneous tophi among Chinese gout patients. It was a retrospective outpatient cohort study. Five thousand six hundred ninety-three gout patients treated at the Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University from March 2011 to February 2016 were included and divided into the tophus group and non-tophus group according to the presence of megascopic tophus. Relevant clinical information and biochemical parameters were analyzed to identify potential risk factors for the incidence of subcutaneous tophi. There are significant difference (P 
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Achieving ketosis by engaging in a very low-carbohydrate, high-fat lifestyle is an effective means of losing weight, breaking insulin and leptin resistance, reversing type 2 diabetes and fatty liver, reducing blood pressure, reversing the inflammation of visceral fat, and may even cause partial or total remission of selected cancers. So what’s the problem? The problem comes when people remain ketotic for extended periods. We know with confidence that long-term ketosis poses substantial risk for health complications because thousands of children have followed ketogenic diets over the years as a means of suppressing in...
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ConclusionsThe evaluation process can diagnose serious medical conditions in a significant minority of donors that would have otherwise been unrecognized. The benefit associated with the donor evaluation should be considered an important part of the consent process.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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CONCLUSIONS: Findings of this review justify a timely and comprehensive workup and dietary-therapeutic measures in order to prevent, treat, and control the associated complications of this condition. PMID: 29190598 [PubMed - in process]
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