With an Old X-Ray, AI Can Detect High Risk of Lung Cancer in Never Smokers
(MedPage Today) -- CHICAGO -- An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm successfully identified never smokers at high risk for lung cancer using existing x-rays in the electronic medical record (EMR), a researcher reported here. Among a cohort... (Source: MedPage Today Hematology/Oncology)
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Video from RSNA 2023: Rural radiology and x-rays on Everest
In an RSNA 2023 video interview, Saurabh Jha, MD, of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia discusses sessions on rural radiology issues and a recent initiative to bring x-ray exams to Mt. Everest. He also announces a new podcast partnership with AuntMinnie.com. (Source: AuntMinnie.com Headlines)
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AI assist for x-ray reads serves nonradiologists well in the ED
CHICAGO -- German researchers are testing ways to support nonradiologists in interpreting chest x-rays in emergency settings using an AI assistant.Presenting the research on November 28 at RSNA 2023, Jan Rudolph, MD, from the department of radiology at University Hospital LMU Munich said nonradiologists can significantly benefit from AI assistance in emergency-related chest x-ray analysis.“If you go to the periphery, to smaller hospitals in the periphery, there's basically the duty doctors from internal medicine or surgery departments that have to analyze the chest x-rays,” Rudolph explained. “So we were thinking and...
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AI model helps plan hip replacements
In this study, Rouzrokh and colleagues hypothesized that THA-Net would produce images as valid and realistic as actual x-rays, while requiring little to no input from surgeons. The model was trained on 356,305 x-rays from 14,357 patients who underwent procedures between 2020 and 2022.THA-Net utilizes a pretrained YOLO (you only look once) model to crop the hip joint from an input preoperative pelvis x-ray and then employs a classifier-free conditional diffusion model for inpainting THA implants and generating realistic postoperative x-rays. In addition, the diffusion model was designed to offer two modes, an automated mode...
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AI cuts time for radiologists reporting fractures on x-rays
CHICAGO -- A commercially available AI algorithm that can prioritize x-ray exams when it detects fractures yields “tremendous reductions” in report turnaround times, according to a study presented November 28 at RSNA. Sean Raj, MD, discussed a pilot study led by outpatient radiology group SimonMed Imaging that evaluated Rayvolve by AZmed on turnaround time (TAT) for fracture detection. Based on the pilot study, the group plans to fully implement the software by the end of the year, Raj noted. “We can definitely say that Rayvolve improves patient care and improved our turnaround time,” said Raj, of UT Southwestern ...
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What can global radiology learn from Singapore?
Future healthcare success will rely heavily on giving priority to key technologies like point-of-care ultrasound, 3D printing of anatomical organs, and artificial intelligence, RSNA 2023 attendees are set to find out during Tuesday's keenly anticipated international session on Singapore. Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) has been piloted by community health teams at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) since 2021, with positive feedback, and it can influence patient management in more than 90% of cases when combined with clinical findings, Cher Heng Tan, MD, immediate past president of the Singapore Radiological Society, told Aun...
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Mass General Brigham to build AI products with Australian health tech company
MGB and Annalise.ai plan to build AI radiology imaging tools, which can quickly scan X-rays and CT scans to alert clinicians to any health complications faster. (Source: bizjournals.com Health Care:Pharmaceuticals headlines)
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Asymptomatic infant rib fractures are primarily non-abuse-related and should not be used to assess physical child abuse - van Gemert MJC, Vlaming M, Gabaeff SC, Nikkels PGJ, Neumann HAM.
Finding infant rib fractures was for many years an almost undisputed proof that physical child abuse took place. Yet, these rib fractures are virtually always occult and asymptomatic and are only identified when looked for, usually with X-rays, from physic... (Source: SafetyLit)
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DS Core Feature Updates: Smart controlled workflows, excellent patient communication, and advanced collaboration with partners
Dentsply Sirona announces further functions of DS Core offering smooth communication with patients and a unified ordering service. As a cloud-based solution, updates are available directly with the users ' next login.CHARLOTTE, N.C., Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DS Core is an innovative platform that enables users in practices and labs to take full advantage of digital dentistry, supporting dental professionals throughout the entire treatment continuum. DS Core connects devices and services and facilitates seamless collaboration with specialists, partners and labs, while incorporating tools for personalized pati...
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AI model identifies high-risk lung cancer in nonsmokers
In this study, the researchers externally validated the model in a separate group of never-smokers who underwent routine outpatient chest x-rays from 2013 to 2014. The primary outcome was six-year incident lung cancer, identified using International Classification of Disease codes. Risk scores were then converted to low, moderate, and high-risk groups based on externally derived risk thresholds. Of 17,407 patients (mean age 63 years) included in the study, 28% were deemed high risk by the deep learning model, and 2.9% of these patients later had a diagnosis of lung cancer, according to the findings. In addition, the high-...
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Hip x-rays help screen for osteoporosis in THA patients
In this study, the group expanded on this research by investigating the correlation between indices on standardized preoperative x-rays of the hip and the proximal femoral neck T-score, measured by DEXA, in a Caucasian population with a high number of male patients.An example of measurement on plain anterior-posterior x-rays used in the study: canal-bone-ratio CBR-7 cm (Cm/Cc) and CBR-10 cm (Dm/Dc), canal-calcar ratio CCR (Dm/Bm); canal flare index CFI (A/Dm). Image courtesy of Scientific Reports.The group retrospectively analyzed results from 216 elderly male and female Caucasian patients treated with unilateral THA for p...
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Carestream launches digital-ready x-ray system
Carestream Health has launched a new x-ray system called Horizon for small-to-midsize imaging centers, orthopedic facilities, urgent care centers, and hospitals.The compact, manual analog system is designed for smaller healthcare facilities where ease of use, equipment reliability, low maintenance costs, and a low level of investment are essential, Carestream said. Horizon features a floating tabletop that allows fast positioning and flexibility for all major exams and fits into small rooms and requires no additional ceiling support. It is also available without the table in a floor-mount configuration for chest x-rays or ...
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AI detects incidental lung nodules on chest x-rays
In this study, the researchers evaluated imaging results from 14,563 patients who underwent initial chest x-rays in outpatient clinics. Three radiologists categorized nodules into malignancy (group A), active inflammation or infection that needs treatment (group B), (group C), and others (group D). Lesions were considered present when the software’s abnormality score exceeded 15%.According to the findings, the AI software detected unexpected lung nodules in 152 patients (1%). The study authors excluded 72 patients due to inconclusive results because they had no follow-up images. In addition, seven patients were excluded ...
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Study sheds light on AI'black box' problem
A group in Japan has provided clear evidence that so-called intrasource balance in COVID-19 chest x-ray data sets is vital to minimize the risk of poor performance of AI deep-learning models, according to a study published November 3 in Scientific Reports. A group led by Zhang Zhang, PhD, of Tohoku University in Sendai, found that using an intra-source imbalanced dataset of x-rays caused a serious training bias, even though the data set had a good intercategory balance.“Our study reveals that the [intrasource imbalance] of training data can lead to an unreliable performance of deep-learning models,” the group wrote.Whe...
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Road to RSNA 2023: Digital X-Ray
This year’s trip along the Road to RSNA for digital x-ray features mileposts mostly set by AI research. Models will be proposed for applications ranging from predicting bone density on chest x-rays to generating complete reports on anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears.  Yet several presentations to be given at the meeting reminded us that issues concerning basic elements of x-ray technology remain highly important, as well as whether imaging access is equitable in the "real-world."In one, a group at the University of Washington in St. Louis asked, “How much ionizing radiation are neonatal patients exposed to during ...
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