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So, I had a breakthrough Covid infection, which really frosts my pumpkin because I ' ve had four shots, the most recent less than a month ago. Presumably I was exposed on the trip somehow. I was particularly miserable because the first symptom I got was myalgia in my right pectoral, which means it hurts ever time I cough. Not so much today, I ' m feeling better, and the worst of it only lasted about 36 hours, so believe me, vaccination is worth it. But it won ' t prevent infection entirely.That mean I was in no condition to post yesterday, so I ' ll try to make it up with another later today. In the meantime, take it from ...
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We interrupt this symposium
I ' ll get back to the global syndemic shortly, but first I really need to talk about something that really frosts my pumpkin. This happens a lot but yesterday I saw a really egregious example. They go to to interview the winning quarterback after a football game, and he interrupts the interviewer while the guy is trying to ask a question and says " I give all the credit to my lord and savior Jesus Christ, to him be all the glory. " The idea that Jesus caused this ridiculous clown to win a football game is obviously a gross insult to Christians everywhere, or they certainly ought to take it that way. On the contrary, ...
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Testing gravity during Ladder Season
The transition from pumpkin spice to gingerbread lattes may conjure warm, cozy holiday feelings for some, but for those of us who treat trauma patients, it signals the beginning of Ladder Season. There is something in the crisp late Autumn air that is driving people to dust off their rickety ladders and climb onto theRead more …Testing gravity during Ladder Season originally appeared (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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Doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo doo . . .
Take a walk on the wild side withJust Security ' s litigation tracker. It seems the Great Pumpkin is facing 10 civil suits and 4 criminal investigations. That ' s not counting at least two other criminal investigations that could ultimately lead to him. The Manhattan DA and NY Attorney General investigations have apparently merged in some respects, but it is likely they retain some separate elements. I should say that the Manhattan DA ' s investigation has been publicly said to target the Trump organization, and what specific individuals or entities might be presented for indictment to the grand jury has not been stated.It...
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Diet, disease, and the microbiome
There is growing interest in the human body’s microbiome and its connection to chronic disease. A new study examines that connection, along with how the foods we eat influence the composition of our microbiome. Microbiome protects host and plays role in disease risk The microbiome consists of the genes of tiny organisms (bacteria, viruses, and other microbes) found in the gastrointestinal tract, primarily in the small and large intestine. The normal gut flora — another term for the microbiome — protects its human host. For the microbiome to flourish, the right balance must exist, with the healthy species dominating t...
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6 Ways to Make Your Diet More Sustainable in 2021
We’ve just had the warmest decade on record, with 2020 being one of the warmest years ever. Unfortunately, there is no indication that climate change will slow down in the next decade.  We are all in the same boat here, and it’s in our hands to stop it from sinking. And it all starts with food, production of which accounts for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.  The good news is that it's not only up to governments and large producers to help reduce global warming. Each of us can do something to support the environment - and human health along with it.  The World Health Organ...
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A puzzling phenomenon
For well over a year now -- maybe two years -- I ' ve been getting three or four robocalls on my cell phone every day, from the Ronald T. Dump for president campaign up until November 4, and now from the Committee to Establish a Fascist Dictatorship. Obviously I never answer these calls and they go to my voicemail, where I am forced to erase them. About half the time the voice is the harsh, grating, overloud spew of the Great Pumpkin itself, the other half someone speaking for it. These come from various spoofed numbers, the vast majority from area codes where I don ' t know anybody, although occasionally they spoof a...
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2 easy, affordable, plant-centered dinners
Plant-based diets have taken root in American culture in recent years, mostly thanks to the growing realization about the health benefits of this eating pattern. But contrary to what some people think, plant-based doesn’t necessarily mean you must forego all animal products. Rather, you might just eat meat or dairy products less frequently, or in smaller portions. To replace those lost calories, you should eat more beans and legumes, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. These mostly low-fat, nutrient-rich foods have been linked to improvements in many health-related issues, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and h...
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Give flu vaccines a shot
As pediatricians who care for kids infected with influenza every winter, we look to fall with some degree of trepidation. As pumpkin spice hits the stores and leaves change, our first influenza cases emerge, ultimately affecting thousands of children throughout the season. This year, the flu season will overlap with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with […]Find jobs at  Careers by  Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now.  Learn more. (Source: Kevin, M.D. - Medical Weblog)
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Poem #16Poems are like old picturesWe used to leaf through as kids.A way to make forgotten detailsOf a life come rushing back:Mom and Dad so young,That lumpy pumpkin costume.Birthdays, anniversaries, of course.But even the mundaneTrifles warrant capture.The best pictures are the ones taken For no discernible reason at all,A whimsical forgetfulnessOf the notion a future might exist.I remember the way I felt, exactly,When you smiled on the plane,That purple dress you once wore,The time I snapped oneOf you, deep in introspection,When you thought no one was looking.What ’s captured isn't the image,Only the fleeting way ...
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Beyond trick-or-treating: Safe Halloween fun during the COVID-19 pandemic
Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve had to find new ways to do almost everything — and the same is true of this year’s Halloween celebrations. Two mainstays of Halloween, trick-or-treating and Halloween parties, could be very risky this year. Going from house to house, sticking your hands in bowls of candy that many other hands have touched, or being close to people indoors or out, are all activities that could spread the virus. Even if people feel perfectly well, there’s no guarantee that they aren’t sick, and therefore contagious. That doesn’t mean we have to ditch Halloween entirely. On the contrary, ...
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Both parties have pledged . . .
I got a comment to the effect that both parties have pledged to protect people with pre-existing conditions so that ' s off the table. Here ' s the Republican plan, as tweeted by Cheeto Benito:We will have Healthcare which is FAR BETTER than ObamaCare, at a FAR LOWER COST – BIG PREMIUM REDUCTION. PEOPLE WITH PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS WILL BE PROTECTED AT AN EVEN HIGHER LEVEL THAN NOW. HIGHLY UNPOPULAR AND UNFAIR INDIVIDUAL MANDATE ALREADY TERMINATED. YOU’RE WELCOME!Republicans must state loudly and clearly that WE are going to provide much better Healthcare at a much lower cost. Get the word out! Will always protect pre-...
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ADHD: ToDo Tabs Done Right
This article was based on an older article originally published onMay 20, 2017. ↩ (Source: The Splintered Mind by Douglas Cootey)
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When to Pick Acorn Squash
Conclusion This is everything you need to know about acorn squash, planting, and harvesting them. Making sure that your first harvest of the squash is going to be successful. If you are doing everything correctly, you will have a couple of months of acorn squash that you and your family can enjoy. Until it is time for planting them again. The post When to Pick Acorn Squash appeared first on Cylburn Association Blog. (Source:
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