Finger and toe fossils belonged to tiny primates 45 million years ago
(Northern Illinois University) A new study identifies nearly 500 minuscule finger and toe bones as belonging to 45-million-year-old tiny primates. Many of the fossils are so small they rival the diminutive size of a mustard seed. Representing nine different taxonomic families of primates and as many as 25 species, the specimens from China include numerous fossils attributed to Eosimias, the very first anthropoid known to date, and three fossils attributed to a new and more advanced anthropoid. (Source: EurekAlert! - Biology)
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Mustard seeds without mustard flavor
Researchers have successfully developed a new oilseed crop that is much more resistant to heat, drought and diseases than oilseed rape. (Source: ScienceDaily Headlines)
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Second degree burn to mustard powder - Tartar DM, Sharon VR.
Mustard seeds and powder are commonly used in homeopathic and traditional medicines, in which they are believed to have both anti-microbial andanti-inflammatory properties. They are therefore utilized in the treatment of conditions ranging from arthritis t... (Source: SafetyLit)
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Here's why you don't feel jet-lagged when you run a fever
A clump of just a few thousand brain cells, no bigger than a mustard seed, controls the daily ebb and flow of most bodily processes in mammals -- sleep/wake cycles, most notably. Now, scientists report direct evidence in mice for how those cell clusters control sleep and relay light cues about night and day throughout the body. (Source: ScienceDaily Headlines)
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Headspace: meditating 10 minutes at a time
A few months after Peter died, I attended an open meditation class in a large auditorium which proved to be a complete disaster. I wrote about it in a blog which described my abysmal foray into the world of meditation, complete with sobbing, used wet tissues, puffy red eyes, and a firm resolve that I was not ready to use meditation in my grief work. Now that some time has passed, a friend clued me into an app called Headspace, so I downloaded it and decided to experiment with meditation in the privacy of my home. I had been wanting to try mediation as a tool again for a while. My lovely niece Elizabeth Burrows has a fabu...
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To Self Or Not To Self -- The Meditative Question
It is actually possible to enjoy life even when things aren't going your way. But, this appreciation depends on whether or not you have a healthy sense of not self. A healthy not self depends upon a realization that suffering is entirely impersonal and beyond control, not your fault and not anyone else's fault either. Since we don't generally believe that to be the case each of us begins meditating as a personal project to end "my" suffering. The thing the flummoxes us is that there is no meditative fix for what ails "me." Meditation, paradoxically, reveals how much the "me" suffers and the ve...
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10 Commitments to Make to Become a Happy, Successful Woman
Commandments come from the outside and they are things we have to do. Commitments come from the inside, stemming from what we want to do. Whether you are deeply invested in yourself or just starting your journey of self-development, there are certain decisions highly successful women commit to which make them whole, composed and successful. To be whole and fulfilled, you must commit to make each day count in your pursuit of happiness. Each day is an open opportunity for you to master your goals, be yourself and move to towards the levels of happiness you wish to fulfill in career, parenthood and love. 1. Commit to seeing...
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Mighty healing in a tiny package - unleash the power of mustard seed for cancer, inflammation and more
(NaturalNews) A familiar staple in Indian food, mustard seed is much more than a peppery-tasting spice. It also addresses a number of health ailments, including: cancer, asthma, weight gain and hair issues -- as well as variety of other concerns. Ingesting the seed is one method for... (Source:
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Mustard seeds can fight cancer, treat inflammatory conditions and more
(NaturalNews) The seeds of the mustard plant have enjoyed a close connection with human civilizations since time immemorial. The Ancient Greeks and Romans would regularly use them for cooking, and they have been a staple in Indian cuisine for centuries. These robust, spicy-smelling... (Source:
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