Is equipoise a useful concept to justify randomised controlled trials in the cultural context of Pakistan? A survey of clinicians in relation to a trial of talking therapy for young people who self-harm
ConclusionsThe paper highlights that clinicians in Pakistan accept the notion of clinical equipoise as an ethical justification for patient participation in RCTs. The need for conducting RCTs to generate evidence base and to reduce bias was considered important by the clinical community. (Source: Trials)
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The importance of clinical importance when determining the target difference in sample size calculations
AbstractRecently, it was argued that clinically important differences should play no role in sample size calculations. Instead, it was proposed that sample size calculations should focus on setting realistic estimates of treatment benefit. We disagree, and argue in this article that considering the importance of a target difference is necessary in the context of randomised controlled trials of effectiveness, particularly definitive phase III trials. Ignoring clinical importance could have serious ethical and practical consequences. (Source: Trials)
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Study on self-management of real-time and individualized support in stroke patients based on resilience: a protocol for a randomized controlled trial
This study uses a randomized controlled trial design to assess the efficacy of using wearable technology to realize real-time and individualized self-management support in stroke patients ’ self-management behavior during the transitional period following discharge from hospital.MethodsThis parallel-group randomized controlled trial will be conducted in two hospitals and patients ’ homes. A total of 183 adult stroke patients will be enrolled in the study and randomly assigned to three groups in a 1:1:1 ratio. The smartwatch intervention group (n = 61) will receive Real-time and Individualized Self-management Suppor...
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Pre-notifications increase retention in a 17-year follow-up of adolescents born very preterm
ConclusionsPre-notifications decreased the need for post-notifications and may increase retention in 17-year-old adolescents. Based on our findings, pre-notification letters are recommended in future follow-up studies in adolescents.Trial registrationThe Ethics Review Committee of the Hospital District of South-West Finland approved the 17-year PIPARI Study protocol in January 2018 (23.1.2018; 2/180/2012). The study has been registered to the SWAT repository as SWAT 179. Filetoupload,1457904,en.pdf ( (Source: Trials)
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The effect of a parental preparation video (Take5) on child and parent anxiety during anaesthetic induction: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial
This study aims to test the efficacy of the Take5 video (now referred to as ‘Take5’), a short and cost-efficient interv ention for child peri-operative anxiety.MethodsA randomised, controlled, superiority trial of Take5 compared to standard care. Take5 was developed by paediatric anaesthetists, child psychologists and a consumer panel of parents of children who had experienced surgery and anaesthesia.Children aged 3 –10 years presenting for elective surgery at a quaternary paediatric facility will be randomly allocated to the intervention group or standard care. Intervention group parents will be shown Take5 prior ...
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Effects of low-dose intravenous heparin therapy in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: a randomized controlled clinical trial protocol
This study protocol obtained ethical approval from the Ethics Committee of Baoan People ’s Hospital, Shenzhen, Guangdong (approval number: BYL20220805). This work will be published in peer-reviewed international medical journals and presented at medical conferences.Trial registrationClinicalTrials ID: NCT05696639. Registered on March 30, 2023. (Source: Trials)
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Informed consent in cancer clinical drug trials in China: a narrative literature review of the past 20 years
ConclusionBased on our analysis of publications over the past two decades, there are currently frequent challenges related to various aspects of informed consent in cancer clinical drug trials in China. Furthermore, only a limited number of high-quality research studies on informed consent in cancer clinical drug trials in China are available to date. Efforts toward improvement of informed consent practice, in the form of guidelines or further regulations in China, should draw on both experience from other countries and high-quality local evidence. (Source: Trials)
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