Why This Video Of A Boy Zipping A Jacket Is So Powerful
A seemingly simple video is offering an important message about autism. On March 8, mom and blogger Mandy Farmer posted a video of her 6-year-old son zipping his jacket on Facebook. In the caption, she opened up about the significance of this small task for her family. “You know how we say autism families don’t take things for granted? This is what we mean,” Farmer wrote.  The mom said her son’s fine motor skills lag behind those of other kids his age. He can’t write or draw a square and struggles with self-care tasks like opening packages, getting dressed and feeding himself with ut...
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Patients with dyspraxia and diabetes reveal humiliation at being called drunk
Every festive season the streets fill with the merrily tipsy tripping over kerbstones. But appearing to be drunk can also be the result of a serious health problem. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Developmental coordination disorder (dyspraxia)
Symptoms, diagnosis and management of dyspraxia, including how to help patients find areas of strength they may develop in order to maintain self-esteem. (Source: GP Online Education)
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Forget your car keys? A real butter fingers? It's all down to brain overload 
'At school I got called 'klutz' or 'butter fingers' as I was so clumsy,' writes Victoria Aitken, who suffers from the neurodevelopmental disorder, dyspraxia. (Source: the Mail online | Health)
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Mum and daughter give dyspraxia help
A mother and daughter talk about living with dyspraxia (Source: BBC News | Health | UK Edition)
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Boris Johnson missed the point on IQ – gifted children are failed by the system | Deborah Orr
From politicians to psychologists, too many people fail to understand how high intelligence can isolate people, especially childrenIn all the furore surrounding Boris Johnson's comments on IQ, one of the many respects in which he was utterly wrong has been barely mentioned. In fairness, this isn't entirely Johnson's fault. It is an endemic misunderstanding, the assumption that people with IQs over 130 are likely to sail through life, effortlessly achieving "success".It's been good to see neuroscience getting a popular airing this week. One can certainly complain that a study from the University of Pennsylvania in...
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The GAPS diet: can it help with autism?
A young girl with non-verbal autism has benefited from following the GAPS diet. Here is her daily food diary     (Source: Telegraph Health)
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DYSPRAXIA: Could your child's clumsiness be something more serious?
SARAH PURCELL explains how to spot the co-ordination and movement disability dyspraxia. (Source: Daily Express - Health)
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'I'd love to wear eyeliner, but that requires a steady hand'
A diagnosis of dyspraxia helped Emma Lewell-Buck become an MP, says Tom Rowley     (Source: Telegraph Health)
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