Study: Preoperative Chemotherapy Useful for Mesothelioma
Oncologists in France are exploring the use of bidirectional chemotherapy as a pre-operative tool for peritoneal mesothelioma, increasing the eligibility of patients for aggressive surgery. Their bidirectional chemotherapy — which typically includes a pemetrexed (Alimta) and cisplatin combination — is delivered directly into the abdominal cavity to reduce tumor burden and make cytoreductive surgery more manageable. Doctors at Gustave Roussy, one of Europe’s premier cancer centers, documented this novel use in a study published in the November issue of Annals of Surgical Oncology. “This is the first ...
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Causes of Psychosis
When my son Dan was diagnosed with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, his psychiatrist informed me and my husband that Dan was “borderline psychotic.” In other words, our son was out of touch with reality. For most people, psychosis usually presents in one of two ways: Hallucinations – consist of seeing, hearing or feeling things that are not actually there. A common example is hearing voices. Delusions – consist of beliefs that are not likely to be true and that seem irrational or nonsensical to other people. A typical example involves believing that outside forces are controlling your thoughts...
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PID and the Risk of Ovarian Cancer and Borderline Tumors PID and the Risk of Ovarian Cancer and Borderline Tumors
Is there a link between pelvic inflammatory disease and the risk of epithelial ovarian cancer or other ovarian tumors?American Journal of Epidemiology (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)
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Frozen Section Helps Diagnose Early Ovarian CancerFrozen Section Helps Diagnose Early Ovarian Cancer
Intraoperative frozen section analysis can help distinguish early ovarian cancer from a benign mass, though it is less accurate for borderline tumors, according to a Cochrane review. Reuters Health Information (Source: Medscape Pathology Headlines)
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That Time My Ovary Grew Something It Shouldn't, Twice
I felt it jolt me awake and suddenly I knew I couldn't really move. My stomach was clenched tight from the stabbing sensation, my legs were curled, and I laid there in a fetal position in our bed waking my fiancé up with my groaning. "Do you need a Gas X again or suppository? I told you not to eat all that ice cream," she mumbled half-asleep like she's had to every other night for years because I'm a stubborn fat ass. Though it was very possible Chocolate Malted Crunch was to blame, something told me it was something else. And I was right. Later at the hospital that day, we learned I had ruptured an ovaria...
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Modified herpes virus 'could combat skin cancer'
Conclusion This randomised controlled trial has demonstrated the effectiveness of a novel injectable immune treatment for advanced melanoma that cannot be surgically removed. The trial has various strengths, including its large sample size, analysis by intention to treat, and blinding of assessors to treatment assignment, which should have reduced the risk of bias. It demonstrated that, overall, significantly more people responded to treatment with T-VEC than GM-CSF injections. It also improved survival by an average of 4.4 months, but this only just reached statistical significance, meaning we can have less confidence i...
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New way to distinguish between ovarian tumours
Conclusion This study describes a new way of distinguishing between benign and malignant ovarian tumours, and for distinguishing between different stages of malignant tumours. The reseachers found their prediction model was able to discriminate well between benign and malignant tumours overall. But it showed more variable accuracy for distinguishing between different stages of ovarian cancer – for example, between borderline, stage I and stage II to IV ovarian cancers and secondary metastatic tumours. As the researchers point out, a potential limitation of their study is they were only able to study tumours from...
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Borderline or Atypical ALK Negative Tumors Deserve Second LookBorderline or Atypical ALK Negative Tumors Deserve Second Look
Current criteria for identifying non-small cell lung cancers that might respond to crizotinib might be missing some patients, a new study hints. Reuters Health Information (Source: Medscape Today Headlines)
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The Hysterectomy Association May Newsletter 2013
Welcome to the May 2013 newsletter and it finally feels as if Spring has arrived, in fact I’m loving the fact that we have blue skies and some warm weather beating down on us finally. The only downside is that it does mean staying indoors to work when I’d rather be outdoors enjoying myself. Hopefully it will be good at the weekend too. Hysteria Short Story Writing Competition 2013 The 1st April saw the launch of this years short story writing competition for women only. The winner of last years competition was Jane Thickett with her story ‘Banana Loaf: A recipe for solace; and you can find her story and ...
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Borderline Tumour and Full Abdominal Hysterectomy – Jackie’s Story
I  had my surgery last year; I had a 10cm growth on my right ovary which was a borderline tumour, I had a full abdominal hysterectomy, and also had my appendix removed.  I am pleased to say that the histology came back clear, so it is onwards and upwards from here. I was cut from just above my belly button, right down to my nether regions, and had clips in which were removed after 10 days.  Post op I had two pain bombs which were fed directly into the wound. I had my op first thing in the morning, and only got to the ward after 4pm as I apparently took a long time to come round, I was on oxygen overnight and...
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