60 year old with vomiting, diarrhea, and syncope: is this Wellens? Is this type 2 MI?
 Written by Jesse McLaren, with edits/comments by Smith and Grauer A 60 year-old patient with diabetes and ESRD presented with 24 hours of vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and then a syncopal episode. Vitals: RR 18, sat 98%, HR 103, BP 124/71 and temp 38.0. Here ’s their ECG: is this Wellens?  There ’s borderline sinus tach, normal conduction, normal axis, and low voltages in the limb leads. The anterior leads have loss of R waves, mild convex ST segments and primary T wave inversion. In the context of QS waves, T wave inversion indicates old or subacute infarct, or reperfusion after signif icant infarc...
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, May 9th 2022
In conclusion, although several favorable effects are obtained in our heterochronic non-myeloablative transplantation model, additional optimization is needed for better rejuvenation effects. More on GPNMB as a Target for Senolytic Therapies to Clear Senescent Cells https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2022/05/more-on-gpnmb-as-a-target-for-senolytic-therapies-to-clear-senescent-cells/ You might recall that researchers recently demonstrated that vaccination against GPNMB is a senolytic strategy, reducing the harmful burden of senescent cells in aged tissues by directing the immune system to destroy these ...
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Fight Aging! Newsletter, September 11th 2017
This study developed the first procedure for the removal of epithelium from the lung airway with the full preservation of vascular epithelium, which could be applied in vivo to treat diseases of lung epithelium. Whole lung scaffolds with an intact vascular network may also allow for recellularization using patient-specific cells and bioengineering of chimeric lungs for transplantation. In addition to the clinical potential, lung scaffolds lacking an intact epithelial layer but with functional vascular and interstitial compartments may also serve as a valuable physiological model for investigating (i) lung development, (ii)...
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Living with Progesterone Deficiency
A personal experience with a major hormonal imbalance that resulted in a borderline ovarian tumor the size of a bowling ball.Contributor: Heather SilveyPublished: Apr 11, 2013 (Source: Most Recent Health Wellness - Associated Content)
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Depression Means No Health Insurance: Sorry About That
I fall into the category of the “uninsurable.” It doesn’t matter that I wake up most mornings to swim 160 laps, am borderline obsessed with eating salads and whole grains, and that I haven’t drank a drop of alcohol in 24 years; that I do yoga twice a week, keep a mood journal, engage in cognitive behavioral therapy, and have a rich spiritual life; that I take omega-3 fish oil capsules, vitamin D, calcium, and other supplements with my extra-pulp juice in the morning; or that I work really hard at communicating anger, frustration, and disappointment so that the repression of feelings doesn’t end up as a tumor some...
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Mucinous Cystadenoma-MRI Teaching Points.
35 yr old patient with USG suggesting ovarian cyst (with no definite symptoms), shows on MRI large (approximate 7 cm), well defined , regular , thin walled (less than3 mm) , septated, with different loculi showing different signal intensities with free fluid in  pelvis suggests cystadenoma ( mucinous variety) with papillary projections suggesting borderline or malignant potential consideration Teaching Points By Dr MGK Murthy & Dr Sumer Sethi  1) Ovarian cystadenomas account for nearly 50 % of the benign ovarian tumors in reproductive age. Commonest in 4th and 5th decades. 20% bilateral. 2...
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Minimal Reporting Guidelines for the Treatment of Cancer Patients
Minimal Reporting Guidelines for the Treatment of Cancer Patients As laboratory physicians, our contribution to patient care is knowledge:  this is the starting point from which all informed therapeutic intervention proceeds.  How that knowledge is obtained and communicated is the art and science of our profession.  These minimal diagnostic guidelines are designed to be used as an aid, not a constraint, in that process.  The guidelines are presented in a specific format out of necessity, but any format that effectively communicates the necessary information in a given patho...
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